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23 Best Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend

At times, birthday wishes for your ex-girlfriend can make you feel good. After all, she once bored your foul mood.

Falling in love is an exciting experience in the lives of most people. You get restless to meet the beautiful girl for once.

However, for some unexpected reasons, sometimes dreams come crashing down, and the only option left is to end this relationship and break up.

Nevertheless, breakups are not the end of the journey. Just because you have broken up with the person you committed to doesn’t mean you should cut her entirely out of your life.

No matter how you look at it, your ex holds a special person in your heart. You might not be spending time together at your favorite place, but you can still share special moments in her life, such as her birthday.

Following are some lovely birthday wishes for your ex-girlfriend that you can send to her on her birthday.


Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend

#1. You have graced people with your presence. I can say that from my experience! Hey, sweets, celebrate your birthday with your mate! I will pray for your happy fate!

Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend


#2. My dear ex, today I pray all your dreams will come true. Many happy returns of the day to you. I know best wishes from me are coming to you out of the blue, but we are friends too.

Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend


#3. You are the most loving and amicable person here. Like you, there’s no other. I wish you a memorable birthday, dear! Love and good wishes from your admirer.

Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend


#4. I wish a happy birthday to my past lover. You made my life a thousand times better. Here is a little present for you. We may not be together, that’s true. But as a friend, I still love you.

Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend


#5. I wish you a graceful birthday with strength, happiness, laughter, and everything. For all you did for me, you deserve all the beautiful happenings! Have a pleasant day! What more can I say?

Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend


#6. Dear, may god grant all your wishes today! To the sturdiest woman I know, happy birthday! I mourn as I remember those days when we used to get drenched in the rain. Can I get back to you in my life again?


#7. I know how much love is there in those caring eyes. I hope you have an exciting birthday filled with a splendid surprise! The guy you are now with is lucky and wise!


#8. To the most lovely, gorgeous, and endearing person I know. Happy birthday, dear, and I pray that you continue to grow.

Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend


#9. I could not be fair to you, My Fair Lady. You tolerated all the suffering with a smile and always made me happy. I wish a fab birthday to the wisest woman I know! Like always, your birthday celebration will be a fabulous show.


#10. I know you will remain a true friend forever. I wish you an excellent birthday, which will be close to your heart, dear. The birthdays we spent together, do you remember?


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Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend

#1. Although we are not together anymore, my love for you is pure. I hope your birthday brings you success to have your smile secure.

Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend


#2. Even though we have parted ways, our journey together gave us many precious memories. I hope you get years full of happiness and moments to cherish. I wish a jolly birthday to the girl whose spirit was childish.


#3. I may not be your lover now, but I still care for you. May you achieve all your dreams and have a healthy life ahead too. I wish a prosperous birthday to you.


#4. Happy birthday to the lovely person who once used to hold my heart. May you have a joyful year ahead right from the start. Enjoy your special day with your favorite lemon tart.

Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend


#5. Though our status changed from lovers to friends, our memories will always be special to me. May you have a year full of energy to work on your dreams joyfully. Happy birthday, dearie.


#6. I still have a special place in your heart even though we have separate ways. Praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts are still a part of all my days. I wish you a fab birthday, do enjoy your day.


#7. I treasure our memories like precious gems, though we are not near. I wish you all the best in life, wherever you are. Celebrate a happy birthday to the girl who still loves to cuddle a teddy bear.

Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend


#8. Happy birthday to the person who once gave me a purpose to live. May you get many happy years ahead and many precious moments to keep.


#9. Once, you were my soulmate and an essential part of my life. Today, I wish you a happy birthday filled with love and many more years to thrive. Enjoy every moment as long as you survive!


#10. I may not have the right to call you to mine anymore, but I still care. May this birthday bring you joy and everything you desire. Let me wish you a happy birthday without fear.

Birthday Wishes For Ex-Girlfriend


#11. Now we are separated, but I don’t want to leave a chance to celebrate our togetherness. As you blow out your candle and make a wish, may your heart get filled with happiness.


#12. I wish this day to be a celebration of the splendid things you have achieved and things yet to arrive. Happy birthday, dear, and I hope God puts many more years in your bag to enjoy and thrive.


#13. I still care for you, though our relationship changed from ‘engaged’ to ‘complicated.’ I hope your birthday reminds you how much you are loved and appreciated.


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Sometimes after years of proximity and camaraderie, people are compelled to leave each other simply because it is not in their fate to stay together.
Emotional attachment is something that is not easy to forgo. Romantic relationships may not work out, but friendship should remain. It’s difficult to forget the moments spent together and especially the special days like birthdays make both the persons sad.
Use the Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriends stated above and rejuvenate your memories of togetherness.