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60 Happy 30th Birthday Wishes And Quotes

Are you looking for the best happy 30th birthday wishes to wish someone on their born day? 30 is not old age; neither is it a young age. It is the year when most of us have learned valuable lessons of life due to which we become mature. It is the age of a picture-perfect moment because you have a wife, maybe a few kids, and a decent job. It is the year where we reach a milestone. But it is never too old to celebrate. If someone you know has just turned 30, share their happiness on this special day and wish them some loving words. Here are some happy 30th birthday wishes for that purpose.


Happy 30th Birthday

1. Age doesn’t matter; your hard work, success, and generosity do. And I think no one can beat you in that. Happy 30th buddy! Have a blast!



2. You are no more in your twenties! But how do you look so young? You are beautiful as ever! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



3. Happy 30th birthday, gentleman! Mary’s upcoming year brings you more success and happiness in your life. You are always in my good wishes and prayers.

Happy 30th birthday


4. Happy 30th birthday! Life has changed so much ever since we met, but our bond has always remained the same. Cheers to it friendship, bud!


5. Is it magic how you grow more amazing with every passing year? You were awesome when you were 29, and now that you turned 30, you are even more awesome. Happy birthday!


6. In 30 years of life, you have reached heights and have won the hearts of many people. I am so proud of you. Happy birthday to one talented man!


7. Cheers to another number added in your age! Does it matter? It certainly doesn’t because we still live the same life. Anyways, happy birthday to my amazing friend!



8. I think at this age, when you look back, you have a lot to be proud of. Because I have seen you worked so hard for your dreams. Happy 30th birthday.



9. Happy 30th birthday to you! On your special day, I’d like to wish you good health and success. May you always get what you deserve!



10. Happy birthday to my partner in crime! Don’t you think today is a great day to do another crazy thing and add to our truckload of memories?


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Happy 30th Birthday With Images

1. Say hello to new adventures because you have unlocked level 30 of your life. Happy birthday, dear! Have an amazing year ahead full of memories to cherish!



2. I hope you are stepping into your thirties with a lot of lessons learned in your twenties. If you are, I am sure it’s going to be amazing! Happy 30th birthday!



3. Happy 30th birthday to a beautiful and true friend! May the days ahead be full of adventures that you thrill for. I wish you all the best.

Happy 30th birthday with images


4. It is time for another celebration because you just turned 30! We never know when your teeth will fall off, and we can’t party anymore. Haha! Happy birthday.



5. Happy 30th birthday, my love! No matter how old you grow, you will still be the humble and generous person I know! Enjoy the starting of your thirties.



6. You have achieved so much in life, and I will forever be proud of everything you do. May this step of your life be as goes as ever. Happy 30th birthday.

Happy 30th birthday with image


7. Thirty years old, and still crazy as ever! You are irresistible. Happy birthday, buddy! May all your wishes come true, and may God bless you, always.



8. No one will believe that you are 30 because you look like you just turned 18. Happy birthday to my drop-dead gorgeous friend! Have fun!



9. Make today great because you are stepping in the new year of your life. I hope you will be happy and healthy this year. Happy 30th birthday, my friend.



10. Happy birthday to a fun-loving 30-year-old! You are never old to celebrate. Have a great celebration and make sure the candles are blown with a lot of wishes.

Happy 30th birthday with image


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30th Birthday Quotes

1. Welcome your thirties with a big smile. Many challenges and opportunities await you. Happy 30th birthday, friend. Do things that will make us proud.



2. Happy birthday to one youthful 30-year-old! No one knows how to live each moment of life better than you. Always remain this way but with a big smile on your face.


3. Live your life without fear, for fear only makes you weak. Happy birthday, dear. May all your incomplete wishes be complete today as you turn 30!



4. Happy 30th birthday to this amazing person! Spend your day With a lot of positivity as this is a new beginning of your life. Stay blessed.


5. May life be full of bold decisions that will make it worth living. Happy 30th birthday to you, my friend. I always want to see you smile.


6. A great celebration awaits you because you have reached a milestone. Happy 30th birthday. I want your day to be as good as you are.


7. Happy birthday to you. You have been an amazing dad, a caring husband, a trustworthy friend, and a good human being altogether. You deserve the world.


8. I hope this year will be amazing as ever! Happy 30th birthday to my gem! You have reached a milestone. Does it feel old enough yet?


9. Happy 30th birthday to you. You deserve a grand celebration and an extra cake for all the hard work that you have done in your twenties. Enjoy today!


10. Happy birthday, 30-year-old. You have such a cheerful personality. You spread positivity wherever you go, and I guess that is a very rare quality. Wish you the best wishes for the upcoming year.


