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30 Happy Anniversary in Heaven Wishes

Nothing can be more tragic than losing someone you love, someone who has lived close to your heart. Their death leaves a hole in our hearts but wishing them happy anniversary in heaven is the perfect way to remember them on special occasions like marriage anniversaries.

It is heart-shattering to live with their memories and miss them every moment. But we must not push away their memories when they pass away. Writing a message for your expired loved ones can help you heal too. In written words, you can express your emotions. Here are some messages we have collected for you to write to your loved one in heaven.

Happy Anniversary in Heaven


Happy Anniversary in Heaven

I miss you and I hope that one day we will be reunited. And, when that happens, it will be for forever. Happy anniversary to my love in heaven.

Happy Anniversary in Heaven


I know by heart now that you are in peace, somewhere in heaven, watching over me. But, I miss having you by my side and holding your hand. Happy anniversary, love.



I wish you were here with me today, celebrating our anniversary like we used to. Everything would have been so much different. I pray that we get to meet someday in heaven.


It’s our anniversary and you are far away at some place where I can’t even reach you. I hope you are happy in heaven. You will always have my heart. Happy anniversary.


I am dealing with painful memories of you when you hadn’t left us in this world alone. I hope you know that you are always remembered. Happy anniversary in heaven.


Even my memories cannot do justice to how beautiful you looked the day I met you. I miss you so much, my dear. I hope heaven is treating you right. Happy anniversary.


I know it’s our anniversary but it feels more lonely now that you are gone. Nevertheless, I hope you are having a happy time in heaven on behalf of both of us.


I can’t possibly think why you had to leave so soon. I miss you so much and I wish I could knock on the doors of heaven just to wish you a happy anniversary.


I hope your time in heaven is better than my time here. I am always going to love you and no matter what the distance is, I will always find my way to you. Happy anniversary.


People have come and people have gone and yet, none of them could be as special as you. I hope heaven is taking care of the most special person of my life. Happy anniversary.


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Happy Heavenly Anniversary

I feel lucky to have had the chance to fall in love with you and to receive your love while you were here. I miss you so much. Happy heavenly anniversary, my sweetie in heaven.



I am so happy that I had the chance to be with you and live a happy life with you. Now that you are gone, I’m left reminiscing those moments. Happy heavenly anniversary, my love in heaven.


On this anniversary, I am going through our wedding album. We were so happy and excited. I hope one day I get to be with you again. Happy heavenly anniversary, my dearest.


Do you remember how shy and beautiful you were when you first met me? I ache to see your face again. I hope heaven is as beautiful as you. Happy heavenly anniversary.

Happy heavenly anniversary


I woke up feeling your absence even more today. It’s our anniversary and this is the first time I am celebrating it without you. I hope you can see me from heaven. Happy heavenly anniversary.


Happy Anniversary to My Husband in Heaven

Those beautiful memories that we lived together, I wish we could do this again. If you are in heaven, I hope you are celebrating today for us. Happy anniversary to my husband in heaven

Happy anniversary to my husband in heaven


I am so happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because today was the day we said our vows, and sad because I couldn’t have you for a longer time. Happy anniversary husband in heaven.


Happy anniversary, my husband in heaven. I wish I could live an eternity and hopefully, one day I will when I too can join you. You were the most beautiful person of my life.


It is our silver anniversary and it would have been amazing if I could share these moments with you. Our family has gathered to remember you today. Happy anniversary in heaven, hubby.


Today is our anniversary and the day when we became one. I remember how excited we were when we exchanged our vows. You taught me to love. Happy anniversary in heaven, my husband.



You have taught me the meaning of love and sacrifice. But, you went far from me way too soon. My love for you still never could end. I hope you are happy in heaven. Happy anniversary.


Today I am missing your beautiful presence the most. I miss your smile. I loved you when you were here and I still love you when you are in heaven. Happy anniversary, my dear husband.


My lovely angel, you came from nowhere and gave me the whole world’s happiness. I hope heaven is treating you with every happiness I couldn’t give to you. Happy anniversary.



I could never imagine this day would come when I would not have you in my life. This anniversary makes me miss you even more. I wish we could be together forever. Happy anniversary in heaven.


I am sure you are in heaven, charming everyone the way you charmed everyone here on Earth. I miss you, I won’t lie. But, I hope I get to see you one day. Happy anniversary, honey.


Happy Anniversary to Deceased Parents In Heaven

When you moved to heaven, you took away all the happiness and rainbows with you. I am praying that I get to see you so that I can get those back. Happy anniversary, mom and dad.

Happy anniversary to deceased parents In heaven


I keep talking to the moon, as if you both can hear me and you will answer back. I still cannot get over the fact that you are no more here living with us. Happy anniversary, mom and dad.


Your anniversary meant the most special day to us. It’s the day you united as souls and yet, now your souls are in heaven together. I still hope you are happy there. Happy anniversary.


I am not giving up on any chance of meeting you both again. I pray to God every day to open the doors of heaven so that I can see my mom and dad again. Happy anniversary.



Happy anniversary to my parents in heaven. I can never stop missing you but I am happy knowing that you two are together in the other world too. Love you always!