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30+ Heartfelt Miss You Messages For Your Boyfriend

The phase of being away from your loved one is not an easy one, and it hurts even more if that person is your loving partner. If it’s your boyfriend we’re talking about then to make it a bit easier for you, we’ve come up with these I miss you boyfriend messages.

I miss you boyfriend quotes and messages make it possible for you to tell your boyfriend how much you miss him. You shall send the messages that you feel most resonated with and let him know how you’re dying to meet him and how much hard it’s been for you without him.

As women, we’re gifted with the ability to be vulnerable and expressive of our emotions. So, don’t hold back and use this gift to let your boyfriend know he is being missed.

Scroll down to find a list of miss you boyfriend quotes that can clearly express how you feel.


Romantic Miss You Messages For Boyfriend:

1. I miss you more than you can realise, imagine or feel. I would give everything to be with you right now, to simply watch a sunset with you. I miss you that much.



2. Your voice would do wonders right now. Your touch would calm my nerves in a minute. A warm hug from you would make everything better. I miss you, meet me sooner.

Romantic Miss You Messages For Boyfriend


3. Only if you could know how much I miss you, you would’ve never left me alone. I can’t pass these five days without you, not at least, willingly and happily. Come sooner. Miss you.

Romantic Miss You Messages For Boyfriend


4. When I miss you so much that I wish to catch the next flight and meet you, I eat a lot of chocolates. So, if you don’t come sooner, I’ll gain a few more pounds.



5. When I miss you and the misery of not having you by my side takes over, I reminisce on our shared loving moments to feel you closer to me and sleep. I miss you.

Romantic Miss You Messages For Boyfriend


6. I miss you, honey. You’re miles away but I wish you weren’t. I want you to look into my eyes and hear me breathing; that’s how close I want you to be.


7. Only a few days before I feel completely miserable without you. My world would turn upside down and I would shut it for everyone as not being with you is not an easy task.


8. I miss you so much. The days are better only if I wake up beside you. The peaceful nights take place only when I have your shoulder to lay on.


9. Without you, I’m all blue; I’m only hanging in there. I wake up and I want to see you. I go to bed and I look for you there, come sooner, I miss you.


10. The firecrackers in my heart when I think about meeting you again get loud. The cups of love overflow on the thought of being in your arms, I’m dying to meet you. Miss you.


I Miss You Boyfriend

Dearest, you are the closest thing to my heart. I love you to the extent you cannot even imagine. I hope you come back as soon as possible. I miss you, my boyfriend.


My dear boyfriend, you are the start in my life and, I am so happy to have you around me. We are far away from each other and I miss you so much.


I did not know I could love someone as much as I love you. I did not know my heart had that kind of capacity. I miss you and hope that you can come back soon.


I fall in love with you all over again when I see you and every time it increases. I miss you so much, dear boyfriend.


I can spend all of my days with you and still miss you the moment you leave. I wish that we can stay together forever. I miss you, boyfriend.


The extent to which I miss you cannot be explained in words, so, please come back so that I can hug you once again. I miss you, boyfriend.


You are always on my mind and I love how we have grown together since the time we first met. I miss you, dear boyfriend.


I appreciate you so much for not stopping me from achieving what I desire. You are the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. I miss you so much!


Dear, I know that I can always count on you. Please know that you can always count on me too. I miss you more than ever, boyfriend.


You love me, care, for me, and protect me and I am utterly grateful for that. I pray that we can stay together forever. I miss you.


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I Miss You Messages for Boyfriend

I hope the day arrives when I don’t have to miss you and I can just be by your side and enjoy every moment. I miss you, boyfriend.


Dear boyfriend, you are not with me right now and I cannot stop myself but miss you terribly. I wish that you were by my side right now. I love you and I miss you.


I cannot explain in words how much I miss you. I hope that you come back and, I can be happy again. I miss you, dear boyfriend.


Without you, there is no joy in my life. Missing you has become a habit and I want to break it. So, come back and let me do that for good. I miss you.


You are such a precious person and I cannot think of losing you. Right now, I just miss you so much that I could cry rivers. I love you, dear boyfriend.


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I Miss My Boyfriend Quotes

When you are not around me, all I can do is miss you. So, I pray that the distance between us vanishes and I can hug you with all my might. I miss you, dearest boyfriend.


I have no idea how someone can be so kind and compassionate. I am absolutely in love with you. I miss you so much, my dear boyfriend.


I thank God every day that he sent you in my life. You are the only person I crave all the time and I cannot stop missing you every time you leave. I love you.


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Dear boyfriend, I hope that you can come back and, we can spend all day together and cherish every second. I miss you so much!


I might not always show it but please know that I love you like crazy. May God bless you with all the happiness and joy you can imagine. I miss you a lot, dear boyfriend.

These were all the I miss you boyfriend messages we’ve in store for you. We hope this toughest phase might be less tough for you now as your boyfriend will make sure to do everything in his control and ability to make you feel better after reading these messages. It might become a reason for you two to reignite the passion, reminisce over the past and remain the power couple that you’re. Words can do wonders if said with genuine emotions and written precisely; they will translate your emotions in the best way possible.