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35 Beautiful I Am Blessed With A Niece Quotes

Are you the proud aunt or the cool uncle or THAT aunt, and trying to showcase your gratitude or love to your niece then you’ve come to the right place?

We’ve come up with these I am blessed with a niece quotes to help you. All these quotes represent the cool, fun, inspiring, loving and above all the heart-warming relation between an aunt and a niece.

Whether you wish to post some cute pictures with your niece on your social and are looking for the perfect caption or simply trying to slide in her DMs as a cool but not corny aunt/uncle then you need to dive right now without any further.


Blessed With A Baby Niece Quotes

#1. To all wonders my baby niece has brought into my life, I find myself extremely fortunate! For the time ahead of us, I’d make sure she feels the same about having me as her aunt.

Blessed With A Baby Niece Quotes


#2. A baby niece will always stay dear to you. Budding time won’t make it less unique, if anything, it’ll make you feel like a parent and less of an uncle/aunt to her.

Blessed With A Baby Niece Quotes


#3. I’m extremely blessed to have a baby niece as her giggles and loud cries have already started to affect me, and my life; a positive one.

Blessed With A Baby Niece Quotes


#4. Sometimes, dreams come true in the form of little lives with tiny hands, big eyes and a whimsical giggle. A presence that’ll make the house more lively than ever.

Blessed With A Baby Niece Quotes


#5. Being an aunt/uncle is a blessing as God allowed you also the instances to change your life! He even sent you a means to change your life for the better.

Blessed With A Baby Niece Quotes


#6. “I have a nephew and a niece that I love dearly and they both know that I’m an actor and all that, but they’ve never seen me in anything.” – David Harbour


#7. “I love being an aunt to my niece and nephews. I cherish spending time with them and creating memories.” – Vanessa Lachey


#8. “A niece is God’s way of saying, ‘I thought you could use a lifelong friend’.” – Unknown


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Blessed With A Niece Quotes From Uncle

#1. You gave me one reason to be thankful to my sister! One of the best things or maybe the only best thing she has done is giving you birth!

Blessed With A Niece Quotes From Uncle


#2. I’m one of those grateful uncles who is getting the taste of what it’s like to have children and especially how a baby girl can make you a different and a better person.


#3. I’m so blessed to have a niece who chooses to love me and make me realise how gentle, soft, and kind-hearted I can be!


#4. I’m so blessed to have a niece like you who without even realising or trying, made me the man my sister always wanted me to be!


#5. Nieces bring those drizzles into your life from time to time that you need to save yourself from burning yourself. They give you a minute to catch up breathe and catch up on life.


#6. “A niece is a hand to hold, a heart to cherish, and a bond that lasts forever.” – Unknown


#7. “Nieces and nephews are like chocolate cake. They make everything better.” – Unknown


#8. “My niece is the coolest person on the planet.” – Tom Hardy


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Blessed With A Niece Quotes From Aunt

#1. Even before having the desire to be a mother, I always had a longing to become an aunt and I clearly see now why! Thank you for changing my world upside down for the better.

Blessed With A Niece Quotes From Aunt


#2. I always wished for a niece who would be the little version of me and you being me in so many ways has made me the happiest creature and one of the most blessed aunts!


#3. I always wanted to be the cool aunt I never had, dreamt of having a niece with whom I can play dress up, spoil without doing all mommy tasks and see you’ve fulfilled my wish.


#4. I’m so blessed to have an aunt-niece relationship in my life because I’m aware of the potential it holds to make two women feel heard, safe, valued and loved!


#5. All this time, I didn’t know I needed a niece to fix my life! I wouldn’t have paid so much for my therapy sessions if I knew better.


Aunt And Niece Quotes

#1. An aunt and a niece share a bond which is underestimated by everyone. Those are two women making one another’s life better which is powerful!

Aunt And Niece Quotes


#2. Dear niece, as your aunt, the foremost I must do is spoil you. And your mother might not come to terms with it but hey it was never about her. It’s about us.


#3. It’s a proud moment for an aunt to see her niece taking the lead in her life. It’s seeing the little baby who is overcoming her fears and winning her battles.


#4. You’re supposed to be like me. Your mother is supposed to be making the rules and I’m supposed to show you how to break them. We all are doing good jobs.

Aunt And Niece Quotes


#5. Chin up, honey. You’re the niece of ____. We’ve never learned to bow down and we shall never. You’re my princess and you gotta take care of that little crown.


#6. An aunt lets her niece follow the path that a mother would be too fearful of. To follow all the secret passageways that lead to success, a niece requires a cool aunt!


#7. “Being an uncle or an aunt gives you the chance to make a difference in the life of a child. Nothing is more rewarding.” – Unknown


#8. I’m your hot, rich, single aunt and I’m so proud of myself as I gave my niece the aunt I always wished to have.

Aunt And Niece Quotes


#9. A niece is fortunate enough to have an aunt because she will fulfil her inner child’s desires through you. She would give you the world that was missing from her as a child.


#10. “Nieces and nephews are the best cure for a bad day.” – Unknown


#11. “Having a niece fills my heart with joy and my life with blessings.” – Unknown


#12. As you see your niece grow, you’d be happier because the bond between an aunt and a niece grows in such a beautiful way with time.


#13. “A niece is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” – Marion C. Garretty


#14. To have an aunt is to have a cool godmother that would say yes to everything your mother said no to! To have a niece is to spoil the baby girl without having any responsibility.


We hope you found what you were looking for. All of the above-mentioned I am blessed to have a niece quotes embody the most beautiful qualities of love, nurture and care that make the relationship of an aunt and a niece so purely magnificent and joyous. As an aunt, you shall know that God didn’t only bless your brother/sister but you too and you should take every instance to celebrate the immense love that you have for your niece and be vocal about it using these quotes.