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34 Unexpected Falling In Love Quotes For That Special Person

Have you ever fallen in love when you had not expected it?

These unexpected, falling-in-love quotes may tell your story if you have. After all, not all love stories start with a grand setup.

Two people come together unexpectedly and create a grand love story to compete with fairytales or legendary romantic stories. A perfect love story may begin with a casual crossing of paths and stumbling on each other. Even before realizing anything, Cupid’s arrow might have pierced a pair of hearts that now beats for each other.

It does not take a lot of dramatic twists for two people to make a fairytale. Love, care, and trust can write a heart-warming script to have the “happily ever after”-kind of ending.

Here are some unexpected falling-in-love quotes that you can share with our loved ones –


Short Unexpected Falling In Love Quotes

#1. Some epic love stories can confirm that people fall in love unexpectedly with an unexpected person. Later, these fairytales bring out their best version.



#2. You can blame gravity every time you fall, but don’t blame your heart for falling in love unexpectedly. Get ready because it’s time to confess with sweet texts, truthful words, heart emojis, and smiley.



#3. I cannot explain why I fell in love with you and how did it happen? Everything was so sudden. But I can write essays on how your presence warmed my heart, which was previously frozen.



#4. I fell in love with the most lovely and caring person when I least expected it, but my love for you soon turned eternal because some pairs are destined to meet.



#5. Our friendship took the shape of love unexpectedly before none of us knew. We stood by each other because a perfect love story started to brew.



#6. Falling in love with you is the best surprise life has ever given me. Being with you makes me realize how lovely the journey is, from this ‘I,’ to this ‘We.’


#7. I wonder how we fell in love when none imagined that god made us for each other. The universe conspired to turn you from a friend into my significant other.


#8. No romantic piano tune was there in the background on our first date. All it took was a few meetings, sudden realization, and lots of fondness to become each other’s soulmate.



#9. True love does not need to be a grand plan to tie two souls together because it happens unexpectedly. It takes trust, understanding, respect, and love to stay together with each other happily.


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Quotes About Falling In Love With Your Soulmate Unexpectedly

#1. Certain things in life happen suddenly. The best relationships in the world usually begin unexpectedly. You came into my life without notice, and my coming years became hopeful and merry, sweetie.

Quotes About Falling In Love With Your Soulmate Unexpectedly


#2. The unexpected person arrives at your doorstep at the most unexpected time. However, they become part of the best love story of your life when wedding bells ring with the soft tune of the wind chime.


#3. You can predict many things in life but not the weather and the love of your life. But when you unexpectedly meet your soulmate, you know your reason to survive.


#4. Sometimes a stranger can give us the most unconditional love than anyone else in our life. Unexpected love can embrace you at any time.


#5. The best thing about love is that it tricks you when you are unaware and turns up even in the most unexpected places, so beware!


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Unexpected Falling In Love Quotes For Him

#1. The moments of pleasure we enjoy take us by surprise. Often such love comes into our life in disguise. So, whenever you are with me, be nice because unexpected love doesn’t come twice!

Unexpected Falling In Love Quotes For Him


#2. You can’t explain every feeling in words. Some unexpected love remains as fairy tales, yet you must move forward. Because unexpected love always awaits you, even when you don’t have a clue.


#3. Sometimes you get to know how it ends even before it begins. Life is full of surprises that you can’t imagine. Unexpected love conquers everything and always helps you win.


#4. Have you ever thought that falling in unexpected love is like rain, which is quite unpredictable? Some feelings in life are entirely uncontrollable.


#5. Never have I imagined this, so I’m completely lost for words. Sometimes love appears without prior notice, even if you feel it is absurd.


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Unexpected Falling In-Love Quotes For Her

#1. No fixed time or place is there for true love. It’s the most beautiful blessings showered on you from above. Unexpected love can arrive any day, as it arrived for you, bae.

Unexpected Falling In-Love Quotes For Her


#2. The most precious kind of love awakens the soul and gifts us the moments we cherish. They never make any sound and come surreptitiously into our minds while we relish.


#3. I cannot exactly remember when it happened. But, honey, I feel blessed. Now there is something that I only pray that you feel the same way.


#4. You should never try to find any logic for love in life. But there’s no logic in life for certain things, my dear wife. I felt this should be my girl when I first met you. What more can I say, dear, but I love you.


#5. Now that we have passed together some fifty-odd years, how unexpectedly we fell in love is something that I remember. Our unexpected love for each other unexpectedly increased for each other with time. I pray to God that, in my next life, you will stay as mine.


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Unexpected Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

#1. Your eyes carried that beautiful smile, and unknowingly I fell in love with them. I hope my passion lights the flame that brightens a new path for us while welcoming us to a new love game.

Unexpected Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Quotes


#2. I know we are best buddies, dear. Trust me, that’s what I thought we were. But love happened in mysterious ways, and now we are here. I hope you can love me too because losing you is a nightmare.


#3. Your warm embrace melted my heart. Even before I knew it, I was in love, sweetheart. My dear friend, I hope we can be more than just friends and give this relationship a new start.


#4. Your twinkling eyes and cordial smile made me happy beyond measure. I don’t know if you can accept this, but I shall abide by whatever you decide, dear.


#5. You think friendship is the only bond that we share at any time. But I must confess it is nothing but pure love from my side. I profess my love for you in life’s high and low tides.


Crush Quotes About Falling In Love Unexpectedly!

#1. Like a flash of lightning, you appeared, and all I could hold on to is that moment in my mind, darling. Love is known to be everlasting. But I didn’t understand it could arrive so suddenly without warning.

Crush Quotes About Falling In Love Unexpectedly!


#2. I would have been alone if you hadn’t brushed passed me that afternoon. Soon I fell in love with you and waited for you each noon. I hope you understand my genuine feelings soon.


#3. The sudden declaration of love might seem unwarranted. But I don’t want my feelings to remain unrequited. So, I don’t know what feelings you have for me, but I genuinely feel for you, you see.


#4. I never thought this heart would become so unruly and fall in love with you this quickly. I will prove that it is true love and not a fluke when you will smile and look cute.


#5. Only you can make this heart whole. Give me some time to hold you in my loving embrace, you will see it is love, and that’s my ultimate goal.


Falling in love is a euphoric emotion. Your love might have started unpredictably, but the feeling of being on Cloud nine is the same. A person may enter your life suddenly, but they can claim your heart to stay there forever. Whatever the chapter of your love story you are in with your partner, it is never too late or early to share how much you treasure them. These unexpected, falling-in-love quotes share the thoughts of lovers who have experienced love in the most unexpected ways. Send these heart-warming quotes to your loved ones and confess your love.