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15+ Funny Pregnancy Wishes And Messages

The beginning of a new journey starts with pregnancy. Funny pregnancy wishes will alleviate the tension of an anxious expecting mother. Support of friends and family members is essential during the challenging phase of pregnancy. Couples are immensely anxious during this phase. They don’t know what to expect and always feel unprepared.

These good wishes make the journey a bit less challenging as it mellows down the tension that expecting parents often face.

If you find it difficult to cheer up your pregnant friend or sister, we recommend you take a peek at the collection of funny pregnancy wishes we have. You will love those, and wishing an expecting mother these witty wishes will make her day.


Funny Pregnancy Messages

#1. It is unbelievable that you, who always acted like a kid, will have a kid. I know you will be great at raising a kid but don’t lose your inner kid.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes


#2. It is a blessing to have a kid, but for now, it’s your hubby’s challenge to keep you calm while I wonder how big you have become. But don’t worry, I know you haven’t lost your charm.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes


#3. Congratulations to both of you. Now you will have someone who will contribute to the daily ruckus you do. Don’t worry, as we will be there to add to it too.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes


#4. I am so glad that you are expecting but expect the unexpected when you have to deal with your little one. Be happy and have fun because soon it will be gone.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes


#5. The little tyke inside you will later bite your hair. Don’t worry, but we are here not to protect your hair but to have a good laugh when it does bite that hair.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes


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Funny Pregnancy Quotes

#1. Is your baby kicking your belly with joy? They say it is the most rewarding experience any woman can enjoy. Whatever it is, I want the junior to be naughty, no matter if it’s a girl or a boy.

Funny Pregnancy Quotes


#2. I can’t help but smile as you reveal you are fatter than ever. But I like you chubbier, dear. Remember, dear, that the joy of being a mom lasts forever.


#3. To describe motherhood and giving birth is a miracle indeed. You will feel blessed when your hubby helps you feed, and with time, your cravings will increase your deed.


#4. Now, you find happiness in every little thing while the cutie life inside you is growing. But what’s amusing is your husband dealing with your mood swing.


#5 A tiny life is like the inception of all positive things, like your furniture breaking. Your sleep will be positively disappearing, making you look even more charming.


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Funny Quotes For A Pregnant Friend

#1. Dear friend, you are correct there is something special about being pregnant. You feel happier than ever when you feel about your remnant.

Funny Quotes For A Pregnant Friend


#2. One of the rights of women is to be a mother. However, I congratulate the handsome father who is scratching his hair while pampering his wife, whom he always fears but never forgets to love with care.


#3. Women are blessed as God has given them the power to carry a life in their wombs. You go through several mood swings when this tiny life blooms while your husband manages the house with two to three brooms.


#4. There is something magical and mystical as the child grows inside you. You feel proud that you are a woman and that for this big responsibility, God has chosen you while your pregnancy taught your man to sew.


#5. It’s fascinating to go through the mentality shift that occurs during pregnancy. You get a chance to enjoy infancy.


The funny pregnancy wishes are necessary to keep the expecting mothers smiling. They don’t brood over negative thoughts. Pregnancy can often lead to different changes in the body that can trigger mental distress. Our funny wishes will turn down the pressure the expecting couple feels.
Go ahead. Use our funny pregnancy quotes for your expecting relative or friend and see them smile. You will feel great that you made their day happy by simply wishing them. Our funny wishes are unique and highly specific. So you can use these wishes without any worry.