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30 Mother Daughter Quotes to Express Unconditional Love

For a relationship as special and as unique as a mother-daughter, we’ve come up with some original and novel mother-daughter quotes.

Whether you wish to express your gratitude toward your mother or daughter or else remind one another how fortunate you two are to have each other’s back all the time, these quotes will be useful.

Not always one can put in words their feelings and while that’s fine, there are some times when one needs to let the other person know how special they’re. The role of a caretaker in the mother-daughter relationship alters with time but the amount of care and love they have for each other never changes.

Use these quotes to express that unbound love.


Mother-Daughter Relationship Quotes

#1. A well-nurtured mother-daughter relationship does wonders. It empowers the daughter to become her best self and makes the mother realise how much of a strong woman she is already.

Word For Mother-Daughter Bond


#2. For all the abundant love a mother provides, the best way a daughter can repay her mother is by being the version of her mother that she adores.



#3. A mother is the source of enormous courage to her daughter, meanwhile, the cluelessness of a daughter who keeps her mother’s life upbeat is the most innocent-mysterious-play of God.



#4. A mother makes the daughter feel sanguine about her future in the phase of adversity while a daughter unknowingly gives her mother instances to heal her past. It’s why together they survive the present.



#5. A mother’s love is the most powerful source of love and empowerment for a daughter and a daughter’s love fuels a mother with the validation and appreciation she needs to keep on being her.



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Mother-Daughter Bond Quotes

#6. A mother’s friendship and love can’t be compared to any; it lasts a lifetime for a daughter. In any phase of life, she’ll always have her mother looking after her.

Mother-Daughter Bond Quotes


#7. A mother’s love for a daughter is a shield, an aura that protects her. The loving, nurturing energy of her mother will always surround her wherever she goes; that’s the strength of a mother’s love.


#8. As long as a mother has her daughter, she can win any battle and as long as a daughter has her mother’s back, she’ll never be fighting her battles alone ever.


#9. A mother-daughter relationship is sacred. It can’t be rationalized, understood or defined. Divine’s favorite children they’re for it made them able to feel it.


#10. There’s not so much space for the moments of weakness in the relationship of a mother and a daughter as it entails countless tales of courage, love, and empowerment.


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Inspirational Mother-Daughter Quotes

#11. Together a mother and a daughter create an invincible force that no one should dare to think to have a chance of winning against. Drop your weapons.

Inspirational Mother-Daughter Quotes


#12. A mother’s love is so unconditional and deep for her daughter that the purity it holds is immensely divine and hence a mother’s blessing is her strongest armour.


#13. They stand by each other, never turn their backs on one another and both are the source of strength for one another. They’re called a mother and a daughter.


#14. While every parent-child relationship is special, there is something so deep and pure about a mother-daughter relationship that showcases the true strength and love of a friendship of women.


#15. The magic wand is of the divine that made a mother and gave her holy powers to be such an inspirational force to be reckoned with. Lucky is her daughter to become like her mother.


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The Love Between Mother And Daughter Quotes

#16. The love between a mother and a daughter is deeply rooted in reality but still is so heavenly for any of us to grasp.



#17. The love that is so powerful, resourceful, and encouraging of a mother and a daughter that it showcases the best female friendship that provides the best sense of security.


#18. A daughter that’s bold and assertive has a mother’s back who is courageous and has an enormous amount of inner strength.


#19. The knots of love between a mother and a daughter can’t be untangled. It’s the beautiful maze that they’re in with a few bitter ties but gallons of love.


#20. At a first glance, the relationship between a mother and a daughter might seem usual but it won’t take much time to realise that together they stand against the world every day.


Word For Mother-Daughter Bond

#21. A mother’s strength makes the daughter fearless and brief knowledge of her mother’s past makes her wiser. It’s her mother who helps her become the best version of herself.

Word For Mother-Daughter Bond


#22. With a daughter, a mother knows how to be a strong, independent woman. With a mother like that, a daughter knows what fight it will take to be like her.


#23. A daughter will learn from her mother’s past and a daughter’s present is what a mother will try to prevent at any cost. This is how they build a foundation for a solid future.


#24. In the centre of the frame of the art is the relationship between a mother and a daughter that grows branches of love and nourishment even in the seasons of draughts.


#25. Aligned is the daughter with a bright future whose mother is the pillar of strength she can rely on. A mother who keeps the floodgates of love and care open for her daughter always.


Funny Mother-Daughter Quotes

#26. Regardless of all the times, when you try to punch me in the face and yell at me for having pissed you off, you seem to be the most beautiful mother.

Funny Mother-Daughter Quotes


#27. Mother, sometimes, you forget that I’m your daughter, I’m supposed to be getting on everyone’s nerves as you do. Hence, when you blame me, you better blame yourself too.


#28. Except for all those times when you get on my nerves, sweetie, I see how much my daughter is a blessing to me. And that happens only when she is not acting like me.


#29. I can’t blame my daughter for bringing that much drama into my life because I know where she got it from!


#30. My mother is my best friend except for those times when she tells my secrets to her husband and breaks the mother-daughter code, and also when she acts like I’m not as crazy as her.


These were all the mother-daughter quotes we had written for the times when a mother or a daughter is having an epiphany about how strong their relationship is and can’t hold in the love for one another.

Sometimes, stating how you’re feeling is so freeing but it’s not always that everyone has the vocab or thoughts or even time to do it. And in those times, we can be your saviour. We hope that your mother or daughter finds themselves in all the feels and that you both share a wonderful, precious moment.