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Words of Sympathy And Comfort for Loss of Child

Words of Sympathy and Comfort for Loss of Child: Dealing with the pain of losing a child is very hard. If any parent loses their child at any age, their grievance is unbearable so it becomes difficult to comprehend how to handle the situation and show your condolences. If there is anyone around you who has gone through this trauma God forbid and you want to show your sympathy and share your condolences, then here are the words of comfort for loss of child. These words might not ease their pain and suffering but they will show that you are with them in their moment of despair.


Words Of Comfort for Loss of a Child

The news was so shocking for me and I was unable to believe it for some time. May God blesses his soul.



I cannot imagine the pain you might be going through right now .it is indeed a great loss.

Words Of Comfort for Loss of a Child


No words can ease the pain of the suffering you are in. He was indeed a very sweet and calm child. May God blesses the soul of the departed.



When I heard first, I was so heartbroken and the first thing I thought was how difficult it would be for you to believe what happened.


You were lucky to give birth to such a pure soul and though you must be hurting I am sure you know how good he will be in heavens.


Losing a child is something we would never even want for an enemy since the pain is so cruel. May God gives you patience and strength.


Holding hands with a child and then suddenly letting them go is such a shock. I have no words to express my sympathies.

Words Of Comfort for Loss of a Child


Our deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family. May God gives you the strength to bear the pain.


The death of a loved one leaves a mark on our hearts forever which no medicine can heal. The time is tough for you.


Losing a child is like losing a big part of your soul. No words can ease your suffering but remember we are with you.


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Sympathy Quotes for Loss of Child

I wish there was anything I could do to make you feel better but there is not. May God grants him a special place in heaven.

Sympathy Quotes for Loss of Child


Meeting your child was so memorable. I remember telling you that he was the smartest kid I have known but destiny is something that cannot be changed.


Recalling the time, he spent before his death, I feel very sad and gloomy. Such a beautiful child he was.


I share my deepest sympathies with both of you. You lost such a beautiful child that every eye is shedding tears. I wish he stays happy in the heavens.


Death is the most tragic reality of this world. We all have to go through times where we feel that we cannot handle the pain anymore. It is our faith that keeps us going.



It is hard even for us to imagine a life without the boy but we all have to go one day so one day there is a hope of meeting him again.


I am so sorry for what you have to go through. I am always here to talk to you if it could help.


The trauma you are going through can be clearly seen and felt. But you have to be strong for your family and for yourself.


It is said that God takes away His best man and knowing your child I am sure that there is no one who is born with a heart like him.


My words must be meaningless in this moment of despair but You have all my wishes and prayers for you and the child.


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Comforting words for the Death of a child

My heart aches for you. It is hard to see the void and sadness in your heart and your life which she has left. May you find the strength to bear.



When we lose a loved one, we always regret that we have not spent enough time with them and we wish they could be back even if for a few moments but the reality is ruthless.


Considering the pain your child was going through It is better that he found some peace. May God bless his soul.


The loss is so great that no amount of external sympathy can reduce the suffering but sooner or later you will have to pull yourself out of this emptiness.


I know you are hurt beyond bearing but you have to stay strong to hold your family together.


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Comforting Words for Mother Who has lost a Child

Life is unpredictable and it hurts you in the most unpredictable ways but that is how we have to live.

Comforting Words for Mother Who has lost a Child


Your child was so innocent and she had a long life to see but death is what has to happen to everyone.


Being a mother, I can imagine the pain you must be feeling but you have to deal with it to support your family.


God has given mothers a different level of endurance. No matter how traumatic something is but you have to keep your faith in Him.


I am really sorry for your loss. The sight of you in pain is haunting me so much. I am always there for you sweetheart.



God tests the faith of His men/women in the most unpredictable ways and only he has the power to decrease that suffering too so stay strong.


If we never had to see a loved one ago maybe we would never realize how important they are for us. May God blesses your child.


No amount of condolences can make you feel good but it was written this way and nobody could have done anything.


Becoming a mother is one of the most special miracles that happen in the life of a woman and fate tests its best man/woman in the worst cases so keep patience.


I know you as the strongest woman and I know you have gone through the worst possible nightmare you will gain your strength for everyone.


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Words for Someone who has lost a Child

Your son has left us all sad and hurt, however, your pain is unimaginable. May you find enough strength to handle this.

Words for Someone who has lost a Child


This incident has been a nightmare for you and it will be hard to get out of it. We have your back.


Don’t remember the pain and recall all the memories she left. She would never want her parents to suffer.


No remorse can bring back a dead one the only thing to do is pray for them.


The eyes that used to shine with excitement are closed and it’s tragic.



If possible, to bring back a loved one then I am sure everyone would put their life at risk but that is not how the universe works.


You must be feeling like your heart will shatter into pieces. I wish that you get the patience and acceptance to deal with this.


The time is really hard on you. Pray for your child to reach a place where he could never feel pain.


Your child died before even entering this world. It is hard but remembers the best of all have to go through the worst.


No one can understand better than the one who has suffered. May God have mercy on you.

It is important to stand by those who you know and acre about in the times when they are hurt and low. Death of loved one is a hard time and sympathies help in dealing with the pain when they know that they are not alone.