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20 Best Happy Birthday To My Firstborn Son Wishes

Use words that portray genuine feelings towards your firstborn while wishing Happy Birthday to my firstborn son.

Sometimes we are so busy raising our kids into proper good human beings that we forget to let them know how important they are to us. A child’s birthday for their parents is close to their hearts. But the situation becomes extra emotional when it is our firstborn.

They are the first ever little miracles we hold in our arms, so wishing them a happy birthday is a very emotional process. So, here are a few heartfelt wishes for parents to convey their love and support to their dear firstborn sons on their birthdays.


Emotional Birthday Wishes for My First Born Son

#1. You were hands down the best gift we could have ever imagined to receive, and knowing you are happy with your life is a relief. Happy birthday, son, and I bless you that you be a beautiful person.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for My First-Born Son


#2. You are the most precious person in our life. You will always be our baby, even if you have kids and a wife. Happiest birthday to my firstborn son, my reason to survive.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for My First-Born Son


#3. I hope you achieve all the success you have ever dreamt of. You will always have us, especially when the times are tough. Enjoy your birthday, son, be happy, and thatEmotional Birthday Wishes for My First-Born Son



#4. I hope you know you have made us proud like a few. We hope you can always overcome and start your life anew. My firstborn, happy birthday to you.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for My First-Born Son


#5. We never knew what unconditional love was like until you came to us. We will baby you even if you make a fuss. Congratulations on this special day. You deserve everything in the best way.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for My First-Born Son

#6. Happy birthday, my doll. You are our first baby, so you are much more special. But do not tell this to your siblings. Try not to let anything hurt your feelings.


#7. Let us send you lots of love and well wishes on this special day. We will always listen to whatever you have to say. My firstborn baby, celebrate a happy birthday.


#8. The gods above granted me the biggest blessing when they sent you to me. Remember, I will always support your decision for whoever you want to be. Happy birthday, my firstborn baby.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for My First-Born Son


#9. I wish for you to be happy and healthy in your life forever. I hope no one can make you feel weak ever. Happiest birthday to my strong boy, my firstborn, my little teddy bear.


#10. Remember, no matter what, you will always find your parents near. Even when no one else does, we will always care. My firstborn lady, celebrate your grand twenty-first birthday, sweetie.

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Birthday Wishes For First Born Son from Mom

#1. After carrying you for nine months, when I finally saw you, it was rewarding. I cannot properly portray my love with this limited wording. Celebrate your happy birthday, baby, my cute darling.

Happy Birthday to My First-Born Son from Mom


#2. You, calling me mom, is the greatest gift of all time. I still cannot believe that this little miracle is all mine. Mom loves you a lot, honey. Celebrate a gorgeous birthday, my firstborn baby.


#3. I know sometimes it gets hard to stay positive and happy. But I hope you know I will always love and support you, and I am not being sappy. Since you are the first among all your siblings, your birthday always is so happening.


#4. I wish you a fabulous birthday, my dear child. Enjoy your birthday for sure but do not get too wild. Since you are the firstborn, your responsibility is more than your siblings. Lots of love and well wishes will make your life sizzling.


#5. Even if I scolded you a lot when you were younger, I hope you know it is to make you disciplined and stronger. You are my firstborn, baby. On your happy birthday, I will shower you with only love, cutie.

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Happy Birthday To My First born Son From Dad

#1. Though I have not carried you in me does not mean I love you any less. Always remember I am always here if you are in any mess. I will sing today, “Happy birthday to me.” After all, on this day, your father, too, took birth, Sonny.

Happy Birthday To My Firstborn Son From Dad


#2. I hope you know your importance to me even without me telling you. But still telling it to you has been long overdue. Happy birthday, sweetie, and remember, Dad, loves you.


#3. I hope you like the gifts I got you for your birthday because you are the most precious gift I ever had on this miraculous day. Son, happy birthday.


#4. Dad will always have your back no matter what the problem is. You can count on me without a miss. You are the eldest of all, so do not be shy. Happy birthday, big guy.


#5. It seems like yesterday that you were born so cute and small. Time flew, as now you are all big and tall. Celebrate the happiest birthday ever, dear son. I am proud that you are my firstborn.

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You frequently do not see words like happy birthday to my firstborn son, but you should make your firstborn son feel special.
It goes beyond mentioning that parents love their kids. They bring these little lives into this world and then build their worlds around them.
But it is common knowledge that if you do not let your kids know how much they mean to you, they might start questioning their worth in your lives. To show them your love, you can use sincere words to wish them a happy birthday.