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27 Best You Make Me Happy Quotes to Share with Your Loved Ones

If you have people in your corner who care about you and love you then these you make me happy quotes will serve you well to let them know how much you appreciate them for being on your side.

It’s rare to find people nowadays who can stand by you, who can help you do well in your life and who are your well-wishers.

These people bring happiness into your life in ways not everyone can and hence it’s important for you to be grateful for them. And it’s more important that you don’t forget to showcase your gratitude toward them.

Hence, to help you do so we’ve come up with these thoughtful and loving quotes.


Cute You Make Me Happy Quotes

#1. You don’t have to do much to make me feel better about life. Simply your presence does that job because merely you being you makes me happy.

Cute You Make Me Happy Quotes


#2. I’m glad I’ve found one who feels like home. Someone who knows me and loves me for who I’m! I’m truly grateful to have you by my side; you make me happy.

Cute You Make Me Happy Quotes


#3. Life goes on but with people like you it moves charmingly and everything seems surreal. I’m lucky to have you because you make me feel at peace; you make me happy.

Cute You Make Me Happy Quotes


#4. Healing is a personal journey but your support from you makes it a bearable one. I can’t thank you enough for having stood by me in the sunshine and rain.

Cute You Make Me Happy Quotes


#5. For all that you do, I wonder if there is anything I can do to reward your patience! Though for all the times you make me happy, I have tons of hugs to offer.

Cute You Make Me Happy Quotes


#6. For all the happiness you bring into my life, I promise to be there for you always. For every step you take with me, I promise to keep you close.


#7. Like the feather, your energy is light-hearted. Being around you lifts my spirits, makes my inner child happy and makes me realise that life is worth living.


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Good Morning You Make Me Happy Quotes

#1. Good morning, honey. Like this dawn, you brought the rays of hope when I was going through the dark night of the soul. You not only make me happy but give meaning to my life.

Good Morning You Make Me Happy Quotes


#2. Good morning. Like the coffee, you’re essential to my mornings. Without you both, I have zero motivation to start my day. But extra points to you because you make me happy.


#3. Kudos to you for making me wake up to start my day. Good morning. Woke up this morning with the hope to see you soon because only you make me happy. Good morning.


#4. In this world of misery, you make me happy. In the chaos, you’re my muse. Whether it’s the sun shining or the clouds crying, I need you by my side. Gold morning.


#5. Good morning, honey. Without you, I don’t wake up to the best mornings. When I see you beside me, I know I’m the luckiest man/woman. You make me happy like no one else can.


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You Make Me Happy Quotes For Him

#1. The way you take care of me and treat me with so much patience, love, and affection, I feel on top of the world. You make me so happy, love you.

You Make Me Happy Quotes For Him


#2. Nothing can measure the depth of my love for you. No scales can tell how much I value you. I love you so much not only because you make me happy but feel loved too.


#3. To the person who makes my mornings and nights, I can never have enough of you. If I could crawl into your bones to touch your soul, I would because you make me the happiest.


#4. I’m already a happy creature but you add to my happiness so much. I’m already a high-value human being but you add so much worth to it by treating me right, I love you.


#5. I might be God’s favourite because the almighty chose you to be my life partner. He chose the best for me and knows how to make me feel safe, secure and happy.


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You Make Me Happy Quotes For Best Friend

#1. Without a best friend like you, my life would have been so dull. You can’t buy happiness but best friends like you somehow know the place where it can be bought.

You Make Me Happy Quotes For Best Friend


#2. Thank you for making me so happy on the days when all I’m looking for is a laugh that can hurt my stomach so bad that I can forget about having a heartache that day.


#3. You make me feel less worried on the days I’ll be crying my heart over a stupid thing. You make me very happy with the amount of stress I give you. Sorry and thank you!


#4. You’re such a pleasure to be best friends with. Except for those times when you get on my nerves, you make life not only bearable but worth living. I’m so grateful to have you.


#5. The world doesn’t spiral around me but it does when I’m with you because then I’m lost in my little land where I feel better about myself and life. After all, you make me happy.


Only You Make Me Happy Messages

#1. The world is a better place with a human being like you in it but my life is a heaven on earth with you. You’re my angel and only you make me happy.

Only You Make Me Happy Messages


#2. With you, I can leave my facade somewhere far away on the shelf and be myself. Thank you for allowing me to be my authentic self, only you can make me this happy.


#3. If you let me, I’ll take you to the galaxy I know. I’ll show you what love to the moon and back means. Because only you make me happy, I’ll let you rule my world.


#4. You’re my other half but the way you complete me leaves me speechless. With you, I can ride the waves of life because no matter what only you make me happy.


#5. The dreams of you keep me awake. The fantasies of you keep me wide awake. My mind gets the highest dose of Serotonin from you. Thank you for being my major source of happiness.


These were all you make me happy quotes that we thought you would be glad to have saved on your phone. The feeling of gratitude is magnifying and it must be passed on, especially to the people who make you happy because you’ve been blessed to have them on your side.

People who make the world a better place are genuine, loving people, who are the sources of joy for everyone around them. In other words, they’re gems and they deserve to be appreciated.