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30th Birthday Wishes

1. Make this year a year of memories so that when you grow older, you get to remember these times and smile. Happy 30th birthday. May God bless you with all that you wish for.

30th birthday wishes

2. Happy birthday. I am sending you warm wishes on your 30th birthday. May you find things to be grateful for, and may negativity not catch your sight.


3. Happy 30th birthday! I hope this year you will gain experiences that will make your life exciting. Adventures are calling for you. Go and explore your heart out!


4. Realize the value of life and live each moment in happiness. Never think that your life is not worth it. Happy 30th birthday to you.


5. Sending you a wish with all my love and a big hug on your 30th birthday. Happy birthday, buddy! You have been a true friend. I hope you know how much I love you.


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Funny Happy 30th birthday Wishes

1. I am excited to finally call my young brother an oldie! Happy 30th birthday. May you be protected and kept safe by the Almighty. Have a great celebration.

Happy 30th birthday funny


2. Celebrate today to like an 18-year-old teenager because you never know when you will get the tag of being “too old” to celebrate your birthday. Enjoy your day.


4. 30 is the age of maturity, and I don’t think you are mature enough for this age. So, keep lying to your fellow mates that you are 29. Haha! Happy birthday!


5. Are you even mature enough to handle the responsibilities of being 30? You are still as irresponsible like a child. Haha! I am just kidding. Happy birthday.


6. You will officially be called an uncle by teenagers now. Congrats on getting old, uncle! Haha! Happy birthday, bud! Have an amazing year ahead.


Happy 30th Birthday Daughter

1. Dear daughter, you have grown into a beautiful adult. I think I have raised you in the right way because you always make me proud. Happy birthday.

Happy 30th birthday daughter


2. You may get less young with each passing year, but you will gain more memories. Happy 30th birthday to my child, who never fails to amaze me with her talents.


3.  Happy 30th birthday, dear daughter. You have been such a responsible person. You take care of your in-laws, be a perfect mother and a loving wife. You are just amazing.


4. To my lovely daughter, a very happy birthday! Don’t forget that you are never too old to chase your dreams. So, if you have any dreams unfulfilled, go for them!


Happy 30th Birthday Son

1. To a grown, handsome gentleman, happy birthday to you. Your success and talent are worth praising. Always remember that I am here to support you through anything.



2. For a father, no matter how old godson gets, he will still be a kid. I can’t believe that you are already 30. Happy birthday, dear.


3. Since the day you were born, I knew you would make us proud. I love the man standing right in front of me, tall and oh so handsome! Happy 30th birthday.


4. A year older is a year wiser. Therefore, you have become a year wiser today. Happy 30th birthday to my wonderful son. No matter how old you get, my love and support for you will always remain the same.

5. Happy 30th birthday, son! May this chapter of your life be precious for you. I will be by your side if you ever need me. Remember that your dad is just one call away.


Happy 30th Birthday Sister

1. Happy 30th birthday sister! You are the only one that I can always count on. Thank you for being a best friend, a sister, and a mother to me. You are great!


Happy 30th birthday sister


2. Dear sister, you have always taken care of me and loved me. I am so grateful that God blessed me with you. People without siblings are missing out on life. Happy 30th birthday.


3. Happy birthday to you my sister! You are my older sister, but should I call you oldest? Because you just turned 30. Haha I am just kidding! Have an amazing year ahead.


4. To my sister, I hope you have a blissful 30. Happy birthday to you. I will always be rooting for you in every step of life, no matter if it’s small.


5. I am aware of the amount of stress you have been going through. It’s time to take a break now because it’s your 30th birthday! Let’s go for a celebration.


Happy 30th Birthday Niece

1. Sending you warm hugs and a special wish for my amazing niece. May the upcoming year be full of sunshine, and may the rain in your life be rare. Happy 30th birthday.



2. To my niece, a very happy 30th birthday. You are an angel to this world and a blessing to this family. Enjoy every second of your life, beautiful.


3. Happy 30th birthday to my dear niece. You are truly an inspiration for many people. I hope you achieve more things in life that we can be proud of.


4. Happy 30th birthday to my multitalented niece. You can see good in every situation. You have such a good heart. Have a blast!


5. To my fabulous niece, happy 30th birthday. I hope all your wishes come true and you get all that you deserve. Smile big and laugh loud on your special day.


Turning 30 is reaching a milestone. It is a special age because we become mature. We have learned the lessons of life, have failed but still risen in many things, and pretty much already found our soulmate at this age. Make someone you know feel more special if they are turning 30 with the above birthday wishes.