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50 Exclusive 60th Birthday Wishes And Messages

So, someone who is dear to you has turned 60, and now you’re in this state of confusion that how am I supposed to wish decently then these happy 60th birthday wishes will be your savior.

Now, if a decent manner has a definition of being loving and respectful yet still not losing the touch of fun, then this is a perfect set of wishes you should have a look at! Because let’s be real, 60 is a sensitive age, you don’t want to offend the person but you can’t keep it boring either! Wishing someone a happy birthday is a task, and below mentioned wishes will make that task easy for you!


Happy 60th Birthday:

#1. Even when you are turning 60 today, you still have this vibrant energy of the sweet sixteen, happy 60th birthday!

happy 60th birthday


#2. You still hold the magic and right actually to do anything you desire, if the whole world and your body are making you believe otherwise, don’t listen to them, happy 60 th birthday!



#3. Look at you all glowing up with the spirit of joy, redefining aging. Keep on being a glow-getter, happy 60th birthday.

happy 60th birthday


#4. You haven’t let the inner child in you die, nor have you stopped being young at heart, that’s exactly how I want to be in my 60s! Thanks for being an inspiration and happy 60th birthday!

happy 60th birthday


#5. It’s easy to micro-focus on the wrinkles on your face and not on the grey cells that you have developed. I am here to remind you to do the tough part, happy 60 th birthday!

happy 60th birthday


#6. It’s been six decades since you’ve been experiencing earthly affairs, and so don’t hold back when it comes to celebrating your consistency, happy 60th birthday.


#7. Two things blow my mind. One that how quickly time passes by and second that how your intellect has still not got any better! But anyways, happy 60th birthday.


#8. I know listening to music makes you want to jump around but at this age, listening to your body would be nice, happy 60th birthday!

happy 60th birthday


#9. You’re indeed here for the long run, but don’t consider running in real life, you’re indeed older for that! Consider walking on this path, that’s okay, happy 60th birthday.


#10. I know you can now benefit from all the senior funds but that doesn’t mean to participate in the activities that can put you out of breath or break your bones. Happy 60th birthday!


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Happy 60th Birthday Images:

#11. Time passes by anyways, you do the things you wish to, listen to no one but yes, do listen to your body! Happy 60th birthday!



#12. Because you have been listening to yourself since you were a teenager, it must be easy now to live with fewer regrets in life. Happy 60th birthday!


#13. All these years you’ve been bold enough to not fit in, so now I encourage you to be brave enough to live the same way! Happy 60th birthday.


#14. Age is restricted by a number but life is not. Don’t let the age number put your spirit in a cage, you are still as free as a bird in the sky, happy 60th birthday.

happy 60th birthday images


#15. You have been the luckiest person, do you know why? Life has kept giving you one year after another to play a new shot! Be grateful and have a happy 60th birthday!


#16. Put on your best outfit and your favorite baseball cap, it is time to celebrate all the six decades you have passed! Happy 60th birthday.


#17. Congratulations on reaching the ultimate level of freedom. Now you can genuinely stop caring what people say because they don’t care either! Happy 60th birthday.

happy 60th birthday images


#18.  You actually have busy years ahead of you now because you have passed many years that you’d like to process! Happy 60th birthday.


#19. By giving you all these funds and free services, the Government is even celebrating the completion of 59 years of your life, why aren’t you? Happy 60th birthday.


#20. Take advantage of your hearing loss and actually don’t listen to the people who want you to make your age number an excuse for not doing things you want to, happy 60th birthday.


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Happy 60th Birthday Wishes:

#21. Because you are 60, people expect you to act like a wise woman, but I know you don’t like to play according to rules, so you do you, and happy 60th birthday.

happy 60th birthday wishes


#22. I know you have gained wisdom and knowledge but what is the point really? Because I also know that you never choose to use it! Happy 60th birthday, by the way.


#23. You still have many decades to pass, recharge your batteries, refill your soul, get the blood pumping; happy 60th birthday.


#24. A change in perspective can happen at any time and that has the potential to change your life upside down, so I wish you to have that moment of perspective change, happy 60th birthday.


#25. After the completion of 59 years, you still can’t be a well-dressed and well-behaved human being but I pray that may coming years bring the desired change! Happy 60th birthday.


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60th Birthday wishes And Quotes:

#26. With or without teeth, I want you to laugh till your cheeks and stomach both hurt and have the best day of your life, happy 60th birthday!

