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40 Love At First Sight Messages to Express Your Feelings

According to a study, 4 in 10 adults experience love at first sight. If you’re those lucky or chosen ones then here is the love at-first-sight messages and quotes that you might be in need of.

Whether you wish to express your love or want to post on social media letting others know about how you fell in love at the first sight, in either case, you’ll find something that you would feel resonated with.

First-sight love can leave you in the fields of romance and an exuberant joy and you would be floating in the bubble of ecstasy. We won’t break your bubble and quotes that will levitate you in the fields of love.


First Sight Love Quotes

#1. It’s a surreal blend of magic and mystery. You believe in it when it happens to you. They call it first-sight love.

First Sight Love Quotes


#2. There are no laws and no rules for cupid. He can strike the arrows whenever he wishes to. But he indeed is doing his best job when two people fall in love at first sight.

First Sight Love Quotes


#3. First-sight love is a myth for the people who haven’t experienced it and a magical, divine intervention for those who have felt it. But one shall not deny the idea of its existence.

First Sight Love Quotes


#4. Her heart skipped a beat and his eyes forgot to blink. It was the moment when their worlds turned upside down and they fell in love at first sight.

First Sight Love Quotes


#5. First-sight love is two souls recognising each other from a different timeline. It’s the coming together of two beings who have a soul contract to finish. It’s falling in love all over again.

First Sight Love Quotes


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Love At First Sight Short Quotes

#1. Love, at first sight, is the reconciliation of two souls who are inseparable.

Love At First Sight Short Quotes


#2. Love, at first sight, is not unreal but ethereal to some extent.


#3. They fell in love at first sight and there, they became travellers for an endless journey again.


#4. Eyes sparkled. Heartbeats fasten. Ears rang with a whimsical note and love, at first sight, took place.


#5. Love, at first sight, is two humans experiencing something other-worldly.


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Unexpected Love At First Sight Quotes

#1. It was the divine playing orchestra and they were two main characters meant to fall in love with one another. They didn’t see it coming but fate took its well-planned course.

Unexpected Love At First Sight Quotes


#2. I met you and I knew the next moment that I met my life partner! Life took an unexpected turn but instances are often more magical when they’re least or not at all expected.


#3. One thing about love, at first sight, is that you’re never ready for it, that you never see it coming; It happens unexpectedly and makes you believe in fate, love, and romance.


#4. In the moment of total amazement which was very unexpected, he took a deep breath, eyes settled on her only and realised that he had met his forever person.


#5. It wasn’t the mere appearance that made them fall in love at first sight. It was a deep stare into one another’s souls and a feeling of familiarity they had never felt before.


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Say ‘I Love You’ With These Love At First Sight Messages

#1. It was reconnecting with your soul to rekindle the love we had in the past lifetime. I’ve loved you for a long time and I will keep on without fail.

Say 'I Love You' With These Love At First Sight Messages


#2. I love you trillions. I knew it was love at first sight because you felt familiar. It was a sensational feeling of I’ve seen you before, known you before without having any proof for it.


#3. When I saw you, time didn’t run, I didn’t chase it either. I was stunned by your beauty and the warmth and comfort you brought to me. I love you.


#4. First-sight love is about the overwhelming feelings that stem from the places you’re unaware of. You only know that this person will change your life. And you did mine for the better. Love you.


#5. The moment I met you, I knew I’d need to spend the rest of my life with you to recreate moments we’ve already shared at some time and create new ones this time. Love you.


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Love At First Sight Message For Him

#1. I fell into the realm of love the day I met you and started to blossom into my best version. Love, at first sight, is the beginning of an adventurous ride you didn’t plan for.

Love At First Sight Message For Him


#2. I saw you and it was your eyes that told me a story my mind couldn’t comprehend but my soul could. The eyes held me tight and I fell in love with the story.


#3. Look at me the way you did when we first met. Hold me with your one hand. Let the other run through my hair. Do everything you didn’t when we met first but wished to.


#4. Whether it’s daylight or twilight, dawn or dark, if I have you by my side, it rests assured that I’ll be good. Who knew first-sight love could lead you to blissful places?


#5. You were standing in a corner alone, I looked at you and I saw a man holding a heart only for me. I was determined to be your trouble for the rest of your life.


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First-Sight Love Quotes For Her

#1. I looked at you and I knew I was in the midst of the ocean where I found my treasure. I knew luck was on my side that day.

First-Sight Love Quotes For Her


#2. I fell for the maze of the eyes, the rose-coloured lips and the beauty of your soul which was reflecting loud and clear in your aura; all of which made me believe in first-sight love.


#3. First-sight love does happen in a fraction of a minute but it takes the willingness to commit and make a relationship work, which a woman like you never fails to do.


#4. Destiny played its role and we met and fell in love at first sight. It was the moment when I knew the period of the lifetime to protect you as a precious gemstone began.


#5. I knew it was a first-sight love when my eyes weren’t ready to let go of what they caught subtly but tightly.


Quotes To Express Love At First Sight

#1. You know it’s love at first sight when you look at them and they’re now your central focus and the rest of the world slowly fades away.

Quotes To Express Love At First Sight


#2. I was feeling a bit blue before I saw you. Now as I’ve seen your pretty face, I’m in the field of roses pink and red.


#3. I never knew a moment could bring the refreshment it did when I saw you. It felt like a breath of fresh air with a hint of love in the air.


#4. Align yourself with the love and you’ll find it, they say. Now, as I’ve met you, I believe my job is done.


#5. More than anything, all I wish to do is to take you away from this crowd and tell you how amazing you’re even when I’ve just met you and barely know you.


Fall in Love All Over Again with These Love at First Sight Poems

#1. The air sang the melody of love
The wind of destiny touched both of us
And before we knew
Cupid struck the arrow of love.

Fall in Love All Over Again with These Love at First Sight Poems


#2. Love at first sight is felt by only a few ones
The love that keeps the two souls in the loop of infinity happens
on a Blue Moon
They call it luck, destiny, fate,
But it’s the yarning of the souls that make God give them the boon.


#3. Aligned their souls were
When their eyes met.
Their hearts were
Singing the same songs
When their eyes met.
They fell in love when the
Souls recognised that they’ve met before.


#4. So above and below
He was ready to bow
So high on heels
She was ready to fall
The pair was made in heaven
They met when they answered the call of hearts.


#5. Dreamy it was
Heavenly it felt
When they met
The pianos sang
The ears rang
They knew it was
the love they felt.
One sight it took
For them
And a part of their
Souls left.


Hopefully, you found that one message from all the above-mentioned love-at-first-sight quotes and messages that you immediately saved. “How I met your mother/father” story would be so simple but so romantic if you have fallen in love at the first sight. Spark more romance by adding your thoughts or more details about your first-sight love encounter to make it more personal for your special one. And they’ll cherish you and your love forever because now they have one more reason to admire you.