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25 Best Happy Birthday Son in Law Wishes & Messages

Birthday Wishes For Son In Law: A simple “happy birthday, son in law” wouldn’t have the kind of effect that a message adorned with any of our quotes would have. Your birthday wishes to your son in law should reflect the love and affection that you have for him. On his birthday, you would want to let him know how important and special he is to you and with the following quotes, you can be sure that he’d know how much your relationship with him means to you. So, pick any of these quotes to make sure that you’re one of the reasons behind the smile of your son in law on his big day!

Happy Birthday Son in Law


Happy Birthday Son in Law:

1. Exactly five years ago, you entered my life and gave a new meaning to it. I wish you a happy birthday, son in law! May god bless you!

Happy Birthday Son in Law


2. I’ve known a lot of people but none of them were as close to perfection as you are. Happy birthday, son in law!



3. In a span of a few years, you’ve become more important to our family than my own son! Wishing you a happy birthday, son in law!


4. I didn’t know whether you were the right guy for my daughter, but now I know that her choice couldn’t have been any better! Happy Birthday!


5. Your mother in law has prepared your favorite dish for your big day! Come over for a surprise, son in law!


6. I’m not a man of lot of words, but I felt the need to wish you a happy birthday because I truly appreciate your presence in our lives.


7. We haven’t shared a lot of conversations in all these years, but you should know how much you mean to me, son in law. May God bless you!

Birthday Wishes for Son in Law


8. You’ve proven how right I was when I picked you for my daughter. Happy Birthday, son in law. May you live longer than sun!


9. My daughter was the only reason for my happiness but you married her and became the second reason behind my smile. So, happy birthday, dear.


10. Everything has been taken care of by you so nicely, so we couldn’t help ourselves and took care of your birthday party! Happy birthday, son in law!


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Birthday Wishes for Son in Law:

1. Not that great with technology, but I learned how to email just to deliver my birthday wishes for my son in law! Happy Birthday, dear!



2. Wishing you a longer, healthier, wealthier and delightful life on your big day! May you grow into an even more beautiful person, son in law!


3. We’ve had our differences regarding few issues, but don’t let them make you think that I don’t love you. You are the best son in law someone could wish for.


4. You’re someone that my daughter now holds closest and dearest and she’s a mirror image of mine and I have the same place for you in my heart. Many happy returns of the day, son in law!


5. To show how much I love you, I did everything I could but on your birthday, I’m gonna try even harder for I want you to know how much you mean to me, son in law.


6. Our bond isn’t glorified in popular culture but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. You’re the most valuable person to me today and forever. So, happy birthday, son in law.



7. I never liked you in the beginning years of our relationship but I grew fond of you when I got to know your music taste. Happy birthday, son in law! May God bless you!


8. Every time I look at you, I remember how I used to be. One has to be on a different level of awesomeness to make that possible. Happy Birthday, son in law! You’re the most awesome person!


9. My daughter wouldn’t stop talking about you and I need you to come back as early as you can from your office so we can start your birthday celebrations.


10. You are the missing piece that completed our family and the most important one at that. Happy birthday, son in law!


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Happy Birthday to My Son in Law:

1. How can a simple birthday wish justify the grandeur of your big day, especially when you are the best person I’ve ever known? Happy Birthday, son in law!



2. A shop on the other side of our home sells the best pancakes in town and we would want you to come over and taste them on your birthday. We’re waiting, son in law! Happy Birthday to you.


3. On the night of her first delivery, you held my daughter’s hand and I realized how much you love her. I want you to know that I love you as much as I love my daughter. I wish a very happy birthday to my son in law!


4. Now that you’re a father of a daughter, you’d understand why I was so reserved in our first meeting. But things have changed and I like you a lot now. Happy Birthday, son in law.



5. The toughest times require the strongest wills and you are one of the most strong-willed men I’ve known. On your birthday, son in law, I wish you will to grow stronger! Love you.