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35+ Funny I Miss You Quotes & Messages For Him Or Her

Funny I Miss You Quotes And Messages: There may be times in your life when you feel like spending some moments with your beloved friend or family member. But due to distance, that might not always be possible, and that’s the time when you start missing them! True enough that physically you might not hug that person, but you can always send some quotes expressing your deepest feelings about missing them.

Such quotes can be emotional, passionate, or even funny that can bring a big smile to the other person’s face right away, and they may also start reciprocating your feelings. So, you can take help of the following quotes whenever you miss anyone:


Funny I Miss You Quotes:

#1. These days, I put on the TV and there is no one to snatch the remote and change the channel! And that’s when I started missing you like hell.


Funny I Miss You Quotes


#2. Fights over a simple dress and all sorts of craziness! Not even butterscotch ice-cream can cure my madness, as I keep missing your mess.

Funny I Miss You Quotes


#3. I went to the shop and bought a lot, but suddenly there came a thought! Did I pay more as I didn’t bargain, as you weren’t there to poke and complain.

Funny I Miss You Quotes


#4. I keep surfing the news channels (that you watched and I hated) frantically, just imagine what you’ve done to me!

Funny I Miss You Quotes


#5. I felt so good when you were gone as now I could have the play-station all alone. And yet, I couldn’t play a single game thereafter, as I missed your shouts during the game harder!

Funny I Miss You Quotes


#6. Harry without Ron and Hermione, that’s what you have turned me. Miss your scolds Mom and Dad, send me your screams and make me glad!


#7. Just like Pizza gets the molten Cheese, come running to me, please. Will take the treat together and more will have gala time galore!


#8. Your mischievous pups have started to make me feel good now, I can get your touch through them and that irritating feeling has actually turned to Wow!

Funny I Miss You Quotes


#9. I’m going totally bonkers I bet, as I eagerly keep waiting for your PJs, you idiot! Send me some from your never-ending store, I don’t want to miss those anymore.


#10. Oh Dear, please don’t do this to me over and over again. I am watching those noisy action movies to make up for the staying-far-from-you pain!


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Funny I Miss You Messages:

#1. How on earth can I manage these bank tasks all by myself, you have ruined me by taking care of all these yourself!

Funny I Miss You Messages


#2. Missing your grandpa-like advice about my weird decisions and choices. And I am surprised that I am not getting cross this time rather I want to hear your voice’s rhyme.


#3. I keep getting cold and nothing seems to calm down, maybe your one hug could make me warm. But, oh, you’re so far away, even summer seems like a dry winter day.


#4. Battles and wars, daily feuds and scorching scars, didn’t get to know these until you were here. Oh, I want to handle all these boldly with you my dear!

Funny I Miss You Messages


#5. Okay, I swear that I won’t swear and I won’t criticize upon the (shabby) dresses you were. Come back to me so that at least you will be near, and I can quarrel with you properly here.


#6. I can do workouts with loud music nowadays, but can’t take the silence around and the peaceful ways. ‘Coz guess what, I am missing your tantrums and what not!


#7. I miss you silly, can you understand me? Are you missing me too or have found someone new? Don’t even dare as our pair is so very rare!

Funny I Miss You Messages


#8. Here and there, no matter where I keep hallucinating like it’s you I’m seeing. Hey, am I turning into a jerk by constantly missing you, my life’s perk!


#9. Don’t blame me if my mood swings are on the rise, how on earth, do you expect me to be wise with a bossy manager, and you not here!


#10. Hey, even the landlady was complaining about why it’s quiet in my room today. I smirked at her saying that you are no more here to stay! Are you happy now that you had things your way?


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Miss You Funny:

#1. Shall I search for birds of same feather to flock or have faith in opposites attract and that you will surprise me with a door-knock?

Miss You Funny


#2. I can’t relish Biriyani or Black Forest cake and craved for those salads that you make. I think I can finally go on diet now, as your virtual presence will be teaching me how.


#3. Why do the app cabs suck further, are they driving slower and slower? Or is that your breakneck speed that I am missing more, your passionate energy that made the car roar!


#4. Winner-Winner, Chicken Dinner! But I can’t swallow a single piece, oh my dear. As a PUBG win, without you around feels like a sin!


#5. I no more fuss about the honking trains and airport rush. Because that’s the ones to bring you closer to me and make me glad with glee!


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Funny Ways to Say I Miss You:

#1. My nights are sleepless without your snore, which is why I miss you more. Make my nights noisy again, I miss you even in the crowded train.

Funny Ways to Say I Miss You


#2. It’s a bliss when it’s you I miss. Out of all inspiration & aspirations both your presence & absence specially made me       learnt how to live for myself . . . I miss you!


#3. Sorry for the fight…. I’ll try to keep all my things that I can’t find in hurry . . . But the irony is it’s too salty, the curry!!!!!!!! I miss you, baby!


#4. Confused? Should I miss you? From folding the bed sheet to reopening at night, difficult to count how much we fight!!!!!!


#5. If you leave me, I will just miss you as I missed her last year. You see, history repeats itself, so don’t let me miss you for long dear.


Funny Ways to Say I Miss You Text:

#1. I found your socks with the shoes in the washing machine, and I started missing you, ever since. So how have you been?

Funny Ways to Say I Miss You Text


#2. I thought it will be all sunny and went gaga, now I miss you more than anything, my sweet dear umbrella!


#3. I ignored you when I binged watched the series again, now I miss you a lot my brain! Be kind enough and forgive, this PPT is not letting me live!


#4. I miss you dear rider, so please don’t cancel the ride hereafter. Waiting forever, yours super tired passenger.


#5. I regret leaving those glass slippers, I miss you now dear stepsisters. Royalty is boring with the Prince Charming always snoring.


Hopefully, all these funny miss you quotes have already made your day, and you are literally feeling like sending them now itself. Yet, a wise piece of advice would be to choose and send quotes by going with the flow of the situation. Only then will you be able to create that actual impact upon your near and dear ones?