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35+ Best 75th birthday Wishes And Messages

If someone dear to you is turning 75, these happy 75th birthday wishes are the perfect ones to wish them with. Why? These wishes will carry your emotions to the other person and as they are unique in their own terms, the person who will receive them will be pleased and surprised.

Whether you want to uplift the mood of the person, bless them, be funny or simply wish them elegantly, the below-mentioned birthday wishes are the ones for you to choose one from.  Birthdays bring excitement but if someone is having a 75th birthday, their excitement levels could be down due to the worry of aging. So, cheer them up by wishing these uplifting birthday wishes.


Happy 75th Birthday:

1. Do not let the age of 75 lower the morale of 18 years old in you, I wish you the happiest 75th birthday.

happy 75th birthday


2. You are entering the fourth quarter of your life, walk in the club of 75 with a confident heart and a cheerful smile. Happy 75hth birthday.

happy 75th birthday


3. Forget about the grey hair, focus on the grey cells that will help you get the best of the next phase of your life; happy 75th birthday.

happy 75th birthday


4. Leave the sorrow and worries in your past, for every day, there is a new dawn to refresh life; your 75th birthday is a golden instance to do it. Happy 75th birthday.

happy 75th birthday


5. Ought to age like a fine wine and not to whine like a baby about getting older; I wish you the happiest 75th birthday.

happy 75th birthday


6. Don’t hesitate before you make any wish, don’t let just one number hold you from dreaming big and wishing like a child. Happy 75th birthday.


7. May this year bring you closer to the fulfillment of your desires to live the life that can help you get the best of the fourth quarter of your life. Happy 75th birthday.


8. Don’t you worry, this number is somehow suiting you well, and you look more than fine today; happy 75th birthday.

happy 75th birthday


9. You might be wearing the skin of a 75-year-old, but I know, you have a heart of a 20-year old, keep that alive, happy 75th birthday.


10. Put on your best outfit, get ready to loosen up a bit, and celebrate life as you are lucky to be 75, happy 75th birthday.


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75th Birthday Wishes:

1. I hope that the pathway from here for you becomes a smooth trail on which you can walk with a lot of ease, happy 75th birthday!

75th birthday wishes


2. Blessings never stop happening to one whether you get older or naive, I want you to open your arms and heart to let your blessings roll in; happiest 75th birthday.


3. An eagle can miss his prey for once but you never miss out on getting the best of every stage of life, and I know, this time, you will do the same; happy 75th birthday.


4. I hope you find the key to the chamber of happiness that you have not opened till now to be the happiest. I wish you the happiest 75th birthday.


5. You make every year of your life count and so don’t let this one be an exception; go and get the best of it. Happy 75th birthday.


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75th Birthday Quotes:

1. I wish, the zest for life and living it to the fullest never die in you, regardless of the increasing age number; happy 75th birthday.

75th birthday quotes


2. I hope, this year, pockets of joy pop up from the places you never expected to keep your excitement for life alive; happy 75th birthday.


3. May life from here be so peaceful that you get placid sleep every night and wake up every morning relaxed; happy 75th birthday.


4. Don’t be so stick with that armchair, don’t let yourself wander to see the wonders of the world just because you are old now; happy 75th birthday.


5. Drum roll, please, today ______ is entering into the club of 75 intending to rock it all; happy 75th birthday.


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Happy 75th Birthday Wishes With Images:

1. Look back only to rewind the sweet memories, look forward only to see all the wonderful things that life has yet to offer; but enjoy the moment, today, to the highest. Happy 75th birthday.

happy 75th birthday wishes with images


2. If you will allow life to unfold the surprises as you take every step, you will be amazed by the wonders that life can offer; allow it. Happy 75th birthday.


3. May you become aware of the miracles that take place in your life every day; because they happen every day! Happy 75th birthday.


4. I wish you a beautiful journey ahead with a pathway that is trailed on a beautiful rail, happy 75th birthday.


5. I wish, abundant happiness comes in your life with tons of laughter and giggles, ‘cause you so deserve it. Happy 75th birthday.


Happy 75th Birthday Mom:

1. You have been the pillar of our home, and at the age of even 75, you are still standing tall for yourself and us, kudos to you, mom; happy 75th birthday.




2. You are such a wonderful mother that I always wondered how can one person be so complete! But now, I just thank God that you are my mother and that is it. Happy 75th birthday.


3. I wish, your life from here be so soothing that it calms your soul, body, and mind! I wish God give you everything to get the best of your 75th year, Happy 75th birthday, mom!


4. May God bless you with help on every step of your journey for you are such a beautiful and precious soul! Happy 75th birthday, mom.


5. Happy 75th birthday, mom. Congratulations on making it so far so gracefully and beautifully; you truly are and will always be a beauty with brains; I love you.


Funny 75th Birthday Wishes:

1. Best of luck for the journey ahead but first I want to wish luck to your lungs to blow these many candles, they definitely need it today! Happy 75th birthday.



funny 75th birthday wishes


2. If life throws lemons at you, make the margarita out of them, but please don’t forget that you are at a vulnerable age. Happy 75th birthday.


3. It is okay now if you don’t remember our birthdays, because honestly if you can remember yours only, that would be enough at your age; happy 75th birthday.


4. Happy 75th birthday. It is too late now to lie about your age because there is no way that anyone can’t see the wrinkles on your face and bald head.


5. Happy 75th birthday. I feel sorry for the people who think that now you will act sober in every way because they do not know they are neglecting a nasty teenager in you.


If you are tired of using cliche birthday wishes and want to sparkle someone’s birthday with magnificent wishes, then go with these happy 75th birthday wishes. As the person dear to you is turning 75, they have already received tons of wishes in this big span of life they have lived. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot surprise them with some fresh and new birthday wishes that they could have never received. They will be delighted to see your unique birthday wish in their DMs; so without taking a further, share them.