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15 Baby Girl Announcement Quotes And Ideas

Baby Girl Announcement Quotes: One of the biggest joys in the world is becoming parents of a beautiful baby girl and an even greater is when you have your loved ones around to make the baby girl announcement. Express your excitement for the arrival of your little bundle of joy by using these quotes.


Baby Girl Announcement:

1. Make some noise as a star is born. Life is suddenly all about unicorns and rainbows. Proudly announcing the arrival of our darling daughter!

Baby Girl Announcement Quotes


2. An angel has been sent from heaven and our world has turned into a permanent shade of pink forever. Welcome home baby girl.

Baby Girl Announcement


3. Our package has arrived! Not from Amazon but the heavens above! We are delighted to inform you, it’s a baby girl.


4. Filling our heart with unexplainable joy and endless love, she’s finally here. Announcing the arrival of our very own miracle [baby’s name]


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5. God has blessed us with the most precious gifts of all time. Wrapped in pink, she’s a love at first sight. We are blessed with a beautiful baby girl!

Best Baby Girl Announcement Quotes


6. My man is all about his new girl, she has taken all the place in his heart and has swept him off his feet already. Meet our daughter [baby’s name]


7. With little hands and little feet, in our hearts she’s taken the biggest seat. To love, to cuddle, to spoil, you’ve finally made it home, my love!


8. Our family has grown two feet tall, two small little hands for us to hold. Introducing you to the new queen of our hearts!

Baby Girl Announcement


9. The wait is finally over! Our princess has arrived and has already wrapped us around her fingers. Meet [baby’s name]


10. The heavens rained down glitter and confetti as our princess has arrived in reign over our hearts. Say hello to [baby’s name]


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It’s A Girl Announcement:

11. A bundle of brightness and charm has made an entrance into our lives and lightened it up forever. Say hello, it’s a girl!

It’s A Girl Announcement


12. A new flower has blossomed in our garden, spreading its fragrance all around. Our beautiful baby girl just made it to the world.


13. An angel sent down from heaven in our lives, a miracle from head to toe, forged with love and joy. Blessed by your arrival, baby girl.


14. A fairy just made her presence in our lives, her tiny little wings spreading love and butterfly kisses all around. Welcome home, our darling daughter.

It’s A Baby Girl Announcement


15. Our little bundle of joy, the symbol of our love is officially here to make us dance to her tunes. Mommy and daddy’s newest love, our daughter [baby’s name].