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50+ Good Morning Messages for Him

Good Morning Messages for Him:  Social Media exposure has made it so easy to make your loved ones feel special. A simple Good Morning Message for him or wishing him a Good night are small gestures that show how important he is for you. Men love to receive these messages from women that show how much they are missing them. These brief and sweet words create miracles. It gives them a message that you are thinking of them.

If you are married or you are in a love relationship and you want to greet your better half with good morning messages then here is a list of messages you could use to surprise him.


Good Morning Messages for Him

Good Morning my love! A new day awaits you. I hope you have an amazing day & I can’t wait to meet you today.



Good Morning! Texting you first in the morning is my favorite moment of the day. I hope this message is the reason for your smile today!


I wish instead of wishing you on the phone, I could wake up next to you & wish you good morning every morning. Good morning, sweetheart!


Waking up every day with your message is just another reason for a better start to my morning. Good morning baby & have a wonderful day!


A new day is here for you. Just like the petals of the rose, I hope your day unfolds in the most beautiful way. Happy Morning babe!


Good morning handsome. The world is waiting for you boy.


Another day has started with me thinking about you. Wake up, sweetheart.



Good morning. I am imagining what you might be dreaming of.


Wake up my protein shake. Good morning boy you know you are my powerhouse.


Good morning you have got a busy day ahead.


Wishing you a good morning my better half. I cannot even imagine a day gone to waste without you roaming in my head.


When thinking of you my heartbeat goes crazy. You bring warmth in my heart loved one. Open up your eyes for a new day.


To the man of my dreams. I want you to have a great morning.


To the man who always makes me laugh like crazy. Good morning.


I can’t think of a world without you sleepy head. Wake up, my hero!


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Good Morning Love Message for Him

Good morning honey! I just adore everything about you. Your smile, love & care makes my day. Have a great morning!



You are the perfect blend of everything I ever wanted in a man. Wake up, a new day is waiting for you. Good morning darling!


Mornings are great & it becomes the best when I am with you. I can’t wait to meet you today. I love you dear. Good morning my sweetie pie!


Every morning you are the first person on my mind. I just want to tell you that it sucks not to be next to you. Good morning!


I just wish to be next to you every morning because my morning is definitely incomplete with you. Good morning sweetie. Have a wonderful morning!


Every Morning I realize how special you have made my life dear. Good morning my love.


To the man who rules my heart. You are my source of happiness. Good morning!


It is amazing to imagine how someone can make you feel so extraordinary. I can’t love you enough.



You are a thief. Do you know why? It’s because you have stolen my heart. Good Morning!


The special place you have in my heart as an irreplaceable person. Open your eyes and feel my love.


I feel grateful to have a partner like you. Your smile makes my heart filled with peace. Love you so much.


The best feeling to wake up with is knowing that You love me. You are a wish come, true man.


The sun is shining outside and makes the morning wonderful. Wake up your sleepy head, the day has long started.


To measure how much I feel for you is impossible. The sight of you fills me with immense pleasure.


Roses are Red and Violets are Blue. Wake up Boy I love you.


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Sweet Good Morning Message for Him 

Watching you every morning is my reason to wake up. Your presence in my life is the most important thing to me. Good morning & I love you, baby!



Good morning baby! You are my sweetest person & the best support system. I hope you get everything you wish for this morning.


Happy morning sweetheart! I hate being this far from you. I was waiting for my night to get over to meet you super soon. Love you.


You are one of the most amazing people in my life, baby. Kick start your day with lots of positive energy & love. Good morning love!


Every morning is a true joy when I’m with you. I just can’t wait to meet you & forget all my problems. Good morning my sunshine!


Wake up the King of my heart. Grab a cup of coffee the world is waiting for you to conquer



Are you tired? Because you have been running in my dreams all night.


I miss the way your voice keeps me enchanted. Get out of your bed I want to see you.


Good morning to the man whose charm always mesmerizes me. Tell me who you dreamt of.


Nobody is as lucky as I am because they do not have you, my love.


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Good Morning Text Message for Him 

A Good morning to you wrapped with lots of love and care.



I can’t force myself to stop thinking about you. You’re so special to me & mean a lot in my life.


When I woke up, I found something missing. Guess what it was you handsome.


You are the one who gave me unlimited happiness in a brief time. May you enjoy a fun day.


You make my eyes shine and my face blush. Can’t wait to see You.


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Good Morning Message for Him to Make Him Smile

Nobody can rule my heart the way you do. I am obsessed with thinking of you good morning!



Do you know Magic? Because you surely have cast your spell on me.


Loving you is something I can never get tired of. Good morning my superman.


Wishing you a very good day ahead. Its all about you boy. I cannot wait to see you running your hands through your hair again. It’s so cool.


I am waiting for you to give me a call Darling. Ping me whenever you get out of your bed.