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Happy 21st Birthday Son : 35+ Wishes And Messages

Turning 21 is a new milestone for your son, hence bless him with these special happy 21st birthday son wishes.

The 20s often bring in a harsh run of life and to prepare your son for such times, you should be sending him some inspirational and insightful wishes instead of any wishes.

However, the 20s also bring in many good times that your son would experience for the first time so to keep his excitement, and enthusiasm up.

You can also add some of your personal experiences or notes with these wishes to make it customised for your son.

All these wishes however encompass almost every emotion you wish to deliver in words.

So,here we put some fantastic 21st birthday wishes for your son to find out the write word for such a momentous occasion.


21st Birthday Wishes For Son

#1. You’re embarking on a journey of getting to know yourself better, son. There will be many bumpy roads but keep on walking while having faith in yourself. Good luck. Happy 21st birthday.

21st Birthday Wishes For Son


#2. It’s going to be a decade of many trials and errors. But in the end, the sense of who you’re would be crystal clear; it’s the present that the 20s give. Happy 21st birthday, son.

21st Birthday Wishes For Son


#3. There is nothing to be scared of or be prepared for. Learn as you go through, that’s what the 20s are about! Happy 21st birthday, son.

21st Birthday Wishes For Son


#4. I wish you find your tribe, the people who hear you, who can be your cheerleaders and most importantly, who bring you peace and joy. Happy 21st birthday, son.

21st Birthday Wishes For Son


#5. Choose the people to be around carefully as they’ll either help you to get into the best version of yourself or drive your focus away and delay your progress. Happy 21st birthday, son.

21st Birthday Wishes For Son


#6. As much as they would like to tell you otherwise, remember that your 20s aren’t to figure everything out, they’re to help you begin the journey of figuring out. Happy 21st birthday, son.


#7. Respect the women around you. Treat them nicely. Your 20s don’t give you the licence to hurt people or bully them. Make me proud son, happy 21st birthday.


#8. May you learn to be patient and gentle with yourself and others around you with ease and be a gentleman. Happy 21st birthday.

21st Birthday Wishes For Son


#9. Happy 21st birthday, son. May this year be a little kind and nice to you as you’ve been through a lot lately. I hope, this year, you find your treasure island.


#10. Happy 21st birthday, son. Never forget to take time out of social media and be still and present. Use this time to know yourself and about life the most.


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Happy 21st Birthday Son From Mom

#1. My boy is turning 21 today and all I wish is that you stay out of the rat race and find what you love doing, and keep on doing it.Happy birthday,son.

Happy 21st Birthday Son From Mom


#2. It’s life, hence there will be ups and down even this year but I wish that you remember that your mom is always there for you and you’re strongest in her eyes. Happy 21st birthday.


#3. Victory will be yours if you try to not find it. Do your best, be your best version and that’s the highest form of achievement you can attain. Happy 21st birthday, son.


#4. Son, like the sunflowers, you bring optimism into my life. As you turn 21 today, I wish to keep on doing things you expect from your mother. Happy 21st birthday, son.


#5. Happy birthday to the most handsome and well-mannered 21-year-old I know. May you begin on the journey of finding your purpose.


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21st Birthday Wishes From Dad

#1. Son, with all the wisdom I’ve gathered, my only takeaway for you is to value the things that matter the most in life like kindness, love, self-awareness, and mindfulness. Happy 21st birthday.

21st Birthday Wishes From Dad


#2. As your dad, I know you truly are capable of doing things on your own and would never ask for help but know that it’s okay to ask for help. Happy 21st birthday, son.


#3. Happy 21st birthday to my independent and mature boy. You’re turning into the man I took a lot of time to become. I’m so happy to see your progress at a very young age.


#4. The best compliment I’ve received is that you’re nothing like I’m. I’m proud of it because you’re finding your individuality. Keep on evolving into your best version. Happy 21st birthday.


#5. Your 20s aren’t a waste of time but they aren’t also to achieve everything society tells you to. Your father has your back, let your 20s bring you the best learning experiences. Happy 21st birthday.



21st Birthday Quotes For Son

#1. 21st birthday is the gateway to a decade of surprises, and fun but hardship too. May God’s grace stay always with you. Happy 21st birthday, son.

21st Birthday Quotes For Son


#2. As the surge of hormones will take you on new rides, I wish you to remain calm, collected and composed. Happy 21st birthday, son.


#3. Your determination and patience will help you get the best out of your 20s. Try to practice those virtues and you’ll have a bright future ahead. Happy 21st birthday, son.


#4. Be bold but be thoughtful. Be brave but be wise. Be carefree but also be careful. Don’t be like us and try to avoid chaos in your 20s. Happy 21st birthday.


#5. May this year be better than the last one. Happy 21st birthday, son. No matter how much you grow old, if ever in need of warmth and love, you can always turn to your parents.


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Funny Happy 21st Birthday Son Quotes

#1. Your mother will tell you everything she did wrong in her 20s and I suggest you take a trip to somewhere unknown to repeat the first mistake she made as an adult. Happy 21st birthday.

Funny Happy 21st Birthday Son Quotes


#2. Your father is ready with his list of precautions and I’m ready to help you escape his big speech by giving you these tickets to a concert. Happy 21st birthday.


#3. I would tell you everything you shouldn’t be doing but you’re my son and I, too, didn’t care to listen to my father. So go ahead and invite chaos. Happy 21st birthday.


#4. I would tell you to have a very memorable day but I know half of it would be a blackout so never mind. Happy 21st birthday.


#5. Happy 21st birthday. I know that you’ll make the best of your 20s but before that, I have faith in you that you’ll make the worst of it because you don’t learn from your mistakes.


Inspirational 21st Birthday Quotes For Son

#1. Son, cherish all the ephemeral moments of joy. Seize every opportunity that comes your way. Regret and sorrow are the heavy burdens to carry in your 20s. Happy 21st birthday.

Inspirational 21st Birthday Quotes For Son


#2. Be brave enough to ask for what you deserve, son. The world is a harsh place, you need to have your own voice and be brave enough to speak it. Happy 21st birthday.


#3. As my son is an old soul, you might feel a bit left out in this Gen-z era but remember that rare gems are precious. Happy 21st birthday.


#4. I want to remind you that it’s wise to question things before accepting them as truth, and it’s brave to love, be kind, and stand for your truth. Happy 21st birthday, son.


#5. You’re on your unique journey, and while everything around you would push you to compete with others, be firm to not fall into that loophole. Happy 21st birthday.

These were the happy 21st birthday son wishes that you can save in advance. To see your child turn 21 might leave you in that aha moment of knowing your child is a grown-up now. While age numbers are merely numbers and no one should be entitled to do certain things in a certain age frame but generally turning 21 is reaching the peak of the curve from where your son would be embarking on a very personal journey for which you wish him good luck in the best way possible with these wishes.