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30+ Farewell Messages to Employee Who Is leaving

Farewell Messages to Employees: Office life is mundane, competitive, and filled with struggle. But we all still survive? How? Because we have some people in our workplaces, whom we call our colleagues, who make our job smoother for us. We share tiffin, match discussion, and our gossip with them. So, when they leave the organization, make their last day one-of-a-lifetime moment with these farewell messages to the employee.

Age here doesn’t matter because friendship never cared about that ever. So, when your colleague’s retirement comes early, greet them for the last time as a part of your organization with the below farewell messages to the employee.

Greet people with these farewell messages to the employee on their last day at the office, even if they are not your friend. Why? Because they had some contribution or the other towards the organization, and you really can’t ignore that. So, make them feel special with these messages.


Farewell Messages to Employee:

#1. Learning by doing is only worth it when you get an employee like you. Writing for you is tough, although suddenly our courage grew. Good luck, my friend, with the new hub you are getting into.

Farewell Messages to Employee


#2. Bidding a farewell to the dearest employee seems to be very nostalgic. But being emotional is just not a worthy logic. Wish you a grand future ahead. Good luck with your upcoming future that I have already said.

Farewell Messages to Employee


#3. A grand farewell for a grand personality. Tough to believe but we still need you to proceed with serenity. Good luck my friend. Trust me, this is not the end of journey.

Farewell Messages to Employee


#4. Your skills of decision-making are an inspiration for all of us. In every tough situation, we always make a fuss. We know it’s time to bid you goodbye now. We are managing our tears to hide somehow.

Farewell Messages to Employee


#5. Buddy, it’s time to give a grand farewell now. Hope we can stop you if you allow. Though we all have the right to shine bright. It’s time now to see your future in a beautiful light.

Farewell Messages to Employee


#6. Farewell is a tough thing for all of us. In particular, we have got an employee like you with whom we have lots of things to discuss. Good luck, partner.


#7. Bidding farewell is just a celebration. We would always stay together in every situation. Wishing you good luck is not only what we want to do. Making your last day in the workplace more memorable is what we value.


#8. Good luck, my buddy. Having you as our partner, we feel truly lucky. I hope you have a great future. We will be meeting you quite sooner.

Farewell Messages to Employee


#9. Missing you in the workplace is now mandatory. Although, celebrating the last day is necessary.


#10. If you stay longer here,

we would have got a lot of time to learn.

We would love to pay tribute to you in turn.


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Words For An Employee Who Is Leaving:

#1. We all are familiar with a wonderful truth of life which states Make yourself such that you do not need an organization but an organization needs you. Who know that better than us, without you what will we do?

Words for an employee who is leaving


#2. Being the Regional Manager of this company, I realized that it’s not you who is leaving the organization, instead, we are losing you. You are an asset, but we cannot stop you too. Always take care of yourself and do take a rest. For your new life, wish you all the best.


#3. Hey man! We have already become your fan! Bidding you adieu feel make us sad. Stay happy and enjoy your new life without you, life will be pretty bad. Take care, dear.


#4. You taught us to not see the darker side of a person or an organization. This teaching of yours brought you a new. God bless young lady; you will always be our favorite buddy.


#5. Working alone will take you higher but working unitedly will take the relationship further. When you said this, we knew you were not our but our teacher. Please keep in touch with us friend. Some relationships have no The End.


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Goodbye Message To An Employee:

#1. It’s unbelievable that we have come across this day, I feel we have just met yesterday. However, nothing in life happens per our thoughts. We will definitely miss you a lot. Your handwork, motivation and dedication were such an inspiration. Stay in touch, will miss you very much.

Goodbye message to an employee


#2. It’s not about what you are taking with you, it’s all about what you are leaving. Your humble contribution to this organization, your sincere hard work and your motivation, will be a lesson for the future generations.


#3. No doubt It’s very hard to digest the fact that you won’t be stepping inside the office as an employee from tomorrow, and this news gives us grief and sorrow. I can say on behalf of everyone, none will ever replace your position.


#4. Hey friend, a big Thank You before your journey comes to an end. Thank you for turning this workplace into a fun place, leading to the organization’s success. Hope for a great future ahead!


#5. Life will never stop its rhythm for anyone, the beginning and the ending is the same for everyone. In between what you make is a MEMORY and what you gain is an EXPERIENCE, dearie. So, in this month of June instead of saying Goodbye we would say SEE YOU SOON.


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What To Say An Employee Who Is Leaving:

#1. Bidding farewell or saying goodbye was never easy for us. But some tasks are unbearable and inevitable, hopefully, you will miss us. Do not let anything stop you in life. Living life your way is the best way to survive.

What to Say an Employee Who is Leaving


#2. There are several employees in this company and no doubt each will always be remembered for their good works, but you are a great human being when life sucks. Nothing is greater than humanity. Wish you good luck, live life with positivity.


#3. We all will miss you more as a friend. Working with you was a learning experience because you taught us there is always a new road after one end. We will never forget your immense contribution to this organization. Stay healthy, you will always be our inspiration.


#4. Instead of bidding farewell, I would like to say ‘see you soon when we will watch with you the sun setting behind the blue lagoon. Stay blessed and take care, dear sir.


#5. You have provided opportunities to younger generations that’s always have been our motivation. With the morning alarm, while hurriedly eating bread with jam, we will always remember our very punctual ma’am!


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Goodbye Message To Employee:

#1. It’s true we all work for money, but we will remember you because taught us the importance of this journey. Wish you a happy ending, outside awaits for you a new beginning.

Goodbye Message to Employee


#2. We will always remember whatever you have taught us, your hard work, passion, and dedication for work have set a landmark in this organization, you are such an inspiration.


#3. Thank you, friend, for turning work into fun. You taught us to take a rest while on the run. Now, live a peaceful life in your nest, wish you all the best.


#4. Everything has to come to an end, and now we have to say goodbye to you, dear friend. Goodbye friend, stay in touch, will miss you so much.


#5. For the last 30 years, you did your job without any fear. We learned from you how to be fearless and yet taste success. Take care, from tomorrow, start fresh.


So, what do you think about these quotes? Do they somewhat accurately express your feelings to your colleagues? If they do, let these farewell messages to the employee do the talking, we know that you will be too emotional to utter a word. So, don’t stress it, just express it! Tell them how much you adore them and how much you will miss them. Let them treasure these messages and remember their farewell celebration with a tint of a smile on their face.