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40 Best Happy 80th Birthday Wishes For 80 Years Old

Happy 80th Birthday Wishes: Birthday transports a person to the good old memories shared years back. Achieving new milestones every year on this day and making it to 8 decades is not the rare feat it used to be. Warmly wish those a happy 80th birthday who still believes that eighty is only a number and are still working, learning new skills, enjoying active social lives.

“Happy 80th Birthday,” this word helps a person to have a belief in oneself. They think they are worthy enough for this world which motivates them to walk longer. Age is only a mathematical number. It cannot define how someone wants to live their life without caring about society’s dos and don’ts.

But still, an 80th birthday is a pretty big deal. It’s high time to go back at least some decades and cherish the good old memories, and it’s also high time to understand the value of every relationship, share the experiences with the younger ones and guide them. It adds one bag full of memories. Not just that, but it also strengthens the bond with the other persons attached to him and with himself.


Happy 80th Birthday Quotes:

1. Happy 80th Birthday dear Mother, Stay Happy and live Longer.! You are my inspiration, my lifeline, and my motivation. Today I am here, only for your utmost sacrifices and care!

Happy 80th Birthday quotes


2. Happy 80th Birthday dear Father! You have proved that age is just a number. Your work hard is my motivation, you are indeed an inspiration. Without your constant support and blessings, I would not have achieved anything.

Happy 80th Birthday quotes


3. From Silver Jubilee to Golden Jubilee, enjoy your life happily and healthily. Happy 80th birthday to my dear brother. Stay happy, live younger and longer.

Happy 80th Birthday quotes


4. Happy 80th Birthday dear friend! My constant support, since childhood, my playmate for every weekend. Remember that we will be together, until death do us apart, forever.

Happy 80th Birthday quotes


5. Happy 80th Birthday dear sister, I am 85 now, but we will always be young do not fear. We still laugh and cry at the same reasons. Hopefully, we will spend fifty more colorful seasons!

Happy 80th Birthday quotes


6. Happy Birthday dear friend! You are becoming younger with every season’s end. Now, you can blow up eighty candles on the cake with just one blow. At this age just go with the flow.


7. Happy birthday dear, father! Today you are celebrating your 80th birthday with loads of love and care. Your memories and experiences, inspire me to win the toughest battles in life, maybe that’s why I can’t bear your absence.


8. Happy 80th birthday dear, mother! Eight decades passed with your utmost love and care. With your blessings, I have become a complete man from a young boy. May God bless you with, longer life and immense joy.


Happy 80th Birthday quotes


9. Happy 80th birthday dear, brother! Maybe you are taller, but I am older. We have never changed and together we will celebrate our golden jubilee. Stay blessed and live happily.


10. From childhood essays on best friends to real-life besties, from school to college we have made the most fascinating memories. Wish you a very happy 80th birthday, you are my sunray!


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80th Birthday Wishes:

11. Birthday is something really special to one’s life. In that case, numbers are just a little strife. Happy 80th birthday to the person whom I respect a lot. My love and respect, this is all which you got.



80th Birthday Wishes


12. Birthdays are always special. No matter what, this day is just monumental. Happy 80th birthday with lots of love and care, that is what I would like to say, dear.


13. Happy 80th birthday to the loveliest person whom I have ever met. Love and care are the only things that you would get. Respect is a part of life. You are a year up, I’m sure that won’t make you strife.


14. Happy 80th birthday, dear. Hope you stay fit in the near future.  Enrich your life and invest on fitness. Hope on your birthday you receive loads of surprises.

80th Birthday Wishes


15. No matter how old you are. Age would prove to be just a number. Happy 80th birthday to the best person, who is the best in all seasons. May god bless you, and I love you without any reason.


16. Wish you a happy 80th birthday, wish you all the happiness. Enjoy your day with cake and surprises. May lord bless you with all the stuff which you like. Stay fit and fine that’s what my mind strikes.


17. Happy 80th birthday to the wonderful person we ever come across. You kept us amazed with the wonders, thus, you are always in our thoughts. We have learned so many things from you. Lots of love and special gratitude, like you I find only a few.

80th Birthday Wishes


18. Happy 80th birthday to an amazing person, who is my precious wealth. May lord bless you with good health. Happiness shall shower onto you. Your smile remains the same forever too.


19. Happiness is the only thing that keeps one’s mind alive. You are the one who gives us positive vibes. Happy 80th birthday to a person full of love. Take care of yourself, that’s what we would shove.


