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40+ Top Happy 25th Birthday Wishes And Messages

25th birthday is special. Why? Because it does not mark the completion of one year but a quarter of life. Hence, we’ve prepared these happy 25th birthday wishes to make the birthday of your close ones more special. Shower them with the blessings and these wishes to let them have the best day of their lives.

You can not bring that excitement with that monotonous birthday text. Start making their day by sharing the below-mentioned wishes to make them realize how special they are! Birthday is a great excuse to not only showcase your love to the one who is turning 25 but to shower them with extra doses of love and care. And use these wishes to do that.


Happy 25th Birthday:

1. Congratulations for making it through the quarter of life gracefully, I wish you all the luck to go through three more quarters of life. Happiest 25th birthday.

happy 25th birthday


2. I wish you a year ahead that will bombard you with plenty of blessings and lots of happiness. Happy 25th birthday, sweets.

happy 25th birthday


3. May God bless you with his light to guide you along with your journey and shower you with his love to make you feel happiest! Happy 25th birthday.

happy 25th birthday


4. Let the bubbles of joy blast your life and the bundles of luck make your year for I wish to see you living to the fullest. Happy 25th birthday.

happy 25th birthday


5. I wish the universe’s magic wand works in your favor and you get to live a life filled with miracles! Happy 25th birthday.

happy 25th birthday


6. I wish this new chapter of your life overwhelms you with the everlasting love and happiness that you truly desire! Happy 25th birthday.


7. With all the turns and twists, let life take you on the journey you are meant to be. With all the serendipitous luck, let yourself reach the desired place sooner than later. Happy 25th birthday.


8. May the universe sprinkle some sparkle on your blue days and may you get all the love to warm up your cold days. Happy 25th birthday.

happy 25th birthday


9. Happy 25th birthday. Keep on taking on the world with that smile and dancing around with that heart, for the world truly is your oyster.


10. Let the love surround you to keep you warm for the year to come. Let the surprises surround you to keep you on cloud 9. Happy 25th birthday.


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25th Birthday Wishes:

1. I wish life surprises you by delivering the parcel of delight and may you rejoice this year like never before. Happy 25th birthday.

25th birthday wishes


2. May you soar high and fly free like a bird for a person like you, the sky even is not the limit. Happy 25th birthday.


3. It is the day I celebrate more than the day on which my birthday falls, for you are that special to me. Happy 25th birthday!


4. Life is a series of thousand miracles, one of which took place today, and you were born. Happy 25th birthday.


5. No matter the day  I always wish the best for you but today my prayers were extra special for you! Happy 25th birthday.


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25th Birthday Quotes:

1. Chuckle because you completed 25 years

Buckle up because there are many more to come.

Happy 25th birthday.

25th birthday quotes


2. Before you start counting down 365 days that are to come, celebrate today to the fullest.

Before you start inviting guests, eat the whole cake by yourself to celebrate to the fullest.

Happy 25th birthday.


3. Make some noise to let every neighbor know it is your birthday.

Shake that bottle to let us cheer for your 25 years. Happy 25th birthday.


4. Wink it, fake it till make it, do it the way you like it,

But let this year be your year. Happy 25th birthday!


5. Happy 25th birthday!

Let all the eyes be on you today, let everyone know that today is a special day.

Let every blessing find its way to you to make your birthday happiest.


Funny 25th Birthday Quotes:

1. I would like to raise a toast to celebrate the completion of the quarter of your life, but along with a  long speech of 25 acts of your stupidness. Happy 25th birthday.

funny 25th birthday quotes


2. I wish no one takes your age seriously so that they can clearly see that inner spoiled child in you to save themselves from. I wish them luck and you a happy 25th birthday.


3. I want God to get generous at least today to help you develop some brain cells because clearly, you are failing at it terribly, may he make your 25th birthday happy.


4. We are so happy to throw a birthday party for you and happier to send you the credit card bill tomorrow. Happy 25th birthday.


5. Definitely, you are getting older, bolder, stronger, healthier, but wiser? I do not see that happening for another quarter of your life. Happy 25th birthday.


Happy 25th Birthday Wishes For Daughter:

1. Honey, I wish that you find yourself always surrounded by the people who put you on a pedestal like we do because a girl like you must be treated like that only. Happy 25th birthday.

happy 25th birthday wishes for daughter


2. They say life is not a fairytale but I will do everything I can to make you live one. Happy 25th birthday daughter.


3. Daughter, I wish happiness and fortune to follow you wherever you go to help you shine your light brighter than ever, happy 25th birthday daughter.


4. Honey, I love to see you climbing the ladder of success keeping that heart grounded. From the proudest mother to bravest daughter, Happy 25th birthday.


5. Daughter, I wish you all the courage and persistence to follow your true north, may you fulfill all your dreams and daydreams! Happiest 25th birthday.


Happy 25th Birthday Wishes For Son:

1. Son, may God protect you at every stage of your life when I can’t, may he watch over your every footstep. May my prayers be with you all the time, happy 25th birthday.

happy 25th birthday wishes for son


2. Son, I wish you unlock every stage of life as easily as you do in the games you play. I wish you unlock every weapon you wish to live your life with! Happiest 25th birthday.


3. There is an abundant love that my heart holds for you son and each year, today it starts to overflow with joy to know that I am lucky to see you growing. Happy 25th birthday.


4. You are an angel that we are lucky to have as a son, because nothing makes us more proud than the purity and honesty you carry, keep on making world a better place. Happy 25th birthday.


5. Your smile is my source of happiness, nothing makes my day better than being able to see you happy. To my life, happy 25th birthday.


Happy 25th Birthday Wishes For Girl:

1. I wish you the wildest year filled with exciting adventures to ride along with the people you love. Happy 25th birthday, my little girl.

happy 25th birthday wishes for girl


2. May God grant all your 25 wishes as you blow off the candles and make you the happiest birthday girl. Happy 25th birthday.


3. Hang in tightly, all you wish for is on its way. Prepare to be swiped off your feet ‘cause the dream life you wished for is going to knock on your door. Happy 25th birthday.


4. You already have been gifted another year to live, don’t let life pass you by. Enjoy it to the fullest to let God know how much you appreciate it. Happy 25th birthday, girl.


5. I wish you all the courage to surpass the bumps ahead to have the smoothest ride of your life. I wish you the happiest birthday.


These were the 25th birthday wishes. See which one is calling to you, and which one is the most fitting for the person who is having a 25th birthday, and bombard that person with the extra wishes.

They say kind words go a long way but wishes go a lot longer than that. You can plan all the surprises and buy all the gifts but everything would be incomplete without a heart-felt wish. Sometimes, when you can do nothing, you can choose to wish that person with the most genuine heart and you will make that person’s birthday best.