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45 Touching Long Distance Friendship Messages And Quotes

If your 2 am friend is now 2000 miles away and it scares you that now you might lose him/her then do not fear. Firstly, you won’t. Secondly, the key is keeping the communication hot or at least not letting it get dry. Here are some long-distance friendship messages and quotes that you can send to your friends who are far away from you but are very close to your heart.

Save these messages to send to your long distance friend whenever you miss them so much that you wish to take the next flight and fly to them. Next time when you start to reminisce about the past, send these messages to them and don’t do it alone.


Long Distance Friendship Short Messages

#1. How can distance affect us when our daily dose of memes has got our backs?

Long Distance Friendship Short Messages


#2. I send you many virtual hugs daily to remind you I’m still here and you’re not alone.

Long Distance Friendship Short Messages


#3. If it were the 80s, I’d be writing letters daily to you but it isn’t so here is my one little text instead.

Long Distance Friendship Short Messages


#4. Long-distance friendships can only work with a considerate friend like you!

Long Distance Friendship Short Messages


#5. Like the sprinkles and doughnuts, we belong together even when the distance suggests otherwise.

Long Distance Friendship Short Messages


#6. Our stern friendship can’t be shaken by the lapses of time or lands of distance.


#7. Our internal worlds collide, and a part of us lives with one another even on different planes.


#8. We’ll beat the malicious time and awful distance with our chats and phone calls; we’ve got this.

Long Distance Friendship Short Messages


#9. We’re two opposite poles who are on the far away lands craving to meet in the centre.


#10. Your daily mini-vlogs for me help me feel the distance between us now!


#11. The distance between us is indeed making me realise how much I liked being around you.


#12. The streaks of miles are longer but the strings of our friendship are tougher!

Long Distance Friendship Short Messages


#13. The distance can take away the sparkles but the essence of our friendship will remain the same.


#14. The distance between us won’t perhaps make things better but it surely can’t make it worse.


#15. These miles can’t and won’t deprive us of our daily dosage of chatter!


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Missing You Long Distance Friendship Messages

#1. I only have to replay our memories and all the distance between us is suddenly an illusion like you never left me; you’re, all of the sudden the closest to me. I miss you though!

Missing You Long Distance Friendship Messages


#2. Like the glass of fine wine, you were my daily stress buster; I miss you and your bits of advice that I never listened to.


#3. We might not be the best at maintaining the conversations but we’re best at picking up from where we left and that’s what friendship stands for. Miss you though!


#4. We’re physically apart but as the gateways of our hearts are open for one another forever, we’re never truly apart. However, that doesn’t hide the fact that I miss you every day so much.

Missing You Long Distance Friendship Messages


#5. We’ll pick up from where we left and the hours will pass whilst talking and we’ll have a deja vu of never being apart. I’m dying to have that moment, I miss you.


#6. The scales on the stress-o-metre never crossed the threshold till you were here. I miss our daily meetups aka unpaid therapy sessions and of course, my therapist, you, so much!


#7. This message is a reminder that even when we’re living in different parts of the globe, our hearts are in sync. However, it doesn’t change the fact that I miss you!

Missing You Long Distance Friendship Messages


#8. You can buy yourself flowers but as your long-distance friend, I’m sending you flowers to remind you that you’re lovable and I miss you. Tulips’ petals will giggle and give you warm hugs from me.


#9. I miss you, too! Sending virtual warm hugs to keep you stronger and to let you know that regardless of how miserable we’re without one another, one day we’ll appreciate something about this phase.


#10. So what are you miles away? You still know me better than the person next door. I still love you more than your boyfriend/girlfriend does. But I also miss you more than your pets do.


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Messages For Long Distance Best Friend

#1. We’ve shared a friendship which might even transcend time and space. I won’t cry or whine because I know you’re somewhere deep in my psyche!

Messages For Long Distance Best Friend


#2. We’ve moved mountains together. Together, we’ve reached this peak and regardless of the distance between us, the roots of our friendship go deep into the past; we’ve nothing to worry about.


#3. Friends have so much to hold onto that neither distance nor time can make them not want to! They will hold onto the beautiful memories and the undying love they once shared forever.


#4. This is a reminder for you that no matter the distance, no matter the timeline I’ve to wait to meet you again; you’re not losing me nor am I losing you!

Messages For Long Distance Best Friend


#5. I’d be lying if I say I don’t miss you so much that nothing ever feels complete without you! Your absence is making my weekends harder and weeks unbearable.


#6. The bottom line is that I crave your presence more than a glass of fine wine because I know that simply being around you and talking endlessly will make everything better!


#7. The only thing I pray for is that while we age, our friendships don’t so we can be all young at heart even with wrinkles and grey hair. Meet me sooner, I miss you.

Messages For Long Distance Best Friend


#8. Life takes turns and drifts apart people sometimes. But what it can’t do is break the soul contract of two soulmates. Dear best friend, we’ll never be apart truly.


#9. The only picture I’m painting in my head now is you being by my side on a bench and while looking at the sunset, we talk about life and forget about it; meet me sooner.


#10. It was your presence that made life easier and it’s your absence now which is making my life miserable. Come here, wave your magic wand and make everything better.


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Long Distance Friendship Texts For A Girl

#1. As much as I’m in misery, I’m happy for you and the people you’re going to be friends with! They’re clueless as to how lucky they’re going to get!

Long Distance Friendship Texts For A Girl


#2. I miss how you used to put me in trouble and also be the one who’d get me out of them! Since you’ve moved, drama and chaos have disappeared and sadly I miss it.


#3. To the prettiest woman I know, you’re missed dearly. I miss the dramatic you, the chaotic you, the chatterbox, the loving you; I miss all of it!


#4. I miss the mother of the group! You saved me from being the most neurotic being! You helped me tame my demons. This is a text to remind you that you’re irreplaceable in my life.

Long Distance Friendship Texts For A Girl


#5. It must be nice to make new friends but don’t you dare forget me and call anyone else your best friend. That seat is reserved for me only!


#6. Nothing changes between friends. It might take a while to settle down the water but even distance and time do not affect the roots of friendship.


#7. The only format I know in which friendship works is by remembering one another and reminiscing over the moments from memory land. It’s something I’m relying on since you’ve moved out.

Long Distance Friendship Texts For A Girl


#8. Without you, days don’t feel right, life doesn’t seem to settle; nothing seems to make things better. Your absence is loud.


#9. All I’m wishing and hoping for is you by my side on the lonely days, better days or mundane days.


#10. Distance can’t separate us. It does put things on pause but friends are great at picking up things from where they left them, so nothing bothers me.


These were all the long distance friendship messages that we’re so glad to have offered to you so that you can keep slaying with your friends even when they’re miles away. Nothing changes in friendship. Distance and time can weaken the friendship but only in the case of lack or poor communication. To eliminate those odd chances, you(and them) simply need to remind one another from time to time how wonderful friends you two are. And simply messages like these would be helpful to do so.

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