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35+ Amazing Appreciation Quotes For Her

Thank You And Appreciation Quotes For Her: We all are surrounded in our lives by people who sacrifice for our happiness and wellbeing. While being busy in working out your purpose in life it is important to show how grateful you are to these people for all their efforts. If you have a woman in your life, it could be your mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a parent or anyone who plays a very good role in your life and makes the world a better place for you. Here are some appreciation quotes for her you could use to Thank her for everything.


Appreciation Quotes for Her:

Thank you for being my go-to person every time I am in need. You have always been my ultimate support.

Appreciation Quotes for Her


I cannot be grateful enough for having you in my life. It is so great to have someone like you who understands me so well and respects me.



It is amazing to have a friend like you who knows when she has to motivate me and when to hear me out.

Appreciation Quotes for Her


You are so considerate about everything around you and that makes you so special.


Having you by my side makes me feel so safe and at peace that it makes me so much dependent on you.  Thank you for everything you did for me.


You are like a reflection for me. You know everything about me even when I am at my worst and that makes me so happy.


It is often said that behind every successful man there is a lady who is strong-willed and for me, it has always been you.

Appreciation Quotes for Her


I feel so lucky thinking that I have been blessed with a sweet person like you and I pray you always stay like this for me.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the efforts you put into making our bond strong and for me, that means a lot.


I am surrounded by so many people but there are very few who are with me through every thick and thin. Believe me, you are the top one in them.


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I Appreciate You Quotes for Her:

I really appreciate you for all your hard work and courage that helped me in my journey to success.



Very few are born with a heart like you that loves and cares despite of no gains and it is a pleasure to be one of your people.


Seeing your smile even is such a motivation that It helps me get through the hardest of times and I am so grateful for that.


Thank you for changing me into a better version of myself and you did all of this without any notice.


Your personality is so charismatic that it is hard not to like you and I am glad that I came to know you so well.


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Thank you Quotes for Her:

I thank you for every effort you put into making our relationship so strong and vibrant.

Thank you Quotes for Her


Thank you is a very small word in turn for all your favors and the goodwill you have shown me always but still, I will say I am very grateful for you.


Never have I ever met a woman who is so generous and strong. You have been like a role model to me. In our lives we come across lots of people who teach us valuable lessons . I know one thing for sure is that meeting you is one of the best things that happened to me.


For someone like me who changes his mood so frequently, it is hard to be friends with but you never let go of me. Thank you!


Meeting you is one of the best gifts of God for me since you are the only one who makes me feel good all the time. I really am grateful to you.



Having a friend like you is something I am really proud of. I wish that we always stay like we are right now.


There are very few people who are your advisor, a friend, a therapist and a well-wisher at once but I am so lucky to have you all in one.


Thank you for holding onto me even when I pushed you back. I really appreciate your presence in my life.


Life can be unbearable sometimes but having someone like you supporting makes it a lot better. Thank you so much.


What to Say to Appreciate Her?

Having a great woman like you is such a blessing and your existence alone is so comforting all time.



Everyone has their favorite star. You are my favorites since you are the only one who shines the brightest for me.


I will always be very grateful for all the joy and smiles you bring to my life.


Memories of you are something that I will cherish till my last breath. It will always be a source of peace for me that I have you. Thanks for everything


Very few are born with the rare combination that you are gifted with. I really appreciate all the times you lend me a helping hand.


Appreciate Your Woman Quotes:

Nothing satisfies a man more than having the woman he adores with him. I am so lucky that I have you.



Life had never been easy to get along with but having you was something that made this world very less bitter.


The day I met you might have been the luckiest day of my life. Since then I got my lucky charm with me.


Appreciation is a very small word for the satisfaction I feel being with you. You make me feel like no one is happier than me in this world.


The level of understanding we share together is so hard to build . I really love you from every inch of my soul.


Every human like to know how much they mean to their close ones especially a woman. Showing them how much you appreciate their existence and role in your life makes them so happy and safe. Expressing your appreciation is very important.