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25 Best Happy Birthday December Wishes And Messages

December is the month of celebration and vacation. If someone close to you is born in such a fun and leisure time, then these happy birthday December wishes would come in handy.

As this set of December birthday wishes consists of diverse wishes, whoever December-born you know, you’ll find a suitable birthday wish for them. 

Often people who are born in December regret it too much as they think their birthdays lose that extra charm because of the holiday season and other celebrations.

Well, this is your chance to tell them how special December-born are and that you love them. Whether you want to wish them in person or on social media, this set of wishes got your back.


Happy Birthday December Wishes 

#1. Happy birthday December. I wish you a blissful year ahead. Hope you get to see your dreams come true sooner than later.

Happy Birthday December Wishes 


#2. You should celebrate twice hard today as you’re going to begin a new year on the calendar and in your life! Happy birthday December.

Happy Birthday December Wishes 


#3. If anything, December borns should be happy to have been born in a time of celebration, almost everyone is celebrating you in a way. Happy birthday December.

Happy Birthday December Wishes 


#4. Happy birthday December. Have a year ahead full of surprises that swipe you right off your feet and make you feel one-of-a-kind. I wish you a happy-go-lucky year.

Happy Birthday December Wishes 


#5. Happy birthday December. You’re going to have a busy month but celebrate your birthday to the fullest and have a blast.

Happy Birthday December Wishes 


#6. Family holidays will not clash with your celebration, honey, we promise, you’ll get to have the best day, happy birthday December.


#7. Happy birthday December. I hope you end this year on a good note and begin the new one on a positive note.


#8. You’ll always be in my prayers, you’ll always be included in each of my celebrations because you’re the most special person in my life, Happy birthday December, and have the best one.


#9. Happy birthday December. May the bundle of joy and abundance of wealth knock on your door not only this year but every year.


#10. Happy birthday December. May every good thing follow your every footstep to bring you the fortune you wish for and the tons of blessings you seek.


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Happy Birthday December Girl

#1. The holiday season and your birthday! Many reasons to celebrate! Happy birthday December girl. May Joy follow you around this year and for many other years to come.


#2. Happy birthday December girl, this may sound corny but shine brighter than the Christmas lights, babe, have the best one.


#3. Happy birthday December girl. You were born during the season of joy and celebrations, no wonder why you’re such a blessing to us!


#4. You’re one of those magnificent beings, who never fail to throw their charisma around wherever they go! All they need is good fortune and I pray God bestows it to you. Happy birthday December girl.


#5. I don’t believe in miracles but if such things exist, you’re no less than one. Believe in yourself more than anyone can! And then the sky’s the limit. Happy birthday December girl.


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December Birthday Captions For Instagram

#1. Our birthdays arrive late but with a bang! Cheers to all the December borns.

December Birthday Captions For Instagram 


#2. December borns don’t need to send invites. We celebrate with the whole world.


#3. And here it comes, the end of the year and my new beginning.


#4. December birthdays ~ Endless dramatic and chaotic tales.


#5. Being a December born is more fun than being any other month-born.


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Funny December Birthday Greetings

#1. Having a December-born friend is signing up for a lot of drama for the end of the year but for the old souls(hello, Capricorns!) like you, it is worth it. Happy birthday.

Funny December Birthday Greetings


#2. Happy birthday to me! Having a December birthday is fun except for all the countless family gatherings but it’s okay because of the love they have for me, I can compromise peace for a while.


#3. Happy December birthday. I can’t help but think that it seems like God made you at the last minute, otherwise, there is no explanation for all the damage, just kidding. Have fun.


#4. Happy birthday to me! Being a December born has its pluses and minuses, and I haven’t found any plus YET, if you do, let me know.


#5. Happy birthday. Honey, with all kindness and love, your birthday resolution should be to cry less about having your “December birthday”, why torture us? We didn’t do anything, God did.