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30+ Birthday Prayers For Sister

Birthday Prayers And blessings for Sister: Ask Lord for the blessings for your sister with the below-mentioned birthday prayers for sister. Let your kind and loving words invite equilibrium in her life. While you might be wishing for your sister’s well-being always, her birthday is a special occasion to ask God to bless her more.

You can even write these birthday prayers on the greeting cards or on the cards of the presents you send. In any case, you’re inviting an abundance of joy and prosperity into her life. Whether you have an elder sister or a little one, you’ll hopefully find the prayers here that feel right to you. Also, you can find the unique birthday wishes for your sister here.


Birthday Prayer For Sister:

#1. Dear Lord, as my sister steps into

A new chapter of her life,

renew  her life with the moments

that can uplift her spirit.

Lord, make her this birthday and

the year ahead is blessed.

Birthday prayer for sister


#2. Lord, gift this year to my sister

Wrapped with infinite opportunities

For her to showcase her unlimited potential.

May God bless her, and her year ahead.

Birthday prayer for sister


#3. Dear sister, may God parcel you

the abundance of joy that overwhelms your heart.

May he makes the journey ahead of you

so smooth that you make the best memories of your life.

Birthday prayer for sister


#4. May my sister get to have the year ahead that helps fulfill her desires.

God, bless her and the people she surrounds herself with sound health and wealth.

Birthday prayer for sister


#5. Dear Almighty, bless my sister’s fate

With people and incidents to bring

Her closer to living her dream life.

As she enters into this new year,

God, bless her with fortune.

Birthday prayer for sister


#6. God, as my sister is turning _______

Make all of her wishes and desires

knock on her door for she is the hardest working.

Help her reap the best rewards of her life.


#7. May God furnish _____’s garden of life with love

and she bears the fruits of joy.

May all of her relationships blossom with love.

May she get to have the best year filled with joy.


#8. On my sister’s birthday, I ask the Lord to bless her with the strength to go after her dreams.
I pray to God to give her wings to soar higher to go after her dreams.

Birthday prayer for sister


#9. Dear sister, happy birthday.  May God bless your year with all the fun elements to make you live life again like a child,  to help you live a life full of happiness.


#10. God, today, I pray for my sister’s well-being as she turns ____.

May she never fall off the balance and love stay in her life in its purest forms.


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Birthday Pray For A Big Sister:

#1. Happy birthday. Big sister. May God send you the blessings that you couldn’t imagine coming your way and turn the events of your life in a way you could never think of.

birthday pray for a big sister


#2. As you’re not only a sweet tooth but carry the sweetest heart too, On your ___th birthday, I pray to Lord that he blesses your path ahead with the sweetest surprises. Happy birthday. Big sister.


#3. May you load all that green paper till it fills your pockets while God lands you happiness that fills your heart. Happy birthday, big sis.


#4. May you not only receive the rewards for all that you’ve worked for but happiness in 10x fold for all your good deeds. Happy birthday, big sister.


#5. Sis, may you never dim your light to fit in as you’re meant only to fly higher, may God removes everything that weighs you down. Happy birthday, sis.


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Birthday Pray For A Little Sister:

#1. Sis, as you take your baby steps toward the maze of life, I pray to God to keep you in the sphere of his light to keep you protected. Happy birthday, Lil sis.

birthday pray for a little sister


#2. Blossom into this wildflower as you grow that sings her own songs and bloom wherever she gets planted. And the rainbows then will take place in your life. Happy birthday, little sis.


#3. As you turn _______, little sister, I pray to God to keep you miles away from the drama that can’t serve you any good and engaged in love that can overflow your heart. Happy birthday.


#4. You’re growing and so is the rebel in you. So, I pray to the loving almighty to provide you with patience and bless you with grace to make life bearable. Happy birthday, little sister.


#5. As you’re growing, I pray that you learn to love yourself first before you pour love into the cups of others. I pray that you adapt self-love before it becomes a necessity. Happy birthday, sister.


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Prayer Blessing Birthday Wishes For Sister:

#1. May the wisdom flow through you and love flow towards you. May your affinity for life go off the chart and the Universe’s blessings flow toward you. Happy birthday, sis.

prayer blessing birthday wishes for sister


#2. May nothing lures you in the direction of haze and only love to drive you in the direction of success. Happy birthday, sister.


#3. May you get to have the taste of success all year long when the divine humbles you in subtle ways. Happy birthday, sister.


#4. As you’re climbing this ladder of ultimate success, may your bars of energy never go low and when they do, may you let nature refill your soul. Happy birthday, sis.


#5. Sister, you’re the unicorn, don’t let the mediocrity drown you. As you begin this new chapter, I pray to the lord that may he never stop igniting creative sparks into your life. Happy birthday.


Birthday Blessings For My Sister:

#1. May the Kindergarten spirit in you stay alive and you see the world with the lens of magic regardless of the age number on this bar of life. Happy birthday, sis.

birthday blessings for my sister


#2. Honey, drop down your pretense and let life shower you with the love. May God never let you run out of happiness.


#3. Take the suitcase of your innocence and drive to the routes of kindness for being a loving and compassionate human is a blessing to have. Happy birthday, sister.


#4. For a journey ends in the lovers’ meeting, may you find the mate of your life who willingly becomes a traveler of life with you! Happy birthday, sis.


#5. May the forecast for this year be only harmony for you. May only joy come to your address. And may everything of the best and people of best interest only enter your life. Happy birthday, sister.


These were the birthday prayers for sister that you can pray to God with. Before you throw that big birthday bash for your sister, invite blessings into her life with these prayers. Wishing the best for her and praying for her well-being will not only make your sister happier but also make you feel so better.