20. Happy 80th birthday, pal. You are so inspiring and motivational. May God bless you with good health. Enjoy your birthday and eat something which is your favorite with full strength.


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80th Birthday Quotes:

21. Your affectionate smile looks like the afternoon sun, glorious, soft, and cozy. Stay like the golden sunshine, and do not forget to make it a bit breezy. Happy 80th birthday to the wisest person I know who should live without any sorrow.

80th birthday Quotes


22. Happy 80th birthday to the strict teacher who scolded me for not being sincere ever. Those scolding and suggestions have made me what I am today, wish you a very happy birthday.


23. Office time seems like boring hours without you. Thank you for guiding me, correcting my faults, and teaching me how to be a good leader too. Happy 80th birthday to the ‘strict’ boss, who is the best person I have come across.


24. Happy 80th birthday to my dear old man. My admiration for you has always made me want to be like you, I am your big fan. Thank you for making me realize I have all the best personalities, while embodying your good qualities.


25. Our friendship was much different, you know you are a god sent. You lent me some of your wise minds while I offered you my energy and learned to be kind. You taught me to never be sad, happy 80th birthday to the world’s coolest granddad.


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Happy 80th Birthday With Images:

26. Growing up, I dreamt of being the princess of the fairy tales you used to tell me. Happy 80th birthday to the caring and affectionate fairy godmother, my busy bee.


Happy 80th birthday with images


27. I have always tried to hide behind you when mum tried to scold me. But when I tried to hide inside my room to avoid the world, you have always set me free. Happy 80th birthday grandpa for believing in me.


28. The world has always recognized you as an amazing scientist and hardworking teacher, but some of us only get to experience your witty thoughts and heart-melting words and care. Happy 80th birthday, Professor.


29. Wish you a happy 80th birthday coach! Every time I stumbled on the track, you never went and pulled me up. You taught me to stand on my own after every fall, which help me to will all these trophies and cups.


30. Your hand-made cookies and woolen comforter carry so much love that they never fail to warm my heart and make me happy. Stay healthy and enjoy a happy 80th birthday, granny.


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Happy 80th Birthday Mom:

31. I thank God every day to have a mother like you, to me it’s a blessing. You have taught me to be a successful person with her sincere and humble upbringing. Happy 80th birthday mom darling.

Happy 80th birthday mom Quotes


32. Your loving words have always been the power to me and your arms are my peaceful abode, you see. Happy 80th birthday mom, my sweetie. Smile always brighten up the face of my lovely lady.


33. You taught me my first word, my first song, my first dish. You were always there to fulfill all my wish. Happy 80th birthday mom dear, I will never forget you are my first-ever teacher.


34. You are turning 80 today, but a person can barely decipher that from your energetic presence and innocent smile bae. Stay healthy and fit. Happy birthday, mom, you are just killing it.


35. Happy 80th birthday mom. Your golden hair, wrinkled face make you look similar to grandma. I wonder if my face will carry the same serenity and brightness of wisdom when I grow old, ma!


Happy 80th Birthday Dad:

36. Even though your dad jokes sometimes make no sense, it always reminds me of your funny presence. Happy 80th birthday dad, the happiness preacher of my life, who never let me be sad.

Happy 80th birthday dad Quotes


37. Thank you for always being my biggest supporter; whether it’s sports or life, you were there to cheer me up, father. Happy 80th birthday dear.


38. Dad, whenever I have wanted to try out something new, I have always found you. Happy 80th birthday to the person you have always trusted and supported me to win through all my thick and thin.


39. The world may recognize you as a successful lawyer, but it probably doesn’t know you as a master chess player, a fussy gamer, and the world’s most caring father. Happy 80th birthday, dad!


40. Your enthusiastic and energetic mind has always proved that age is just a number. Probably you will blow all eighty candles today without fear. Happy birthday to the ‘young man’ turning 80 this year.


Sometimes gestures are not enough. A thoughtful message wrapped in closeness and affection works at those times. When we run out of words to express ourselves, a simple wish or quote can convey our feelings and goodness. Hence, these happy 80th birthdays help you share a moment of remembrance with some unique and lovely quotes to make your beloved’s 80th Birthday feel memorable. Therefore, we specially curated these happy 80th Birthday quotes. It will, undoubtedly, bring happiness and a smile.