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35 Birthday Wishes And Messages For Grandson

Birthday Wishes For Grandson: We can make your “happy birthday grandson” wishes a lot better and cuter. To celebrate his birthday, you would want to do something special and our quotes are just the right thing for that. Being a grandparent, there are a lot of things that you can do to make your grandson’s birthday fun. Start with a birthday wish which has more meaning to it by using any of the following quotes which are best suited for this special day!

Birthday Wishes for Grandson


Happy Birthday Grandson

Dear Grandson, you’re the best thing to have happened to me in all the sixty years of my life. I wish you a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Grandson


Your grandma would’ve been so proud of the person you’re becoming. On your birthday, I want to assure you, that we’re always around. Happy Birthday, grandson!


I might be a little old school for you, but I know just the right thing to tell you on your birthday, grandson. You’re the best grandson I could’ve ever wished for!


Your grandparents are proud of what you are growing up to and we love you a lot! Happy birthday, grandson!


I have asked your grandma to bake your favorite cookies for your birthday and you’re gonna love them more than you love anything, but you must know, we love you more than you can ever imagine. Happy Birthday, dear grandson!


I’m not a fan of birthday celebrations but for you, I’ve arranged the best birthday party ever. Happy birthday, grandson!

Birthday Wishes for Grandson


As the oldest person in our house, I assure you that you’re the best branch of our family tree so far. Happy Birthday, grandson.


Whenever you think we are messing with you, remember, it is because of us that you’re a “grand” son. Otherwise, you’re just some “son’. We love you and we wish you a happy birthday, “grand” son dearest!


I love you more than I love my fake teeth. Happy birthday, grandson!


We all have our lows, but don’t let them be decisive in your life. Lead it like the champ you are! Happy Birthday, grandson!


Love is a complicated emotion, but you’ve made it quite simple for me. I love you and I mean it in it’s truest form, grandson.

Birthday Wishes for Grandson


Your father told me you wanted a bike for your birthday, but you must not miss the long drive after dinner in our new car which I bought for your birthday.


Life is as good as you make it. So be a champ and rock your life real good. Happy birthday, grandson!


I still remember the day I held you in my hands for the first time and I would give everything to feel that way once again. But for now, a hug would suffice.


Don’t ever let your parent’s anger make you think that they don’t love you, they do. And more than them, I do. So, happy birthday, my grandson. I’m proud of you.


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Birthday Wishes for Grandson

I didn’t know how to wish someone a happy birthday so I bought you some of the best gifts. I hope you would like them.


Now that we don’t talk a lot, I’ve beginning to feel how much I needed you around. Visit me when you get time. Happy birthday, dear.


Life won’t be fair to you and that doesn’t mean that you would be unfair to others. On your birthday, I ask you to be kind to all as a return gift.


I won’t bulk your chat window with heavy words or long texts, but you should know how much you matter to everyone in our family.


Your favorite dish awaits you at our place. Love, granny!


Even before you were born, I knew you would be the brightest mind in our family. Your birthday is an opportunity for us to express how much we care for you.

Happy Birthday Grandson


Not the boring kind of message you’d expect from your grandpa on your birthday, yet exactly the boring kind of message you’d get from your grandpa on your birthday. So, happy birthday!


I’m not the person who shows much love but when it’s you, I am the softest version of myself. Happy Birthday and I love you!


Saying goodbye is a tough job when you say it to someone on their birthday, yet here we are. We wish you a lot of love, success and health on your birthday.


You haven’t been around as much so you won’t know how much we care for you, but we do and the cake you’d receive today is a testament to that fact.


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Happy Birthday to My Grandson

It’s hard to spend a day with you not nagging us and we would definitely want you around us on your big day. A bit selfish, but that’s how grandparents are for their grandchildren. I wish a very happy birthday to my grandson!

Birthday Wishes for Grandson


You’d come across a lot of hurdles but our blessings would always help you overcome them. Happy birthday to my dear grandson!


So, you’re ten now. It must feel great to be able to not hassle grandma to tie your laces, doesn’t it? Happy birthday to you, my grandson!


Gone are the days when we could carry you in our arms. You’re a grown-up now, but to us, you’re still that cute little pink-cheeked kid. Happy birthday, dear grandson.


There are so many things to say, but the power “I love you” has when it comes out of your grandma’s husky voice is a lot! So, happy birthday to you, my grandson and I love you!


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Grandson Birthday Quotes

We have taken care of everything and we would now want you to take care of the pet that we’ve got for your birthday!

Happy Birthday Grandson


You are quite annoying when you demand things that would turn useless in a while, but our love for you never will. So, ask for our love on your birthday and we would make sure that you have all of it.


Can you come over to see us on your birthday? We have baked the best cake for you and the gift you asked for awaits you too!


We love the way you call us “gramps” and “granny”. We’re sure you love it as well when we call you on your birthday evening.


There is nothing in this world that could be comparable to the love we have for you, dear grandson. Happy Birthday!