60th birthday wishes And Quotes


#27. You can eat whatever you want to and drink how much you wish to. But because you’re at a vulnerable age, I take no responsibility, happy 60th birthday.


#28. I wish I could lie and tell you that let the inner kid in you play because I know your bones have given up and I respect their choice, but happy 60th birthday.


#29. You’re closing the chapter of your life that made you spend money to fulfill your desires and now you’re entering into a world where you’ll be provided funds to do the same, happy 60th birthday!

60th birthday wishes And Quotes


#30. Your dreams are young, but your body isn’t to achieve them. Remove the people from your life who say this to you and achieve your goals anyway. Happy 60th birthday.


#31. Hope is a wonderful thing to have at any age, so be hopeful for the exciting things that are yet to take place in your life, happy 60th birthday.


#32. No matter what number you cross, life likes to be treated well with fun and joy, so, live to the fullest and you’ll feel young each day, have a happy 60th birthday.

60th birthday wishes And Quotes


#33. Years pass by and yet the creator never fails to bring in new opportunities to live our best lives, so it’s never too late to grab on these chances and thrive! Happy 60th birthday.


#34. Seasons change, weather changes, but you, my friend never! There is no difference I see in the younger you and older you, both are young and free! Happy 60th birthday.


#35. Drum roll, please! My friend has successfully passed 59 years of his life and is still counting! I wish you sound health and a healthy mindset! Happy 60th birthday.


Funny Happy 60th Birthday Wishes:

#36. Happy 60th birthday. If you want to feel young, forget 40 years of your life, you haven’t done anything of significance in those years anyway! Now you feel like in your twenties?

funny happy 60th birthday Wishes


#37. We know it must not only be hard to blow these many candles but almost painful so we didn’t buy any candles, don’t worry! Happy 60th birthday.


#38. Don’t let your morale down, you still can hop on the dance floor. But do stop after a few minutes, because you don’t want to be in hospital on your birthday, happy 60th birthday!


#39. This is the best age period because it gives you enough time to reflect on your mistakes, and which, I know, are plenty in your case! So, happy reflecting time and 60th birthday.


#40. You can sing and dance like no one is watching because you are in your 60s, people would actually be not paying attention! Cheers to the best time of life and happy 60th birthday.


Happy 60th Birthday Sister:

#41. I love how you redefine the definition of beauty by choosing comfort and dressing accordingly! I still adore you and will keep on looking up to you, happy 60th birthday, sister.

happy 60th birthday sister


#42. Today you are turning 60 and yet you have neither lost perfectionism nor elegance! And the combination of these two still makes you look so attractive! Happy 60th birthday, sister.


#43. By simply being you, my sister, you define grace, and by being that graceful person, you simply define beauty! You are that amazeballs that we young girls put on a pedestal. Happy 60th birthday, sister.


#44. Sister, the energy you are vibrating on is so high that the glow you are radiating at the age of 60 is unbelievable, keep on glowing, happy 60th birthday.


#45. Do not worry about wrinkles. These wrinkles are the cracks from which your inner beauty is shining bright! Let them be there, appreciate them actually! Happy 60th birthday, sister.


Happy 60th Birthday Mom:

#46. You are turning 60 today but the innocence on your face is the same as that of a child, that is how much of a pure soul you are! Happy 60th birthday mom.

happy 60th birthday mom


#47. The love and care that you treat us, others, and animals with are incredible, and yet you never run out of that love and get tired of caring, to a wonderful woman, happy 60th birthday.


#48. At the age of 60, your beauty is unmatched because it is the beauty of your soul that has found a way to shine through making everyone wonder! To a beautiful mom, happy 60th birthday.


#49. Mom, thank you for being an incredible person to us and to the world, you lighten up our home but brighten up the world too! Happy 60th birthday!


#50. I swear whenever I look at you, I find you so pretty! Your wrinkles never got my attention, nor your age! They both be lying because you seem so younger to me, happy 60th birthday.


These were all the types of happy 60th birthday wishes that you can use and save yourself some time and earn a bit of praise on being the one who chooses to wish creatively. This has two added advantages, first, the person you are wishing feels quite special, second that you successfully beat all the other notifications and gain the attention of your favorite person.

Sixty is a very delicate age, you better should not stretch humor too far, so above mentioned wishes have the perfect sense of balance when it comes to making someone’s day and having slight fun.