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25+ Romantic Long Love Messages For Her

Nothing can work as the best reminders of your love as these long love messages for her. If you think that your relationship has come to a dull halt or else you’re on the other end of the spectrum and your relationship is going better than ever, these messages will be helpful in either case. You can send these long love paragraphs to her to reignite passion or else simply remind her of your unconditional love for her.

Don’t let your busy life get in the way of your relationship. All of these long love messages have different tones; go with the one you feel the most resonance with. You can always add your personal notes to personalise them.

Long Love Messages For Her 


Sweet Long Love Messages For Her

#1. My days are better when you’re around. My nights however are colder without you. But my dreams are sweeter because of you. Whether you’re around me or not, you have a way of making my life better and I can’t be thankful enough to you for that.

Sweet Long Love Messages For Her


#2. You smile with your eyes and the love you hold for me gleams through them. In such moments, I remind myself how fortunate I’m to have found someone like you who knows how to win my heart and keep it safe. After all, there is a reason that I put you on a pedestal and hold you closest to me.


#3. The strings of my soul to your soul are deeply rooted in love. Not in this life nor the other lifetime, can you choose to be not mine! It feels like we’ve known each other for so long that I feel good, alive, and more than anything myself in your presence. I and my life only get better with you.


#4. All thanks to you, my daily dose of sweetness might be greater than that of honeybees. Your innocence is childlike and hence the heart the purest. If not the sweetest being, what else can I expect? It could’ve been only my fate that drew such a precious charm in my life otherwise I had no chance to have you as the love of my life.


#5. Maybe fairies do exist otherwise how a being like you could’ve been able to keep her heart so pure and gentle in such a meddled, cruel world? And maybe, guardian angles, too, exist otherwise how would I, a being like me, would’ve found you? Also maybe the cupid did this play otherwise how would you’ve fallen in love with me?

Sweet Long Love Messages For Her


#6. I cannot fall off the wagon as long as you’re with me. You keep me in sync with life. The rhythm you bring to my life keeps everything in harmony. Your sweetest touch is the mightiest. Your love and care keep the life in me throbbing. You’re an earth angel who is my guardian and companion for this lifetime. You’re everything and more than what I asked for.


#7. You’re the peanut butter and jelly to my bread. God poured in a whole jar of sweetness while making you. The notes of love get higher when I’m singing with you. The alignment of our souls is greater because I feel myself more when I’m with you.


#8. Since you’ve come into my life, I’ve regained my belief in myself. You’ve invoked the inner strength in me and have brought me to life. Life with you only blooms in the gardens of joy and peace. And I stop by to smell the roses of love every day only because of you.


#9. If I can pour my heart out to you, you’ll be amazed to see the jars of love because you’ve not seen how deep the roots of it get. Even when you think you know, you aren’t aware of the depth of the love I have for you. You however shall know that no one can love you more than I do.


#10. The sparkles of stars above me are precisely the same I see in your eyes when they let me have a sneak peek into the sweetest soul. The gentle heart however has been through some tough battles yet you carry yourself with commendable grace. To have a beautiful and fierce woman by my side is such a blessing I’m grateful for.


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Long Love Messages For Her Long-Distance

#1. We’re miles apart. However, our love has only deepened. We’re united even when we’re in different parts of the globe. Just like our love, our telepathy is stronger than the instances we’re in. You hear me when I say, “I miss you”. And I hear you when you say, ” I love you”. To have someone like you by my side even with a few miles apart is a blessing for me. I’ll keep on considering myself fortunate as long as you love me even from a distance.

Long Love Messages For Her Long-Distance


#2. If I say the distance between us is not driving me crazy, I’ll be lying. If I say my heart doesn’t crack up when I don’t see you by my side before going to bed, I’ll be lying. But I won’t lie to you and will tell you exactly how I feel! I miss having you around so much. Hold yourself tight as this might take a bit longer for better, get cosy on the couch and call me.


#3. I hope that you wander around town and go about the day thinking about me as I do. Not a single day passes by when your thoughts and our memories don’t stir up the emotions in me and make me wish to forge into your town. If not for the work, I would never choose to be away from you for even minutes. You’re the magic potion that can make me fly even when the Ron in me is too scared of the heights. However, I’ll soon come to see you because I can’t cripple in bed every night missing you.


