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27 Touchy ‘Thinking of You’ Messages to Brighten Someone’s Day

If, lately, someone’s thoughts have been keeping you occupied then use these thinking of you messages to let them know how much they’ve caught your attention.

It might be nerve-breaking to let someone know that you’ve been thinking about them so much because the fear of them not understanding your pov might creep up.

The fear of situations not reciprocating might also hold you back from sharing your feelings. But you coming to this page is a sign that you shouldn’t at all hold back for a moment even to let them know that you’ve been thinking about them.

So without waiting any further, look for the messages that resonate with you and shoot them.


Thinking Of You Texts

#1. Sliding into your DMs to let you know that I’m thinking of you and wish to catch up soon to revive memories of the good old days.



#2. Dang! Time really flies by. It was just a year ago we were taking over our hometown at midnight and now we’re miles apart. It’s a reminder that I’m thinking of you and missing you.



#3. I’m not good with words nor at keeping daily checkups on the people I care about. But this is me telling you that I was thinking of you and hope you’re doing well.



#4. Life sometimes gets in the way but this is me taking time out to remind you that you mean a lot to me. And that I was thinking of you and our old days.



#5. I miss the times when we would hang out without any worry and never feel that time was running up. I was thinking of you and getting an instance to get lost in oblivion.



#6. The bubbles of thought I would never break if they bring the memories of us doing wild things. I was thinking of you hon, and I can’t wait to see you soon.


#7. Every time the thought of you comes up and my lips wear a smile. Every time I miss you, my heart melts into awe of our past. Thinking of you has become a sacred ritual.


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You’re On My Mind Messages

#1. Can you take a break from wandering here? My mind is now surely running out of space. You’ve been on my mind in a loop.

You're On My Mind Messages


#2. You shall know that you’re on my mind since this morning and it’s been difficult to engage in any other activities as you’ve occupied my mind quite fiercely.


#3. I thought to tell you that I’ve been caught in the spiral of your thoughts and I don’t mind being in it. This message is to let you know that you’re on my mind.


#4. I’ve been revisiting our past because you simply are not with me here to make my present better. You’ve been on my mind for so long that now I can’t wait to meet you.


#5. You can’t sneak out of my mind. I won’t let you. Your memories and my fantasies of you keep my mind occupied and I feel I’m closer to you.


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Can’t Stop Thinking Of Your Messages

#1. Whether you’ve put me under a spell or else there is something in the air that wouldn’t let me stop thinking of you.

Can't Stop Thinking Of You Messages


#2. Out of my sight, out of my mind. A saying that isn’t true when it comes to you. Once you get out of my sight, I can’t stop thinking about you.


#3. You post a picture of you on social media and then I stop functioning as a normal human being because then I keep thinking about you.


#4. I might not be able to put this in the best way but you’re so magnetic, and your energy is so contagious, that after a conversation with you, I can’t stop thinking about you.


#5. You’re the favourite person for my mind to think about. And I don’t blame it. How can it stop thinking about you? I mean, look at you!


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Thinking Of You Quotes

#1. If you could look into my thoughts, you would know what a surreal picture it has created of you, that how highly I think of you.

Thinking Of You Quotes


#2. Thinking of you makes me realise how much I value you because rarely do I think of other human beings; my mind is cluttered with thoughts of food mostly and I’m not even kidding.


#3. You’re the most genuine human being with such a vibrant aura I’ve ever met. I can’t get you out of my mind. Since we said goodbye, I’ve been thinking of you. I can’t blame myself.


#4. When I can’t stop thinking of you, all I wish to do is pour my heart into you and shower you with a ton of love and show you how much I value you.


#5. Only if you could have a slight idea about how often I get stuck in the spiral of thinking of you, you would know how much I love you.


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I’m Thinking Of You Messages

#1. Coming into your DMs real quick to let you know that I’m thinking of you and you should let this alone be your sign to come and meet me.

I'm Thinking Of You Messages


#2. I’m thinking of you in a manner as I had my star-struck moment when I met you. You’re so heavenly that you’ve left me with a ton of thoughts and feelings.


#3. Let me remind you that you’re so much valued and loved. You deserve the world simply for the way you’re. And there’s me who cares about you and has been thinking of you highly.


#4. We’re miles apart and while the bond we share can take over the distance we’re at, you shall never feel lonely because I’m always thinking of you and I’m still a call away.


#5. Seasons change. Moon goes through different phases. Waves of life change but no matter what you can always find me thinking of you.


So, these were all the thinking of you messages we had in store for you and now you don’t have to scratch your head to put so much pressure on yourself to let them know how often you think about them or how highly you think about them! You can still get lost in the oblivion of their thoughts but now you shall let them know first and maybe then if luck is on your side, you two can get lost together!