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35+ Happy 31st Birthday Wishes And Quotes

Happy 31st Birthday Wishes And Quotes: To wish someone who’s turning 31, go with these happy 31st birthday wishes as they’re perfect if you need your wishes to not be the norm. If you like that element of sarcasm or the flavor of fun, you’ve reached the right place to find the perfect birthday wishes.

As the person has just turned 31, they’re still testing the water of the 30s. To make things a bit easier and flexible, these wishes are the ones to choose from. As you scroll through, choose the one you feel highly resonated with or fits perfectly the dynamics of your relationship with the person or suits perfectly the character of the birthday person.


Happy 31st Birthday:

1. You’re entering into the era of being you without being what everyone else wants you to be. Let the embodiment of freedom make you live the wildest—happy 31st birthday.

happy 31st birthday


2. Your 31st birthday comes with a tagline that says, “Unlimited access to fun,” and I want to remind you that you’re young enough to follow it. Happy birthday.

happy 31st birthday


3. Hopefully, this year will be the one where the party animal in you starts to become more responsible and I can enjoy the party without babysitting you. But happy 31st birthday.

happy 31st birthday


4. It’s been only one year since you entered your 30s and you’re already doing better than you’ve in your entire life,  you got this—happy 31st birthday.

happy 31st birthday


5. May you meet the people of the best character and let your best personality out of all ten be at the forefront this year. Happy 31st birthday.

happy 31st birthday


6. Happy 31st birthday. I wish as you make your way through life, you get to tune in more with yourself and let your heart guide you when the delusion surrounds you.


7. The to-do list I want you to follow to make this year the best one so far is to look deep within to find answers, be grateful, and heal the deep-seated scars. Happy 31st birthday.


8. May this year your anxiety take a backseat and let you make you contribute some fun to your wildest ride of the 30s. Happy 31st birthday.

happy 31st birthday


9. Happy 31st birthday. I’m here always to cheer you up even on the days when your wrinkles are too visible to ignore and your laugh too cranky to handle.


10. Happy 31st birthday to my best friend whose wise cells more than often save me from jumping off the cliff.


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31st Birthday Wishes:

1. May this year be your ticket to the wonderland and never miss a ride that can lead you to your home. Happy 31st birthday.

31st birthday wishes


2. Let your ecstasy reach its highest level as the calcium in you will be reaching its lowest levels because the morale will be needed as the motivation exists. Happy 31st birthday.


3. Happy 31st birthday. I wish you a productive year ahead where all your to-do list tasks get ticked and your hustle gets rewarded.


4. Happy 31st birthday. Hopefully, your body gets more water than the caffeine and more veggies than dross junk. I hope you listen to your body more than the devil on your shoulder.


5. As you enter this year, I wish the weight on your shoulder gets lighter than the feathers for you to have the time more dazzling than ever. Happy 31st birthday.


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31st Birthday Quotes:

1. Draw the attention of happiness towards you and if you fail to do so, send it to my address, and we will share it. Happy 31st birthday.

31st birthday quotes


2. Dear thirty-one, may the synchronicities knock at your door and you read the signs of abundance as you welcome this new year. Happy birthday.


3. May you get caught up on a deserted island and no one comes to rescue you for you to have your best introvert year. Happy 31st birthday.


4. If a parcel of joy knocks at your door, take it. It’ll consist of a directory of 1000 ways to have fun. As I’ve sent it, you can thank me later. Happy 31st birthday.


5. If the 30s feel overwhelming, have a look back at your twenties. And you’ll feel better about being older—happy 31st birthday.


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31st Birthday Quotes For Myself:

1. My contract with life has been renewed for one more year and I’m celebrating my win today. I hope you can join me in celebrating me. Happy 31st birthday to me.

31st birthday quotes for myself


2. The only tools I’ve got to fight this year are patience, compassion, and love. And as they’re the strongest ones, I’m in charge of this year. Happy 31st birthday to me.


3. If I was good at math I could make sense of being on cloud 9 on my 31st birthday, but I’m not so I’m going to roll with it. Happy birthday to me.


4. Today is the farewell party to say goodbye to the old me and to greet the new me who’s been knocking at the door since midnight. Join me. And happy birthday to me.


5. Only if God can bless me with more resilience and strength to overcome challenges, I’ll stop being lazy. That’s my birthday resolution. Happy birthday to me.


Funny 31 st Birthday wishes:

1. Dear thirty-one, may this birthday kick you on an unknown coast of serenity so you and us, all of us can spend the rest of life in peace. Happy birthday.

31st birthday quotes for myself


2. Happy 31st birthday, honey. Let “No more cats” be your birthday resolution before you turn into this crazy cat mom who lives in a palace with ten cats alone and I lose my friend.


3. Happy birthday. Now, remember that it’s your 31st birthday and you’re young with 60-year-old back pain and older with a 16-year-old mind. Don’t let this age number fool you.


4. I wish there was a subtle way to tell you this but you have come so far with nothing to be proud of and that’s okay. Happy 31st birthday.


5. Happy 31st birthday, brother. Only if you can ask me before jumping into the pool of adversities, I can save you. Only if you concern me, then only I can save you from your stupidity.


Save these 31st birthday wishes to wish the new 31 of the town, family, or friends’ group. As these wishes consist of diverse emotions and each of them brings a different vibe, you can use these wishes to wish anyone who’s turning 31. The 30s is such a significant era of a human’s life as one is believed to be at most peace during that time frame. Someone’s entering into the second year of such a special decade, hence don’t wish them those dull wishes, but instead, go with the above-mentioned ones.