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45+ I Miss You Dad Quotes And Messages

“I miss you dad” quotes and messages are for those who have lost their dads and are still fighting the battle of such a huge loss. Fathers are so important in our lives. They are the warriors who teach us how to face the harshness of life. They are the first teachers we have.

However, not everyone is blessed to have a chance of spending their entire lives with their father. It is sad and yet, not something we have any control over. These ‘I miss you, dad’ quotes will help you express your grief over the loss.


I Miss You Dad:

#1. Dad, my mind keeps going back to moments I spent with you and it hurts a lot. I would give anything to live those moments again. I miss you.

I miss you dad


#2. I did not know that having no father could crash someone’s world. Losing you has left me feeling aimless, powerless, and helpless. I miss you, papa.

I miss you dad


#3. It hurts to realize that you are not here with me. There is so much I wish to share with you. I keep thinking of your proud smile and it makes me want to cry, dad.

I miss you dad


#4. Every moment that we cherished together makes me want to smile but with tears in my eyes. I wish we could spend more time together. I miss you so much, dad.

I miss you dad


#5. That I got to be your child is my biggest honour ever. I hope in the next birth, too, I can be your child. I miss you, dad.

I miss you dad


#6. Even though I get so many hugs from so many people who love me, none can ever be as warm as the hugs you gave me. I miss you, dad.


#7. I will always treasure the memories of you. You were my role model and will remain to be so even though you are gone. I love you and I miss you, dad.


#8. Every time I visit your grave, I will have your favourite flowers. The fragrance of the flowers will let me know you are around. I miss you, dad.

I miss you dad


#9. I wish I could hug you again for one last time. I wish I could share a smile with you one last time. But, alas, I can’t. I miss you, dad.


#10. Dear dad, I thought you would always be by my side but I guess, life had other plans. I hope you are in a better place now. I miss you so much.


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Miss You Dad Quotes:

#1. Time thinks it has taken you away from me but, dad, I know you will always be with me no matter what. I miss you.

Miss you dad quotes


#2. Dear dad, I regret so much that I did not listen to you all those times. But, now that you are away from me, I would do anything to hear your voice. I miss you.


#3. We are living far apart and yet, it still feels like you were always watching over me. Your love and care never left me. I miss you so much, dad.


#4. Dear dad, I may be mourning your absence but at the same time, I want to celebrate the life you loved. It was full of inspiration. I miss you.

Miss you dad quotes


#5. I miss you, dad, now and forever. There is no one else who will mean as much as you meant to me. I hope you knew this in life.


#6. Dad, you were the best father figure anyone could ever have. The greatness and sacrifices you made taught me to be a better person. I miss you so much.


#7. Dad, you were my life’s hero and I hope I become a person like you, someone who could motivate others to live life to its best potential. I miss you.

Miss you dad quotes


#8. I was the apple of your eye and you were the peace that my soul needed. You were the inspiration behind my success and I looked up to you. I miss you, dad.


#9. Even though you are no longer in front of my eyes, I will always remember the love and care you showered on me. Thank you for everything you did. I miss you, dad.


#10. Dad, you were my unsung hero and I am lost without you. I hope remembering your love and care will guide my path. I miss you.


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Missing Dad Quotes:

#1. It feels heartbroken knowing that you won’t be there to hold my hand through thick and thin anymore. I can’t express enough how much I miss you, dad.

Missing dad quotes


#2. They say whatever happens, happens for the best, but I disagree. Dad, your loss has been painful for me and I will never forget you. I miss you.


#3. How can I say God is fair when he took you away from me? I feel lost and helpless without your presence in my life. I miss you so much, Dad.


#4. Dear dad, it feels like I didn’t have enough time to get to know you but even then, I will cherish the memories I have stored of you. I miss you.


#5. Dad, just because you are no longer here with us doesn’t mean we will forget you. You will always be there in our hearts. We miss you dearly.


Miss You Dad From Daughter:

#1. Living as your daughter has been the greatest joy. Your loss will always remain in my heart as pain. I will always remember you. I miss you.

Miss you dad from daughter


#2. I can never get over the fact that I lost you. You called me your favourite daughter and I want to live up to it from now on. I miss you.


#3. The heartache that I have as your daughter after losing you will always remain. But, as your student, I will always remember the lessons you taught. I miss you.


#4. You asked me to keep your inspirational life alive even when you are gone. As your daughter, I will follow your exemplary life and make others happy. I miss you.


#5. I am sure you would have smiled if I said I miss you to your face. You have been my role-model since I was a kid. I hope I use the lessons you taught. I miss you dad.


Daughter Missing Dad Who Passed Away Quotes:

#1. I still can’t believe that you passed away so early. There was still so much to do with you. And, there was so much to learn from you. I miss you, dad.

Daughter missing dad who passed away quotes


#2. I miss our talks, dad. I miss you protecting me from the world. I miss being your pampered daughter. Miss you wholly and miserably.


#3. If there was a genie, I would wish for you to come back and call me your daughter proudly one last time. I miss you a lot, dad.


#4. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of all the dad-daughter moments we spent. You watched all my plays and saved me from mommy’s scoldings. I miss you.


#5. I miss you so much, daddy. Being your daughter always made me feel protected from the cruel world. You were my strength.


Broken Heart Miss You Dad Quotes From Daughter:

#1. Dad, I miss being your daughter. Your guiding hand was always there to ensure that I never lost my fights. I miss that so much.

Broken heart miss you dad quotes from daughter 


#2. Dad, I think of you and all the sacrifices you made to raise your daughters. I hope one day, I too, become a strong parent like you. I miss you.


#3. When you left, I thought everything was taken away from me. But, I am your daughter which is why I will be strong. I miss you so much.


#4. Because of you, I learned to fight for myself and I learned to live life on my terms. You were the best father. I miss you, dad.


#5. I miss you, dad, a lot. I loved every moment of being your daughter. You were the best father a girl could ask for. Thank you so much for everything.


Missing My Dad In Heaven:

#1. I know you are not here anymore but I am sure you are still watching me from heaven. So, I will try to be good every day. I miss you, dad.

Missing my dad in heaven


#2. No matter how much time passes by, I will always have the pain of losing my dad in my heart. He was my favourite person and I miss him so much.


#3. Dear dad, I know you are in heaven right now. But, I want to take the moment to apologize for taking you for granted when you were alive. I miss you.


#4. I miss my dad in heaven. He will always remain alive in my heart and I will never let his memories fade away. I miss him so much.


#5. Dad, you are gone from our lives. I know you are in heaven, a better place than earth. But, know that you will always be alive in our hearts. I miss you.


Being away from your father or losing them forever is a tragic feeling. You feel empty from the inside and life seems incomplete thereafter. The sadness is heavy and the burden is something you have to carry all your life. Sometimes, you don’t even know how to explain the pain you carry in your heart. Missing someone so important is like missing a piece of you. And, the possibility that you may never see them again is disheartening. We hope our “I miss you, dad” quotes gave you a way to express your emotions even amidst the loss.

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