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30 Happy 4 Month Anniversary Wishes And Messages

Happy 4 Month Anniversary: Having someone who makes you lose track of time is a true blessing. If you are in a relationship with such a person who truly loves you and respects you then you always want to celebrate every moment with them to make it special. Couples nowadays celebrate weekly, monthly and yearly Anniversaries. Celebrating a Happy 4 Month Anniversary with your loved one will show them how grateful you are for this relationship. If you are thinking of something to celebrate this special day with a gift and some sweet words of love here is a list of quotes for you to choose from.


Happy 4 Month Anniversary

Looking a few months back I could never imagine I could meet such a sweet and kind soul like you. Happy 4 month anniversary.



These four months that I spent with you seem like yesterday. Thank you for all fun we did together.



Being in a relationship with someone who loves you and respects you is such an amazing experience. I can’t love you enough. Happy 4 month anniversary, dear.



From the first day I saw you I am always so amazed at how could someone be so beautiful and smart as you. These 4 months we spent together have made me realize that even a lifetime with you isn’t enough. Happy Anniversary.


Happy 4 month Anniversary my love. I can’t believe 4 months are gone it feels like just yesterday when I fell in love with you.


For all these days, the sight of you still creates butterflies in my stomach. It is impossible for me now to imagine a life without you. Happy 4 month anniversary my love.


It’s so unimaginable that I could be so genuine, peaceful and so me for someone. With you, life seems like an endless joy and a continuous pleasure. Happy Four Month Anniversary.

Happy 4 month anniversary


I never believed in soul mates but you my darling have made me so crazy for yourself that now I can’t think of anyone but you.


You are the one who taught me how life could be so colorful and beautiful even in all these miseries. Happy four month anniversary Darling.


Your presence has made my life extra cheerful and blessed. Thank you for all this love, colors and adventure.Happy 4 month anniversary.


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Happy 4 Months

It has been four months and I still can’t know you enough. Happy 4 months of this beautiful relationship.

Happy 4 Months


When I set eyes on you firstly, I knew I could never unlove you. You are so gorgeous that all I can see is you.


Since the first time you made coffee for me to the time, we watched the sky together every moment has been so special. Happy 4 months of this love.


These four months you have taught me how a person can make you feel so special and so lovable. You have been the best thing in my life and I want us to enjoy this bond forever. Happy 4 month anniversary.


Meeting you has transformed me so beautifully. You have showered so much of your love on me that I am thinking of myself as the luckiest woman on Earth. Happy 4 month anniversary my love.


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4 Month Anniversary Wishes

No one is perfect but the fact is I find you perfect for myself in every way. Happy 4 month wishes my love.



The world might know you as a strong and confident man but for me, you are like a sweet little child who is in love with a butterfly.


Each passing day I feel that my love is growing for you beyond measures. I wish we can spend the next many years like these past four months.


Someone who is as moody and messy as I am hard to handle. But you my love, have handled me so well.

4 month anniversary wishes


Holding your hand makes me feel that I should never let them go. Happy 4 month anniversary Darling.


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Happy 4 Year Anniversary

Happy 7th Anniversary


Boyfriend 4 Month Anniversary Text messages 

Your proposal was the best moment of my life and I am so glad that I said yes. Let’s celebrate our 4 months of togetherness.

Boyfriend 4 month Anniversary Text messages


It feels like you are a never-ending blessing for some good deed of mine. I cannot think of any man but you darling.


Like every other girl, I also dreamed of a man in shining armor. I surely did not get him but I did get a king like you who has treated me like a queen. Happy 4 month anniversary Darling.


These four months with you have been filled with immense joy and satisfaction. You have all that a girl asks for in a boyfriend.


For all the women in this world, you choose me. This feeling itself can’t be expressed. I am blessed to have you.


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4 Month Anniversary Paragraph for Her 

Happy 4 month anniversary to the girl who stole my heart just in the blink of her eye. I haven’t met such a beautiful and kind girl like you ever.



Among all the men in this world, you choose to be by my side. You are my pride love.


In all these 4 months I have been addicted to your smell, your touch and your smile. I want to be with you since my last breath.


You have brought the definition of amazing to a new level. Thank you for being my heart and soul in all of these 4 months and stay like this forever.


I might have been born with talents and skills but it has been you who has made me the king of my life. Happy 4 month Anniversary dear!


Expressing love to your loved ones on special days often leaves us stuck. It is hard to give words to how you feel about your partner. If you have a 4 month anniversary coming and you are sitting with a beautiful card in your hand but it has no words then you can use these happy 4-month Anniversary quotes to impress and surprise your partner.