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25+ Birthday Prayers And Blessings For Dad

Birthday Prayers And Blessings For Dad: As a father is a being, who stands by you always to never make you go through downfalls, pray with these birthday prayers for dad on his birthday for his well-being. If there’s anything that can never go wrong then it’s praying. Prayers only bring bundles of joy, sound health, lumps of money, or anything that you asked for. It might bring the result later sometimes than sooner but it never fails.

And if so, then what can be the best birthday present for your dad than to ask God to provide him what you can’t? Take this day as an instance to ask God to shower your father with heavenly blessings.


Birthday Prayers For Dad:

#1. For all the times you’ve tightened your belt to bring us the treasure of joy, we can’t be thankful enough but we pray to God to set you for your treasure hunt now. Happy birthday.

Birthday prayers for dad


#2. Happiest birthday, dad. I pray to Lord that he help me take you out of the box you live in to let your soul rejuvenate and revive because you deserve it!

Birthday prayers for dad


#3. Happy birthday, dad.
May God give you a fair share of happiness and love for all you do for everyone.
May he keeps his light on you as you never turn your back on anyone.

Birthday prayers for dad


#4. Even as a father, you’ve always provided us with your maternal energy that we cannot appreciate enough, but today we pray that may lord nurture you with his divine love forever. Happy birthday, dad.

Birthday prayers for dad


#5. Dad, for the chaos you surround yourself with, I pray to Lord to bless you with serenity. To not let you weigh down by the burdens you carry, may Lord lighten your load. Happy birthday.

Birthday prayers for dad


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Birthday Blessings Messages For Dad:

#1. Happiest birthday, dad. I wish you the abundance of light and love to help you rejuvenate and live life again like a newborn baby. I wish you the world.

Birthday Blessings messages for dad


#2. Happy birthday, dad. I wish, on this meadow of life, God bring this stream of happiness into your life. May God gloriously revamp your life.


#3. May this year your walls of sternness fall away and the petals of love soften your heart to give you the space to be vulnerable. Happy birthday, dad.


#4. I pray that God’s assistance makes you go through all the curveballs of life. May my existence helps you every day to realize that you’re never alone here. Happy birthday, dad.


#5. Dad, I wish you the year ahead when your notes of tasks get replaced by tickets to travel as the fun is the key and life is too short to lose that key. Happy birthday!


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Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad:

#1. As God has already blessed you with sound health because you’re still fit as a fiddle, the only thing I ask God is to always keep you on his radar of love. Happy birthday, dad.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad


#2. May the universe provides you with all the tools that can help you live to the fullest. May you get the best tool kit to operate from the space of love. Happy birthday, dad.


#3. May for your whole life you get clean bills of health and you get only younger with age. May age never become a barrier for you. Happiest birthday, dad.


#4. As you move to this new chapter of life, I pray to Lord that we get to see you every day as if there’s a spring in your feet. Happiest birthday, dad.


#5. You’ve been reborn today as you’re shading the skin to enter into this new land. I pray to the universe to bless you with the wellness of health and well-being of life. Happy birthday, dad.


Birthday Prayers For Dad From Daughter:

#1. Dad, today I pray to Lord that you look at yourself with our eyes, and see how much you’re an idol for us, and believe in yourself as much as we do. Happy birthday.

birthday prayers for dad from daughter


#2. I pray to the Universe that this year gives you the courage to fly by the seat of your pants, believing that the universe has got your back. Happy birthday, dad.


#3. I pray that this year becomes the one when you go against the grain while listening to your heart. For your rebel soul, father, I pray you can find a breakthrough this year. Happy birthday.


#4. Dad, I pray for you a time ahead where whether you hit the books or the hay, take a walk in the park or cook up a storm; you live each moment fully. Happy birthday.


#5. Today, I pray that not only do you get to savor the juices of life but the Amber nectar because dad, life is too short to not let yourself loosen up a bit. Happy birthday.


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A birthday Prayer For My Dad:

#1. May you invite the time when you can break the bank or bet the farm to fulfill your every desire as it should be your time to live the life you wish to! Happy birthday, dad.

A birthday prayer for my dad


#2. Dad, I want you to remember that you’re my sherlock holmes and I pray that you wake up every day knowing no mystery of life cannot be solved by your wisdom. Happy birthday.


#3. May God’s grace keeps the sanity in you alive when we, your kids, bring that insanity in you to the surface. Happy birthday, dad!


#4. May the times come into your life when you can sit in your leather chair with the book in one hand and your coffee in the other sipping the best life. Happy birthday, dad


#5. I pray to the universe that each day it makes you conscious of the beauty that surrounds you and the love we have for you! Happy birthday, dad!


These were all the birthday prayers for dad to ask for blessings from God for your father’s well-being. You can find other wishes and greetings that you might want to wish your dad on our main page. But don’t forget to save these prayers to ask for the betterment of his life. You can include these prayers into your daily ritual too, and pray for his sound health and wealth every day. Show your unconditional love to your dad with kind gifts and treasure it by praying for him.