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35+ Loss of a Brother Quotes – Words Of Sympathy

Word Of Sympathy For Loss Of A Brother: The loss of a brother is truly dreadful grief that is almost impossible to explain. Although talking about that kind of pain can be very hard, it’s the free and boundless expression of your emotions that gets you through tough times of grief. We hope that any of these 35 losses of a brother quotes can help you or a loved one put your thoughts and feelings into words.


Loss Of a Brother Quotes:

1. There’s no love like the love you have for your brother just as there’s no love like the love you get from your brother.

Loss Of a Brother Quotes


2. A brother is a best friend that you get from God. Even now when I don’t have him with me, my memories with my brother make me smile every time.

Loss Of a Brother QuotesLoss Of a Brother Quotes


3. A brother’s love is unlike any other; I will always remember his protectiveness, funny antics, and corny jokes in both good and bad times.

Loss Of a Brother Quotes


4. The beauty of brotherhood is something that can never be replaced with a friend and will remain in my heart forever as a good memory.

Loss Of a Brother Quotes


5. Having a brother meant that neither of us was ever alone. Even now that he’s not here, I know he’s still watching over me.

Loss Of a Brother Quotes


6. A companionship like two siblings can not be simply put in words. Even when one is no longer there, the bond will always remain.


7. Nothing can replace the loss of a brother as he is a friend that nature gifts you. The bond of this blood relation makes a home in your heart forever.


8. Having a brother means having your very own best friend, bodyguard, prankster, comedian, and confidante as a gift from God that’ll stay with you forever.

Loss Of a Brother Quotes


9. Remembering my late brother will always make me smile just as the thought of those silly pranks, playfights, and jokes will always warm my heart.


10. A brother’s loss is unreplaceable since that is the one person you can always confide in and count on to make you laugh no matter what.


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Brother Death Quotes from Sister:

1. I have had the special gift of having a brother that I was close to so I will never forget each moment of laughter, play fights, and inside jokes.

Brother Death Quotes from Sister


2. In tough times, my brother was the only person I could turn to. Even now, I visit him and feel at peace telling him about my troubles.


3. I remember the way my brother guided me on how to ride a bike, and how he continued to guide me in every step of life since then. I miss him!


4. My brother was a genuine, kind man, especially to me. I believe his kindness has left an impact on this world that can’t be removed.

Brother Death Quotes from Sister


5. My brother gave his all for everyone and everything, and now he has left me with an inspiration to be a better person for good.


6. Life hasn’t been the same without your silly jokes and hilarious pranks to make me smile since you’ve left. I miss you, my brother.


7. Getting mad at his silly pranks and then laughing along with his devilish laughter is one of my most cherished memories with my dear brother who I’ll never forget.

Brother Death Quotes from Sister


8. In every prank we played on our parents, my brother was always my partner in crime and I smile whenever I think of his mischievous antics.


9. Whenever I’m going through tough times, I find a way to smile knowing that if my brother was still here, he’d have done anything to make me laugh.


10. I laugh a little more at movies from our childhood than I used to, knowing that if my brother was still here, he’d love to have a snack-filled movie night.


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Gone Too Soon Loss of a Brother Quotes:

1. My dear brother has left us too soon and I still tear up knowing that our bond is irreplaceable. However, it comforts me to know that the bond will always stay.

Gone Too Soon Loss of a Brother Quotes


2. I always knew you and your brother to be best friends, so this mustn’t be easy for you at all. He was taken from you too soon; I send all my love.


3. The world had yet to experience all of my brother’s kindness and care; he’s gone from us too soon. He will forever be missed.


4. My brother has left me too soon as there was so much of the world that I wished for him to see. I can only hope all his wishes are being fulfilled up in heaven.


5. As I knew him, your brother was one in a million and he’s been taken from all of us too soon. I send you my most sincere sympathies.


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Brother Passed Away Message:

1. Right now, it’s hard to imagine a world without my brother’s laughter. I hope my warm memories with him keep me smiling through tough times.

Brother Passed Away Message


2. My bond with my brother is completely irreplaceable, but it’s nice knowing that his kindness has left an equally irreplaceable impact on the world around him.


3. The hardest part about losing a brother is having no one to call during tough times but I know he’s still watching over me.


4. It feels as if I’ve lost not only a brother but also a protector, a best friend, and a confidante. These are the places in my heart that no one else will replace.


5. Having an older brother is a blessing that I can’t begin to describe to the unlucky only children. Although he’s far away in heaven now, I confess I continue to feel protected and understood by him.


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Loss Of a Brother Message:

1. It saddens me deeply knowing your brother has passed away. I’m sending you my deepest sympathies; your brother was known to everyone as a gentle and heartwarming person.

Loss Of a Brother Message:


2. Your brother has impacted me and the world in more ways that we can all express; he was a genuine man who’ll always be missed.


3. The world seems bleak when you’ve experienced a loss as great as a sibling. I hope that your warm memories with him can get you through this grief.


4. I was honored to have this kind, generous, and talented man as my brother and I will only let his memories push me to be a better person for his sake.


5. My brother was the one who stepped up and let me lean on him until I could make it on my own. I’ll always remember him to be the strongest and most generous.


We hope that any of these 35 heartfelt and emotional quotes and messages help you express the grief of the loss of a brother or help you comfort someone who is going through something similar.