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30 Best Happy Anniversary Wishes For Mom And Dad

You’ve known them for a long time – your entire life! So their anniversary is the perfect time to speak up and let them know how inspired you are by their love. This year, send a greeting that brightens their day and warms their hearts! The messages below help you find a new way to say: Happy Anniversary, Parents!


Happy Anniversary Parents

Mom and Dad, you guys are the most special people in the world to me. I’m so proud to be celebrating your anniversary with you. Congratulations, and cheers to many more happy days!

Happy Anniversary Parents


The two of you have a very special relationship and it’s always given me so much inspiration and hope. Happy Anniversary to my parents!

Happy Anniversary Parents Quotes


It’s hard to believe another year has already gone by. I’m always so excited to celebrate these special occasions with you two. To my parents, here’s wishing you the happiest anniversary!

happy anniversary mom and dad


Seeing the way you two love and cherish each other has helped instill me with the same guiding principals and goals my whole life through. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents!


Mom and Dad, you two have been together so long, but you still act like kids! It’s always fun to spend time with you and celebrate your love. Happy Anniversary!


Very few people in the world express and value their love like the two of you. Mom and Dad, I want you to wish you the very happiest anniversary ever!


I’m so sorry I can’t be there to celebrate with you. So I’m sending you my love from across the miles instead. Happy Anniversary, Parents!

happy anniversary mom and dad


You two are the most special people in the world to me! I’m excited to see you soon and celebrate your big day with love, laughter, and hopefully lots of snacks! Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


Tomorrow marks a special occasion for our entire family because it’s the day my parents walked down the aisle! I’m wishing you a beautiful anniversary!


Today I was looking at pictures of you two walking down the aisle. What a handsome pair you are! Mom and Dad, I’m wishing you a very special, warm, and most memorable anniversary! I love you both.


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Anniversary Quotes For Parents

To my parents: today I want to wish you a most special and joyous anniversary! I hope you spend the day surrounded by family, friends, and fond memories. I love you.

anniversary wishes for parents


Not everyone thinks of their parents as their heroes. I guess I’m just lucky! Mom and Dad, today is your anniversary and it just reminds me how special both of you are. Congratulations on your big day!


Growing up with the two of you as parents were the greatest gift I could have ever hoped for. And tomorrow, we celebrate your big anniversary. So congrats a little early. I love you!


Your marriage has always been an inspiration and model for me as I seek to live out my own with grace and love. It’s an honor to celebrate your anniversary with you Mom and Dad. Congrats!


You two have always been my biggest fans. But did you know that I’m yours? Sending all my love as you honor your anniversary. I love you, my wonderful parents!

happy anniversary parents


Anniversary Wishes For Friend


Happy Anniversary To My Parents

An anniversary is a very special celebration of devotion, tenderness, and lasting love. Mom and Dad, I’m sending you all my warmest wishes and huge hugs on your big day!


Family get-togethers have always been the best. And your anniversary is definitely one of my favorite occasions! Happy anniversary to my parents!


Many years ago, two of my favorite people on the planet said “I do.” What could be more beautiful? Mom and Dad, you’re an inspiration. Happy Anniversary!


The two of you have always been such a shining example of patience, love, and the unbreakable bond of family. Today, I’m so full of joy to celebrate the anniversary of my lovely parents!

anniversary message for parents


I’m wishing you a happy anniversary today, Mom and Dad! May it be full of warmth, smiles, and countless fond memories that make you feel loved and alive.


Happy Anniversary Wife


Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad

Special occasions remind us to stop and take stock of what’s most important. Like the anniversary of our loving parents! I wish you both so much happiness today!


Today we honor you both for your love, sacrifice, and selflessness. You are wonderful parents and perfect partners. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


I’m so glad I grew up in a home where I saw patience, kindness, and affection every day of my life. Thank you for being fine role models, Mom and Dad. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad


I hope your day is marked by music, dancing, and wonderful memories. I wish I could be there with you to pay tribute to my parents. Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! You two deserve all the happiness, joy, and contentment in the world. Thank you for always being a shining example of a happy union. I love you!


Mom and Dad, today marks the day you walked down the aisle all those years ago. To me, you’re still just as beautiful and vibrant as you were in your lovely wedding photos. I love you, Happy Anniversary!


Your anniversary is one of my favorite days because it reminds me of how very special both my parents are. Happy Anniversary to the best Mom and Dad on the planet!

Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad


Every day I’m grateful that I got to grow up in such a loving, supportive family. And it’s all thanks to you Mom and Dad! So Happy Anniversary and remember, I love you to the moon and back!


I’m not sure I completely understood how special your partnership is until I became an adult. Happy Anniversary to my parents – you both shine as brightly as the stars!


Thank you for all you do, Mom and Dad! I hope we can make your anniversary as special and wonderful as the two of you. We love you very much!


Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad wishes

Dear Mom and Dad, the love you guys have has been a blessing in my life. Seeing the love that you guys share makes me feel hopeful for the world. Happy anniversary.


They say nothing lasts forever. But, I have seen you two love each other and I know, it will last forever. Thank you for showing me that. Happy anniversary, mum and dad.


I am so lucky to have you two as my parents and I am so glad I found the meaning of love through the bond that you two share. Happy anniversary, mom and dad.


Dear Mom and Dad, you two are the best example I could have of unconditional love and support. I am so lucky to be nurtured in a family so loving. Happy anniversary.


My favorite mom and dad, because of the love you two share, the world even with the darkness seems hopeful and beautiful to me. Thank you, and happy anniversary!