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40+ Funny Anniversary Quotes And Wishes

You can spice things up with funny anniversary quotes and wishes instead of just sending a regular wish to the celebrating couple! Anniversaries are reminders that your love is still alive. It is a special date that reminds you how you started your journey of love and how far you have come. It is a special occasion for a great celebration.

If someone you know is celebrating their anniversary, add some fun to the celebration by wishing them a happy anniversary in a funny way. If you need some help, here are some funny anniversary quotes and wishes. Please make the most out of this special moment and send them these wishes.


Funny Anniversary Quotes

1. You must be boss at your work, but I know your wife is boss at home. Happy anniversary, buddy! May the love between you two keep growing.

Funny anniversary quotes


2. Does it not annoy you to wake up to that ugly face every day? I would have! Just kidding. Happy anniversary, love birds. May God bless you.

Funny anniversary quotes


3. Wedding anniversaries are just a reminder of the worst decision of life. Am I not correct, friend? Haha! Happy anniversary to you both. I pray for your bond to get stronger every year.

Funny anniversary quotes


4. My wife kicks me out of the room when she is not happy with me. I hope your case is different. Are we on the same page? Anyway, happy anniversary.

Funny anniversary quotes


5. I hope that your wife’s eye rolls are not as scary as it gets with time when you don’t give her what she wants. Happy anniversary and best of luck, bud.

Funny anniversary quotes


6. No one can understand the women. And I am guessing you are here without having the degree of understanding woman. I am proud of you for reaching this far. Happy anniversary.


7. You told me that you wanted to forget your marriage because you were tired of constantly trying to understand your wife. And here you are celebrating your anniversary!


8. I don’t know if I should congratulate you for reaching this far or give you some sympathy. Happy anniversary. Cheers to many years of love, tolerance, and arguments!

Funny anniversary quotes


9. Marriage papers should have the option to sign with a pencil, just in case. Haha! Happy anniversary to one fantastic couple! You both are adorable.


10. She is correct when you are wrong, but she is right even when you are right – every wife’s logic. So, just shut up and move on. Happy anniversary!


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Funny Anniversary Quotes For Couples

1. Happy anniversary. When people ask you about the secret of your marriage, just let them know that you shut up when there is an argument.

Funny anniversary quotes for couples


2. It is just a date you said. Look how far your date has gone! Happy anniversary, dude. I hope that you stay together till the end. God bless you.


3. Happy anniversary, dear friend. Do you not wish for marriage insurance? Because it’s the fire that can light up a house. Haha! Have a great celebration.


4. Congratulations! You guys have made it here without murdering each other. I am so proud of you. Happy anniversary. I am glad that you both are alive.

Funny anniversary quotes for couples


5. I want to strangle my husband to death sometimes. His sense of humor does not have any sense in it. I hope you don’t go through that. Happy anniversary!


6. You both are still married. I guess your love is stronger than the desire to be single. Haha! Happy anniversary. Have a blast on your special day.


7. What is marriage without arguments? Just note that arguments should not turn into a wrestling championship league. Happy anniversary to this lovely couple!

Funny anniversary quotes for couples


8. Marriage is just spending your husband’s money until he is broke. Happy anniversary! May the love between you always keep blooming and may your bond get stronger.


9. Happy anniversary to you both! May the love always win when you both argue. You have made it this far; make it forever. Love you, guys.


10. Happy anniversary to this cute couple. I hope you both are not entirely sick of each other yet. And I pray to God that never happens.


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Happy Anniversary Funny Quotes

1. You fell in love so hard that the remainder of your marriage hurts now. Happy anniversary to my favorite couple. It’s a pleasure to see you together, always.

Happy anniversary funny quotes


2. Happy anniversary to Bread and cauliflower. Yes, they don’t go together, just like you two! But anyway, you have to start together and solve your differences.


3. I wonder how you guys made it this far because I only see you fighting like a dog and a cat. Happy anniversary! May you fight less in upcoming years.


4. Happy anniversary, fellows! Cheers to another year of arguments and sleeping on the sofa. I hope she lets you in soon. Stay together, forever. My blessing is always with you.


5. Happy anniversary, love birds. You both are peanut and butter. Now we are waiting for the jelly to join the family. Let us know the happy news soon.


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Funny Wedding Anniversary Quotes

1. I think marriage is a great commitment that only stupidity can allow a person to make. Congratulations on completing another year of stupidity. Happy wedding anniversary, friend!

Funny wedding anniversary quotes


2. They say that love is blind and marriage is the real eye-opener. Are you into blindness? Because I can’t see your eyes open yet. Happy marriage anniversary.


3. Marriage is giving your wife the responsibility to handle your bank account. So, it is very crucial to choose someone with good calculations. Happy anniversary, guys. Enjoy!


4. Happy anniversary to this cute couple. Enjoy your anniversary as must as you can right now. You never know if you’re going to argue reaching home.


5. It is amazing how the earth is revolving around the sun, but you are still revolving around her. I hope you don’t rotate around other girls. Have an amazing anniversary.


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Funny Anniversary Wishes

1. Happy anniversary, you guys! Love gets hard with each passing year (especially for a cat-and-dog couple like you). But you need to love each other harder.

Funny anniversary wishes


2. Today is a grand celebration of your hardest achievement, staying married all these years. Happy anniversary and congratulations on reaching this far. I am happy for you.


3. I can see that your wife is your favorite pain in the ass. Congratulations on stepping into another year together. Happy wedding anniversary to you both.


4. You both have reached this far with each other. There is no way out now. You are stuck together in this. Happy marriage anniversary. My blessings are always with you.


5. You failed to unfold the secret of a happy marriage. Your husband doesn’t look happy. Haha, just kidding! Happy wedding anniversary. May the love always win.


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Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Couple

1. Cheers to another year of complaining about how the love doesn’t work but still making it work anyway. Happy marriage anniversary to the most adorable couple I know. May you keep making memories together.

Funny wedding anniversary wishes for couple


2. Happy wedding anniversary, buddies. I hope with each passing year, starting an argument gets hard than ending it. May Lord bless the bond you have.


3. Happy wedding anniversary. Have you made this far by hook or crook or do you love each other? Whatever it is, always stay together because you both look adorable.


4. Did cupid’s arrow hurt too much? Because you still look in pain. Haha! Happy anniversary, guys! May the precious bond you share always make its way to the win.


5. Congratulations on another year together! It is shocking how I have made it this far because I honestly thought this wouldn’t work. You have proved us wrong today!


On special occasions like anniversaries, people like to celebrate, have fun and receive gifts. You can make this moment even more special by adding some fun to your wishes. Put up a smile on people’s faces with the above funny anniversary wishes and messages.