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65+ Funny Engagement Captions For Instagram And Facebook

As you have found the better half of your life, now, all you need is the accurate phrases to describe your feelings and share the special event with your social media followers with some ‘funny engagement captions’

While starting the new journey of your life, finding the best way to announce that you and your partner are engaging is an added pressure to the big day itself.

Giving the nod is easy, but selecting the correct caption for your post comes with numerous questions. Should you refer to your favorite movie dialogues or quote the character of your favorite novel? What about uttering a romantic lyric from the song you have always listened to while dreaming of your darling?



Funny Engagement Captions for Instagram

#1. I’m still on cloud nine. I can’t wait for our big day and make it fine.

Funny Engagement Captions for Instagram


#2. So finally, this happened. On my knees, I’ll bend.

#3. Today, I feel complete. Thus, I am counting steps, restless to meet.

#4. I vow to make non-stop fun memories with you. With you by me, life becomes new.

#5. Not a ring and rose, surrendering my whole life as it goes. I will carry all your shopping bags and loads.

#6. I am overjoyed and grateful to God as after soring my knee, the lady in the world gives her nod.

#7. So, here is the joyful “Yes” I’ve ever said. After all, I have met the other cracked half of me that God has made.

#8. A ring shows a sign of engagement. Now we will share all our crazy late nights and sentiments.

#9. Here is my whole heart for my whole life. Without you and your never-ending pep-talk, how will I survive?

#10. Shower your blessings for us on this special day. We need your scolding and good wishes on our way.

#11. So, friends! Here is the announcement you were waiting for, our marriage day is not far anymore!!!!

#12. You’re my air. I vow to love you and take good care. After all, going against a boxer like you is something that I fear.

#13. Cheers to the beginning of forever. More memories to make together. Only if the bride does not run away, dear.

#14. Introducing my person for life to you. Two nuts are going to start a journey imagined by a few.

#15. Let people say whatever they want, for you have lost one leg in the accident. To me, you are just perfect because your charisma is your biggest asset.

#16. ‘Marry me because I’d like to date you.’ Holding hands, we will trade the avenue.

#17. True love stories with no endings. We’ll spend our life depending on and befriending. You will be my butler, and I will be your Queen.

#18. Sharing my today and vows to share all of my tomorrows with her. I love you like nuts, dear!

#19. Partners made on heaven for the earth. We’ll spend our days with contentment and mirth.

#20. I feel complete with you today, can’t wait to see the world together and spend our holiday. Just avoid meeting accident, bae!


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Funny Engagement Captions for Facebook

#1. I know we are not at all perfect! Yet, we crazily love each other and accept.

Funny Engagement Captions for Facebook


#2. I can’t fall asleep because I’m so deeply in love. You’re my honey-bunny, my sweet dove!

#3. We are made for each other, with a bunch of fun and care.

#4. You are the beat of my heart. I will never let you fail or part.

#5. Love is but a powerful force. A safe shelter, in due course.

#6. I’ve got you & this is a miracle. You are beautiful like an angel. Please, don’t tell me you miss those days when you were single!

#7. I’m so madly in love with you. You are my rainbow with a vibrant hue. I am crazy, so I know I am perfect for you.

#8. Love is life, and I’m excited to introduce my wife.

#9. I demand your attention every day. Let’s fill our lives with joy and gay.

#10. We don’t want to be apart because you are my life, my sweetheart. But that does not mean you will keep adding items to your shopping cart!

#11. You are the reason for my happiness. We promise to stay by each other in all craziness.

#12. Love is but mutual. The inspiration is so crucial. Having said, not being late on the wedding day is a vow so critical.

#13. Darling, you dare to accept me as I am. When others gave me a damn! You will get the gallantry award for your bravery, ma’am!

#14.  Love is the base of our home. As endless as seafoam. I know, for our honeymoon we will visit Rome!

#15. I’m delighted that finally, we are engaged. I missed you and felt caged. After all, not missing you mean, I will need a band-aid.


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Funny Engagement Captions for Friend

#1. From today you are officially taken, my friend. Feeling really bad for your fiancée as she has to bear you until the end.

Funny Engagement Captions for Friend


#2. You have always dreamt of this day. But are you sure you are not dreaming today? How do you have such a nice girl as your bae?

#3. From today the official gambling starts where your happiness and your partner’s independence are at stake. I will be there for the fun and the wedding cake!

#4. In an arranged setup like you both, it seems like you both are drinking poison. But, it is a love potion tying you to your love prison!

#5. You said you will walk along with your fiancée on the path of life. But if your shoe strap gets torn, she will kill you with a knife.

#6. In ancient times, people used to hide their jewelry. During medieval times, they started hiding their salary. Today, you need to hide your mobile gallery.

#7. After knowing each other for ten years, isn’t it feel like you are telling others to shake well before drinking the bottle of boredom? But, don’t worry, you will enjoy it like old wine and rum!

#8. When you are at that stage of life where you fear nothing, that is the right time to get engaged and have a new beginning.

#9. Feeling so bad for you, darling. Your life will become tasteless now because you need to follow your routine.

#10. Without your fiancée, dear, your every day will seem long as 24 hours.


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Funny Engagement Captions for Guys

#1. So happy for you that you finally got someone in your life who can arrange your room and make it a place to survive.

Funny Engagement Captions for Guys


#2. Finally, your side pillow will get some rest from your torture, forever.

#3. Are you searching for an innocent gentleman? Sorry, he is getting engaged today, man.

#4. Do not ever get angry at your fiancée’s mistakes. Because of her mistakes only, you both are getting engaged today, and her life is at stake.

#5. I know your smile will start fading from today. But remember to keep smiling till you have your teeth and look gay.

#6. Girls are like the uncommon questions of an exam. So, learn to call them ma’am!

#7.  Every girl wants to remain single, but some naughty boys like you ensure they mingle.

#8. Girls are the happiest in this world because they don’t have to handle their wives.

#9. All girls don’t do drama in love. Some do short films too, so always be with the dove.

#10. Now you can truly understand the meaning of freedom and the struggle for independence.


Funny Engagement Captions for Girls

#1. Your boyfriend doesn’t share his password before marriage? Well, he lacks courage! Yet he is brave enough to share your cage!

Funny Engagement Captions for Girls


#2.  When the age of marriage comes near, the girl’s boyfriend gets tenser than her father.

#3. If he doesn’t see you for two minutes, it will seem like you haven’t seen him for 120 seconds, and he will be having fits.

#4. For your marriage, let me give you a big pat, and let me wish that you become a little fat.

#5. In films, the story ends with the hero heroines marriage. But in real life, a true story starts on the engagement day’s stage.

#6. While your fiancé waits for your call! Ask him to make you a partner in late-night games of football.

#7. I have held your hand for a lifetime, and this dialogue is only true for an electric shock. Thus, tonight, just forget everything and rock!

#8. In films, every love story starts with a collision and fall. But in real life, you only get curses if you collide with a girl.

#9. Don’t tell your boyfriends they don’t listen to you and care. Because boys have given you their hearts, not the ears.

#10. Whenever I feel without you, my life is totally dark. The electric power comes back with a spark.


As you are engaged, we congratulate you, the beautiful groom and bride-to-be! The announcement of this big day should be big and not mundane. Share the best news of your life with your friends and family. Captions of the pictures of the two of you and the rings should be eye-catching.

We present you with several romantic and sweet options as wedding cake flavors if you’re looking for inspiration from celebrity-style funny engagement captions. Get ready for all the heart-eye emojis and flood the comment section by choosing one of the Instagram captions mentioned above.