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45+ Romantic Birthday Wishes For Lover

Birthday Wishes And Messages For Lover: Birthday wishes for lovers are the wishes you should go with if you are trying to win over all the other notifications that your someone special will be receiving on their birthday. Whether you are hoping to wish your lover midnight or the next day with the gifts in your hands, birthday wishes are a must. If you are intending to wish them midnight then definitely go with these wishes to slide first in their DMs. If you are intending to surprise them with the gifts even then don’t forget to write the wish of your choice on the birthday present to go that little extra mile.

In any way, these wishes would serve you and your relationship well.


Birthday Wishes For Lover:

#1. Today, a beautiful soul was born. Today is the day I get to cherish you a little extra and spoil a little more; happiest birthday!

birthday wishes for love


#2. I wait for this day to come to give you all my attention, to show you my love, and spoil you with all I have; in every way possible. Happy birthday.


birthday wishes for love


#3. It’s been a pleasure to see you grow every year.

It’s been a delight to love you more every day.

Happy birthday, love.

birthday wishes for love


#4. I hope your heart doesn’t run out of space because today it will be showered with extra love and care; cause today is the day it started beating. Happy birthday.

birthday wishes for love


#5. With each candle you blow, ask for something impossible, wish for your wildest dreams; and may God give you everything you ask for; happy birthday, honey.

birthday wishes for love


#6. Happy birthday. Your birthday is the day I celebrate the most, cause it is the day the love of my, without whom my life would have never been the perfect, was born.


#7. Let us get loose, hit the dance floor, and get lost in the world where the language of love is only spoken to celebrate your day. Happiest birthday.


#8. Out of all the wonders that God created, you are my favorite one. Without you, I have not seen and felt the beauty of love. Happiest birthday, love.

birthday wishes for love


#9. May God make me the main character of the next chapter of your life who brings nothing but the happiest times; happy birthday, love.


#10. Happy birthday, honey. I am all set to surprise you all day, love you lots, and make this world your wonderland; get ready for a wild day.


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Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover:

#11. For you are my wish fulfillment, I’ll feel delighted to fulfill your every wish today and every day. Happy birthday, love.

happy birthday wishes for lover 


#12. I love the way you are right now but I promise I will love every version that you choose to become this year, happiest birthday honey.


#13. For you never fail to bring the best energy to the table, I wish, life may never forget to serve you with nothing but the best. Happy birthday.


#14. I wish you a year filled with love, joy, health, wealth, and sweet surprises because my love deserves everything that is of good. Happiest birthday, sweets.

happy birthday wishes for lover 


#15. Cheers to my babe for making it another year with undeniable strength and unmatched grace, you truly make me more proud every year; happiest birthday.


#16. Here you are about to again enter into a new realm of life. Hold my hand tightly, keep me close and I promise everything will be beyond beautiful. Happy birthday.


#17. Are you ready to be on a bumpy, wild ride with me? Are you ready to make more delightful memories with me? Are you? I know, I am! Happiest birthday.

happy birthday wishes for lover 


#18. Today is a beautiful day to be grateful, wear the spirit of gratitude today for I wish to see you the happiest for the year to come; happiest birthday honey.


#19. As this year takes place in your life, I will be so happy to see you bloom into the person you wish to be; may God grant all your wishes. Happy birthday.


#20. I want you to know that whatever comes your way, I am always there by your side to protect you, to make you laugh, and love you forever. Happy birthday.


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Birthday Wishes For Lover Boyfriend:

#21. To the sunshine and rainbow of my life, I wish a year filled with laughter and moments of sheer joy. Happy birthday, honey.

special person birthday wishes for lov


#22. Except for tears of joy, no tears are allowed to be in your eyes; and if they come out anyhow, I’ll wipe them out and put a smile back on your face; I promise. Happy birthday.


#23. Your giggle is the music to my heart, may your year ahead be filled with so many giggles that my heart can dance on your heart’s rhythm. Happy birthday.


#24. With all big hugs, I am sending you, love that will sing its symphony for you to cheer you up, if you listen to it carefully, you’ll hear it telling you happy birthday, love.


#25. To the person who holds the key to my heart and a gateway to my soul, I wish you a very happy birthday; may it be a day that you will keep close to your heart.


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Birthday Wishes For Lover Girlfriend:

#26. Happiest birthday to my love, the person who gives me therapy and charges only love in return which I have in abundance to give him(/her)!

birthday wishes for my love


#27. You are the cupcake that I can have without icing for the sweetness you carry is already beyond the ordinary; happiest birthday to my love.


#28. Like the sunlight in the winter, you warm up my heart and cozies my soul. To my love, I wish the day and a year ahead filled sunshine, happiest birthday.


#29. Open your heart and let all that is of good come to you, I wish, you become a magnet to the blessings honey; wishing you a very happy birthday.


#30. To the most precious person I have, I wish all the seeds of hard work you have planted sprout into something you have dreamt of; happiest birthday.


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Romantic Birthday Wishes For Lover Boy Or Girl:

#31. Today and for the time to come, I have got my eyes on you and you have got my heart; I have got you and you have got all my attention. Happiest birthday to my love.

 romantic birthday wishes for lover


#32. I wish you the most amazing next 365 days to reach for the stars and to let me love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, honey.


#33. Happiest birthday to the person without whom I cannot see to go ahead in life, be at peace, and feel at home.


#34. Be it any place or a set of affairs, you will be my center of attention forever and will always stay at the core of my heart. Happy birthday, babe.


#35. Happiest birthday to the person because of whom my mind is bubbled up with many thoughts and my heart with love.


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Birthday Messages for Lover:

#36. I wish the smile on your face never fades and the joy from your heart never escapes for I cannot see you without any of them. Happy birthday, love.

birthday wishes for my love


#37. Here is my heart, wrapped up in the love for you to keep it close to your heart to know that I am always with you, happy birthday, love.


#38. I am sending you best wishes wrapped up in all the love I carry for you to hug you and say happy birthday, darling!


#39. I wish success follows you and love never leaves your home for I wish to see you have it all; happiest birthday, darling.


#40. I hope you get all that you wish for and all that you dream for! I hope you feel lack in nothing because you are perfect! Happy birthday, love.


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Birthday Greetings for Lover:

#41. Honey, I hope, you have a day that is filled with laughter that hurt your stomach and cheeks; and a year that surprises you with all the good things and people. Happy birthday.

Birthday Greetings for Lover


#42. Baby, I wish you all the strength to endure this year, but remember, I am here always to give you the strength when you can’t have it on your own, Happy birthday!


#43. I wish you bloom into the person of your dreams and our love to blossom into something more beautiful; I love you, happy birthday.


#44. To the most beautiful soul I know, I wish you a very happy birthday and a year that fills your life with humor and success, that fills your pocket and heart, both.


#45. For being such a caring person with a generous heart, I wish you get rewarded with nothing but contentment this year and for the time to come. Happy birthday!


The chosen words must do justice to your emotions ’cause those words will help you build a bridge to let your feelings travel to the other person’s heart. Birthdays are always special occasions but are more special when your lover is having one, hence to express your love to the fullest. you can’t let this day pass you by. To help you express your love, to make them feel special, and to justify your emotions to make you feel content, go with the above-mentioned birthday wishes for your lover.