#4. The dawn doesn’t seem serene because you’re not here to stand with me on the balcony to watch the beautiful sunrise. The birds don’t sing sweet songs or at least I don’t hear them as my thoughts of you are too loud. Neither the butterflies nor the hummingbirds can make me go in awe when I’m too lost thinking about how things would’ve been different if you were with me.


#5. In the fields of dandelions, I miss you more. When no one is around, I miss you more. On quiet nights and serene mornings, I miss you more. Whether I’m having a good day or a bad day, I miss you always just to think how your presence would’ve made things different. Our love is so deeply rooted in something of essence that no matter where I go, or what I do, I miss you all the time.


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Super Long Sweet Text Messages For Her

#1. You’re a beautiful soul that exhibits the aura that lights up every room. You’re such a vibrant girl that being around you lifts my spirit. Whenever I’m around you, suddenly everything is fine. Life seems fine. You can be having a bad day but would never forget to show up with grace and women who are graceful win the battles because they’re gentle but fierce as well. And to have a woman like that in my corner makes me one of the luckiest men.

Super Long Sweet Text Messages For Her


#2. There are only so many ways in which I can show my affection to you and tell you how much I love you. I’ll fall short in doing so regardless as the words will fall short in carrying the deep love I have for you. They can’t deliver or translate the love I have for you; words simply will fail to do so. Hence, the only thing I would ask from you is to believe me when I say that you’ll never know how much I love you but there is no one else on this planet whom I’ve ever loved this much or will ever.


#3. You’re truly beautiful with brains. And not ordinary beauty or an average brain. You’re simply an extraordinary being who defines excellence. You shall know how much I appreciate you and everything you do; the way you take care of yourself and the way you give your very best in everything you do whether it’s to bake the cake on Sunday or tackle a Monday with a heavy workload; you put on armour and make everything seem fine. I respect you so much, I love you.


#4. Being able to share this life with you is absolutely my pleasure. Making these memories with you makes me realise how blessed I’m because you’re no ordinary being. You’re precious just like any gemstone, made with extra care and divine touch. I’m more than glad that I’m the one who you fell in with because I’m surely not the knight in shining armour that you might have dreamt of living with but I assure you that my love will never make you regret it.


#5. The way you carry yourself makes me fall in love with you all over again. How can you be so adorable? It should be a crime to look that fine and be that good! You’re a complete package that I struggle to believe I’ve been married to. Life can be monotonous but a wife like you make it filled with the colours that a man needs to be his best self. And hence, I’m so grateful that our paths crossed and something beautiful like our marriage happened.


Long Deep Love Messages For Her

#1. I’m glad you felt safe to fall for me because you’re a catch. You’re a calm and collected woman who untangled me from the mess I was in. You keep me sane. Because of you, I’ve learned to operate from a place of loving compassion and kindness. Your love and nurture allow me to be vulnerable. While you might be clueless about it but all I want to do is take care of you and love you in all the possible ways.

Long Deep Love Messages For Her


#2. Our souls reunited in this life perhaps because of some unfinished symphony or maybe to begin a brand new cycle. In any case, I’m more than happy to have met my true soulmate in this lifetime. Often I get deja vu when I’m with you. It feels as if I’ve known you for so long that I truly feel safe, secure, and loved with you. Cheers to our reconciliation.


#3. Give me each ounce of the love that you have. Allow me to hold you the closest to me. Let me love you in all the ways you thought were impossible. Give me each ounce of love that’s left in you and I’ll give you everything you wish for. Your wish then certainly is my command. Only if you allow me, I can pour all the love I have for you. Be prepared however as once I open my floodgates, you can do nothing but swim with me for life.


#4. When you look at me, I feel as if you can see through me, as if you can have a look right into my soul. When you’re with me, I’m more than myself. Whenever I thought that it can not get more intimate, you find ways to show me the universe that I’ve never before. Just when I think you can’t make me fall more deeply for you, you make me dive into more depths. Love you.


#5. We’re in the infinite loop of love. I would never wish to get out of it. As long as you’re with me, I can never get tired of the ride. As long as you wish and choose to be with me, I’m waking up to a bright morning each day. I’ll keep you close to me and never miss out on instances to love you as long as you allow me and wish to.


These were all the long love messages for her that we had in store for you. We hope you found exactly what you were looking for. Affirming your love every day to her will keep the romance alive and your love life won’t go through many or in fact any dull moments. These paragraphs would be very helpful if you find yourself in an argument with her. The resolution will be a swift one, we promise you that. Save all of the messages and send her one long love message every morning and thank us later.