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60 Best Happy 40th Birthday Wishes And Messages

Happy 40th Birthday wishes are particularly special, resonating with the joy and experience that four decades of life bring.

Birthdays are unique occasions, and this is especially true when one reaches a milestone like 40. In the past, turning 40 might have signified entering old age.

However, contemporary trends have redefined this, and now we like to say that forty is the new thirty.

Celebrating a 40th birthday takes on a fresh and vibrant perspective. Whether it’s a friend, a relative, or any close one marking this milestone, you’ll want to make your wishes stand out.

If someone special in your life is turning 40, it’s important to make them feel valued and appreciated. Consider using Happy 40th Birthday quotes and messages to add a thoughtful and emotional touch to their special day.


40th Birthday Wishes For 40 Years Old:


Happy 40th Birthday Sayings:

Congratulations on completing 4 decades of your life being an amazing and successful person. I am so happy for you. Happy 40th Birthday.

Happy 40th Birthday


A very happy 40th Birthday to the man who has the talent of conquering the world. May you get to celebrate many such birthdays. Happy 40th Birthday.



Sweet 40 to the gorgeous woman who looks no older than 18 years old. You have always been an inspiration for all of our darling! Happy 40th Birthday.

Happy 40th Birthday


Happy 40th  Birthday Lady. It is hard to believe that you are already 40 since you are an energy booster for all of us.


40 years have passed since the world was blessed was a humble and nice soul like you. Every moment of these past years I have been spending with you has been awesome. Happy Birthday!


Seeing how fit and glamorous you are it is so surprising for us to know that you are already 40 years old darling. Happy 40th birthday to the evergreen sweetheart.


Let us all give a toast to the handsome man here who has successfully managed to pull through these 40 years with sheer fun and skills.



Happy 40th Birthday to the smartest and hardworking person among all of us. Seeing you age becomes only a number since you have never been this much in zeal like you are now.


Congratulations on completing another year of your life and see it is already your 40th Here is a big bite for you on this happy day. Happy 40th Birthday.


Congratulations on completing another chapter of your life. Among all who I know you surely are the wisest and handsome 40-year-old boy. Enjoy!


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40th Birthday Wishes:

Happy 40th I wish you have an amazing and successful life ahead and you get to enjoy many such years filled with heartwarming memories.



Happy 40th Birthday to the most caring and optimistic friend of mine. I cannot imagine how my life would have been having I not met an amazing person like you are.


Congratulations on completing 40 years of your life. You are such a fantastic person and your presence alone makes me feel so better and safe.


Wishing a fantastic 40th Birthday to the funniest and cheerful person close to me. You are blessed with the talent of leaving an extraordinary impression wherever you go. May God blesses you with a healthy and happy life.


On this special occasion of your 40th Birthday, I pray that God showers his special gifts on you. I feel honored knowing you all this time.

40th Birthday Wishes


You have been extraordinary for these past 40 years and I wish you get many such terrific years to celebrate.


For the man who has cherished each day of his life. Congratulations on completing another decade of your life. I am grateful that you chose me as a friend of yours. Happy 40th Birthday.


Happy 40th Birthday to the woman who still is the only one with both beauty and talents to be competing with anyone at any level. Love you, sweety!


With each passing year, you are growing more beautiful and wiser. The level of maturity you have at 40 is so unimaginable.


Let us give a huge round of applause to our Dear who has successfully completed another milestone and there are many more challenges to go. Happy 40th Birthday.


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Funny 40th Birthday wishes:

Look at you. You have just turned 40 and you nag like you are already 80 men!

Funny 40th Birthday wishes


As far as I know, you have always been so adventurous and I cannot imagine you pulled through 40 years in one piece lucky you.


Congratulations on your 40th Eat all you want for not long all you would be eating will be soup and boiled vegetables. Happy 40th Birthday.


Man, you have already turned 40. It is already time everyone will start calling you uncle.


A very happy 40th birthday to my old friend. Guess what? You will have to visit your doctor often now I expect.


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40th Birthday Quotes:

Enjoy your 40 birthday. It is such a special day for you and for all of us and we really hope that you keep blooming forever.



Seeing how much you have achieved in 40 years of your life; you surely are a role model for all those who aim to achieve big.


Happy 40th Birthday sweetheart. I wish that your journey on achieving your dreams continue and May every obstacle of your turn into a milestone.


Happy 40th Birthday, Darling. There is no doubt that you have always been such a sweetheart and an amazing woman. We really appreciate all your efforts.


Guess what another candle has been added to your cake. You must be really happy to be able to enjoy the love and care of so many people and I pray you always get it. Happy 40th Birthday.


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40th Birthday Sayings:

It is often said that you should not count your years instead you should make your years’ worth count. So, keep up the hard work! Happy 40th Birthday.

40th Birthday Sayings


Each Birthday is a chance to start to bring another revolution in you and I wish you get many years to get your best version.


You have finally reached the age where you get to enjoy the result of your hard work and be part of big changes and I am so happy for you. Happy 40th Birthday.


Age is just a number when you pay no attention to it and focus on the outcome and I have already seen you all grown and wise. Congratulations on your Birthday!Happy 40th Birthday.


If the time that goes by brings so special memories then you should be grateful for each year that passes by. Best wishes to you on your 40th birthday!


Turning 40 Quotes:

Looking at you I could never have guessed that you are turning 40. Congratulations on spending another year so worthwhile.




I heard that you are turning 40 and I sure was so delighted to hear it and I wish that you get the love of your family and friends like this for many years.


My friend here is turning 40. This calls for a big party. Let the world know that our man is already getting into the line of wisdom.


For an optimistic person like you having an age like 40 might be so special. Many many good wishes on your special day.


Many congrats on your big day. See how much you achieve and how many things you still have to strive for. Happy 40th Birthday.


40th Birthday Wishes:

For the man who has the enthusiasm of 20 year old and the wisdom of 50 year one Many best wishes on your 40th birthday.



Many Happy 40th Birthday wishes to the truly stunning and emotional woman. It has been an honor to stay by your side for these years.


It is said that men turn graceful with age and in your case, it is perfectly true. Congratulations.Happy 40th Birthday.


40 years of a fortunate life with this excellent health and strength. You are blessed by God to enjoy such a beautiful milestone.


May your coming years come filled with laughter and joy. Best of luck in all your future life.Happy 40th Birthday.


Birthdays are so emotional and special occasions, especially for your close ones. We are even confused about how to celebrate these days and what to gift. Here are few 40th Birthday wishes that might add glamour and thoughtful touch to your gifts and wishes.